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"Following an open market tender process held during the summer for a lease of a proportion of the Endeavour Wharf, Dalby Offshore Services Ltd was selected by a joint evaluation panel made up of members of the Whitby Harbour Board and Scarborough Borough Council." says the Whitby Gazette reported in June 2012 that "Whitby Harbour Board has issued and early information about a tender for early planning of Endeavour Wharf reconstruction works in Whitby Harbour, which could be used to support Dogger Bank offshore wind farm development.  This may include the construction of a berthing pontoon to be used as an embarkation point for staff and equipment on the offshore wind farm vessels working on the proposed Dogger Bank offshore wind farm project.  The pontoon would be constructed at right angles to Endeavour Wharf. It is expected that Whitby will be used as the operation and maintenance base of the wind farm’s development.  Whitby is the closest serviceable port to the offshore wind farm and is able to offer maintenance ships 24-hour access to the North Sea.

However, in May 2014:   Cllr Mike Cockerill confirmed to SBC that he is officially negotiating with a company operating service vessels ...  “There is work that needs to be done at Whitby Harbour to bring our facilities up to scratch and make them fit for purpose, to take advantage of the significant benefit likely to be derived from this work,” the Whitby Gazette  (Cllr Mike Cockerill, who is in charge of harbours, assets, coast and flood protection.)

Whitby Harbour Board - a scheme piloted in 2010 has had its fair share of controversy, namely un-elected 'members' making rather important decisions on the future of Whitby Harbour - the board was established as a means of governing Whitby harbour away from the council’s own decision-making process, as the famous port on the North Yorkshire coast faces up to a huge transition in its role. Yorkshire Post reported Sept/13 : and SBC's website and report "The report recommends that the pilot scheme is concluded and that an Expert Advisory Group is created from the board members. They would support our Cabinet Member, Cllr Mike Cockerill, to oversee the strategic management and development of the Whitby port."

And, indeed it is good to see WHB sticking up for Whitby & Scarborough in its response to the Portservices Maritime/Coast Guard, Search & rescue Services to be compacted into two centres with reduced satellite operations; &

As for the tendering process carried out through the summer of 2014, in Sept 2013 SBC reports "The offshore wind sector is set to boom over the coming 18 to 24 months and both Scarborough and Whitby ports have a very strong opportunity to secure some of the action. We will do everything possible to ensure we accommodate this and future vessels into the harbour... We hope Dalby Trent will be the first of many such vessels using our facilities and adding to the vibrancy and diversification of the ports’ current activities. We will be working closely with Dalby Offshore Renewables to make sure this venture is a success."  source:

Anyhow, good luck to Dalby Offshore Renewables Ltd, they seem to have navigated through the troughs of 'authority' so far  ...

Oops almost missed out an important bit - Cllr Derek Bastiman - Mr Brightside ?  ""The economic impact of such activity should not be underestimated. The offshore wind industry is set to invest over £40bn in the North Sea in the coming decade at Westernmost Rough, Hornsea and the Dogger Bank. It is estimated that over 40,000 jobs will be created and that there will be in excess of 1,500 vessels supporting the industry. We are ideally placed geographically to benefit from this activity and only need to secure a small proportion to make a significant difference to the viability and success of our ports and our economy. As always we are very optimistic about the future."

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And there's more ...

best not mention moor or moorings, eh Derek?   ...

"“We are very pleased to be working with Dalby Offshore Services on bringing forward these proposals. If they are successful, they could prove a massive boost for our economy, potentially bringing hundreds of new jobs and an entirely new industry sector to our borough. A diverse economy is critical to future stability, resilience and growth. This proposal could also open the doors to major opportunities for our local supply chain companies..."

Sincerely, good luck to Dalby Offshore Services "Personally, as a local person, born, brought up and currently living in the borough, I would like nothing more than to see that become a reality and would love to help create local, high quality, employment opportunities.”

We need to discuss this bit later, eh Derek, equal opportunities for all? : “Importantly such a proposal ties in very closely with the borough’s focus on developing education and training for a highly skilled workforce with a particular focus on construction, engineering, maritime industry and the sciences." :-))

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Doubts about Wind Farm

SBC's second basis for its Forward Planning ie the much proposed Wind Farm Development at Doggerbank is open to question.

'Rumours' circulating in the last few weeks that 'it ain't happening' may come as a stunning blow to many (some) lcoal firms that have been investing in potential supply chain to support the Wind Farm industry.

Todays news from Tyneside where an offshore wind facility manufacturer has halted its plans for investment into life-saving equipment may raise further doubts:

Further clarification on the Doggerbank development  needs to be followed up by those promising jobs and creating massive housing developments to accommodate the influx of workers and their families.

The other major project for SBC's Forward/Development Plan - the £1.7bil + York Potash Project is still to be approved and funded.

Q; the question remains why isn't the EU/Govt. funding the Potash Project?


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Offshore Wind .. funding Scarborough's Old Market?

Scarborough's Market is to receive £ 2.7mil from the Govts, Coastal Communities Fund,

RenewablesUK was quick to point out that the Coastal Communities Fund is partially funded by the Offshire Wind Industry "British offshore wind is helping to provide millions of pounds of much-needed funding every year to the UK’s seaside towns, as well as giving a boost to coastal communities which are already thriving." source:

 Meanwhile; "The Thanet offshore Wind Farm was activated 24/01/15 "The activation of the Thanet wind farm means that the UK is the biggest offshore wind generator in the world, producing more electricity from sea-based turbines than the rest of the globe put together. According to the UK wind industry, the country’s wind farms now have a capacity of 5 gigawatts (GW) or enough power for nearly three million homes.

All EU countries are busy meeting targets of being able to generate 20% of their energy form renewable sources by 2020"