A Boundary Review?

"In July 2021 the Government announced that a new single council would be formed to deliver all services across North Yorkshire on the footprint of the current county council.

This new council will replace the current county and the seven district and borough councils and it will be in place from 1 April, 2023. Things like the number of councillors, the areas they will represent and the name of the new council will be decided in a formal government order, which will go before parliament in early 2022.  Following that announcement, on 5 May 2022 there will be elections that all people registered to vote can take part in."

"These elections will put in place councillors who will serve for a five-year term. That’s a year longer than usual. For the first year these councillors will represent the current county council. They will form a new executive and they will also oversee the implementation of the new council to make sure everything is in place for 1 April, 2023.

This same group of councillors will then carry on their role on the new council for a further four years. District and borough councils will remain until 1 April, 2023, and the councillors serving those organisations will continue in their roles until that date."


"A review will take place after the May 2022 elections and ahead of the next new council elections in 2027."





'Midday on Sunday'

"The secret of true local democracy has little to do with population sizes, and everything to do with financial control, which must include the power to set local taxation and the power to spend such taxation within the town that supplied it – such powers being determined by Parliamentary authority."


“I think we have to pay a little bit more attention when we are making flood risk assessments, going forward with the new policies, to what the communities says, because it does seem that we are in a position where developers are able to put sites in incredibly risky positions.”


"Naturally North Yorkshire’s councillors and career officers will seek to expand their spheres of influence, and to retain and enhance their existing stranglehold on Harrogate – it is absolutely in their interests to do so. But history shows that their ever increasing power to control our lives has been at the cost of local representation and accountability."


"When questioned by the Local Democracy Reporting Service, the county council did not say how much unspent money it has held onto.A county council spokesperson said Section 106 money has a "significant lifespan" and that the funds will be used for their intended purpose "at the appropriate time""


"So while you don’t necessarily have to worry about informing the government of the gifts you make, it will eventually find out."

An Open Invitation

"As he climbed into the passenger seat of the company car, a Volkswagen Golf rather than his personal BMW, I asked where we were going. “I don’t know!” he said. He found a postcode, and announced it to the driver. Ring ring. "


"The time had now come for the government to give a definite date for the works."



"Perhaps the water industry gives us a model. When water meters were offered for existing residential properties, it was the low volume users in big houses who opted in."

Total Rhubarb:


"They may be able to dispose of land that is too hard to farm, because on the whole the number of people engaged in hill farming are getting older, they're getting fewer - and the demands of agriculture today are becoming greater."

I feel a Covenant coming on ... ;'


"I have an innate desire to conquer the world."


'The Devil's Hoarse'

"The spider plant (Chlorophytum comosum) conjures up a retro 1980s vibe. It’s a laid-back plant and very easy to propagate."

"The UK government, which oversees the Coal Authority which is responsible for licensing mines, said it had greatly reduced the country's reliance on coal.Energybuild said most of its coal was not burned for energy, but used in processes including water purification."


"It’s non-toxic to cats and dogs."

"The UK government said it was the Coal Authority - not ministers - that was responsible for licensing coal mines."


"Avoid this by keeping it out of strong, direct light, placing it in a humid environment, and making sure the soil doesn’t completely dry out."


"My aunt also mentioned that it was unlucky for seafarers to cross paths with a woman en route to their boats."

A 'Magic Roundabout'

"Due to the increased number of ANPR cameras even on the small trips, you are likely to hit a camera, so make sure your documents are in order... because it will catch up with you... one day."


"Boris Johnson will telephone Russian President Vladimir Putin and visit eastern Europe in the coming days as the UK steps up its diplomatic efforts to resolve the Ukraine border crisis."

"Local craftspeople working under a veil of secrecy were ordered to refer to the ship as “Magic Roundabout” but, inevitably in a small town, word seeped out.

“It was the worst-kept secret in Pembroke Dock – everybody in the town knew they were building a UFO in the hangar.”


""Of course, the other problem we will face is economically paying for what has been a very expensive operation for the Chancellor"."


“The idea of a town that is making a significant contribution to this incredible story by being the place where one of the most iconic starships in science-fiction history was built creates a mixture of disbelief, awe and pride.”


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'Core Characteristics'

"The mayor made clear to the Commissioner how angry he is with a return to the bad days of the Met of his childhood in the 1970s and 80s, and that neither he nor Londoners will put up with this."

"The study found that pulsed electromagnetic energy, particularly in the radiofrequency range, "plausibly explains" the core characteristics, although it says that there remain gaps in the information.


"Regardless of events, the legal and administrative advice is that these are international obligations on traders and they should continue to meet those obligations whether or not there’s a guy with a hi-vis to greet them at the Port."


"It says that non-standard antennas could create the effects on the human body. Such a source could be concealed and require only moderate power. It could also travel through the air and through walls of buildings."

Another Major Twist.


"The neighbours probably think I’m having a party but all I’m doing is painting the dining room & kitchen"

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'The Name Plates'

"The Green Party and Independent councillor for Catterick Leslie Rowe said a study by the District Council’s Network had found creating unitary authorities for counties would in North Yorkshire’s case lead to the least democratic local authority in Europe, with each of the 90 councillors representing around 7,000 people."


“An overwhelming flood of intensely bright patterns in supernatural colours exploded behind my eyelids: a multidimensional kaleidoscope whirling out through space,” Gysin recalled. “I was swept out of time. I was out in a world of infinite number. The vision stopped abruptly as we left the trees.”

"Local government reorganisation in North Yorkshire is “blatant gerrymandering” by the Tory government and will create Europe’s least democratic local authority, it has been claimed.

Some elected members serving on the county’s seven district and borough councils say following recent county council-led briefings about the changes it has become increasingly apparent the forthcoming North Yorkshire Council was being introduced by the government to consolidate power in the hands of the Conservative Party from April 2023."



It's very Basic.

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'Extra Output'

"There are transformative moments in politics when the opposition gets gifted the political agenda. In the 1970s, it was the power of trade unions and inflation that gave the Tories control of the narrative, just as after 2008, it was the aftermath of the financial crisis. Today, Covid and Brexit have combined to make the condition of the people the number one political issue. The question of how to react to this threatens to overwhelm a Tory party that is divided between its libertarian wing and its one-nation advocates and whose leader is self-evidently unfit for high office. "



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A Plucky Number

"There was lots of company PR and plenty of glossy brochures. I resolved to do my own research and make up my own mind – reading papers, speaking to scientists, and contacting the British Geological Survey and other experts."


"g = government leader
o= opec leader

g / good morning
o / its afternoon here, but hello anyway
g/ can you drop the price of oil please
o/ why
g/ people can't afford it
o/ you charge more in tax than we charge for the oil why don't you drop some of the tax
g/ that would be silly because we would get less money
o/ correct
g/ but we need to look good
o/ ok, but is it not true you don't like oil and want to go electric
g/ absolutely
o/ so let me get this straight, we drop our prices now and in the future we go electric so there will be no need for our oil.
g/ you catch on quick
o/ oil is not just for fuel
g/ is it not, what else then
o/ plastic, sun cream, paint...(20 minutes later).. and lipstick
g/ wow that is a lot
o/ yes and you tax them all
g/ ok hadn't looked at it like that
o/ while you are on the phone can you tell me how much devastation mining rare minerals will cause in the hunt for battery components.
g/ that's an easy one. it doesn't matter because it is in poorer countries
o/ I am struggling to hear you, are you having a party
g/ absolutely not
o/ I can hear many voices in the back ground and glasses chinking
g/ that is my ventriloquist cat that juggles marbles
o/ that's ok then
g/ so any way, back to oil, it sounds like it we really really still need it
o/ are you related to sherlock holmes (sarcastically)
g/ no actually but i think i have deduced we need the tax revenues
o/ i can see why your head of government (sarcastically)
g/ thanks, look i got to go, my cat needs feeding and he is struggling to open the wine bottles. by the way if i can do it on the quiet i will buy a shed load of oil shares, it looks like a good shout.
o/ shall we forget we had this conversation
g/ what conversation
Both goodbye"

"VQ107 is asteroid number 220222."

"Space.com has combed the cosmos to deliver this bold collection of the finest tabletop sci-fi games to entertain relatives and friends, to infinity and beyond. Now, pull up a chair, roll the dice, and let’s dive in…"

Classical numerology.

"For a long time ball lightning was regarded with skepticism. Although it is now generally accepted as a genuine phenomenon with thousands of reported sightings, there is still no accepted scientific explanation of its origin.  Highly complicated theories include the burning of silicon from vaporized soil. More recently, a suggestion has been made for light trapped inside a sphere of thin air. It is one of the oldest scientific puzzles that remains unsolved."





"The fact that we live in an age where it nearly worked."

Keep Smiling.

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People Pushing

"In an hour-long address on Monday, Mr Putin said modern Ukraine had been "created" by Soviet Russia, referring to the country as "ancient Russian lands".

He referred to Russia having been "robbed" during the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, accused Ukraine of being a "US colony" run by a puppet government, and alleged that people were suffering under its current leadership. He painted the 2014 protests which toppled Ukraine's pro-Russia leader as a coup."


"Since March 2020 almost every major decision on many public services for the county’s 605,000 residents have been made by its chief executive officer, Richard Flinton, who has used emergency powers granted under the pandemic."

"The broadcasting of its meetings, which are held during the normal working week, has led to a sharp upturn in the number of people watching proceedings.

The authority’s executive member for education Councillor Patrick Mulligan said the pandemic had proved “an absolute eye-opener” in terms of the advantages the council could reap from remote working.

The legislation that enabled the council to hold remote decision making meetings has expired, but the authority is using some of it's emergency powers to continue working remotely."




Ohm Ohm


About that 'Wobble Room' ...


“You can all live in fear in your houses, like stupid sheep, but I’m going to enjoy the great outdoors and” …was as far as Simon got before being hit in the face by a flying STOP sign."


"Putin appeared genuinely angry and passionate in his speech, which he almost certainly wrote himself."

I particularly liked that bit ...

"Everyone was now publicly on record as supporting this move; nobody will be able to weasel out of it later and claim they put up a fight."


Anyone for Social Mobility?

Fact is, Boris has been using 'migration' as a 'weapon of war' for a long long time...



Keep Smiling.

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A Rule of Thumb

"The government wants to replace Cumbria County Council and the existing six district councils next year...

"The council had claimed a judicial review was required as the government had failed to follow its own policies and processes correctly when deciding to divide Cumbria."

For example :



"Putin went on to announce the borders of Chelsea would include large parts of Kensington and Westminster, as that’s where his friend’s houses are and where he spent on that money in political donations,"


"It argued the government failed to follow its own guidance that unitary authorities should have a minimum population of 300,000."



"However, he said the Russian people had no interest in Islington as they’d tried Marxism once and it didn’t work out so well last time."



"In Pencroft Road, a can of soup had been thrown over windows, and in Ross Road baked beans were thrown at a property which was egged the night before."

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The Costa Pancakes

"Bumblebee and butterfly conservationists are among dozens of environmental groups calling on MPs to back amendments removing powers to curtail protest from the government’s crime bill."



Fact is nobody takes Boris seriously...


Mind, if it lasts more than a couple of days and Vlad. Putin goes 'full Tonto' ... the tinternet will go off and erm,  we might all come out in a nasty rash.

Ohm, Ohm...


And the Next UK Prime Minister is?


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Stein's Law

"Presumably his office was too much of a tip for him to be filmed there. There was an early reference to Neville Chamberlain, who in a 1938 radio address had described the dispute over the Sudetenland as “a quarrel in a faraway country between people of whom we know nothing”. Johnson stressed that Ukraine was neither far away nor a country of which we know nothing."


"But high switching costs have their limits. If you make your service terrible enough, a certain number of users will find the cost of switching preferable to the pain of staying. And as users leave, network effects start to work in reverse: though every user that joins makes your service more valuable, every user that leaves makes the service less valuable."




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Verbal Garbage

"I think human beings need, or are drawn, to externalise mystery. We like to be humbled by forces in nature and in our world that seem to be unexplained."



"I agree with comedian Alexei Sayle abut people using the term “workshop” who are not actually engaged working in wood or metal."


"The law in the UK is governed by the Occupier’s Liability Act 1957 (Lawful Visitors) and Occupier’s Liability Act 1984 (Persons other than Visitors).  You do not have a duty to prevent all accidents, but you are obliged to deliver reasonable care for the safety of visitors to your property."



"Tom Hiddleston's Loki is perhaps the most mischievous of them all."

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Lords on Ouse

"The House of Lords could be forced to leave Parliament while extensive restoration works are carried out."

"Mr Hollinrake said: "I want to assure constituents I am continuing to press the Government for action regarding the proposed site at Linton-on-Ouse."


"In a letter seen by the BBC, Mr Gove said he "cannot endorse" a plan for peers to "decamp to a temporary home in the north of England."

"The council has written to the Home Office to urgently request a response regarding this lack of consultation on the decision, the fact no impact assessment took place and the fact no information has been provided since."

"It is clear to me that the House of Lords moving elsewhere, even for a temporary period, would be widely welcomed."

"I know cities and towns across the UK would be pleased to extend their hospitality to peers," he added.The restoration of Parliament will cost billions - but the price will go up considerably if MPs or peers stay put in the building."


"York was considered as an option - but several leading peers said it was impractical to separate the Lords from the Commons."


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'It’s Nice to Know'

"“I once took a mouse back to my office because it had run into my bag,” she said, adding that if parliament were any other workplace “it would be condemned”"


"A spokesman for the Scarborough Seafront Community Action Group said: “The council has stirred up a hornets’ nest of resentment, anger and disbelief in what they are doing. This will be in direct competition with the rest of the town and with the existing seafront community. It will add dramatically to the existing traffic chaos, frustration and confrontation with visitors and residents having nowhere to park.

“The Government dictates Town Deal Funding can only be used for reviving struggling town centres. The West Pier is evidently not in the town centre nor is the seafront struggling.”"



"Everyone should be lucky enough to have a Herbert Hound."


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'A Bit More Medieval'

"... for the fifth day straight, a nation will be watching or listening to the same thing at the same time – the current affairs version of all warming our hands around the same bin fire. This is, by any meaningful definition, therefore another bank holiday."



"With a fair wind, and absolutely nothing else occurring, we might have calmed down by the weekend, which adds up to a nine-day spree of national carnival. It’s enough to make you feel quite matriotic."



"Transparency is a basic scientific principle: if it’s not published, it’s not science."

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I Have Nothing to Declare

"Meredith Corporation was an American media conglomerate based in Des Moines, Iowa that owned magazines, television stations, websites, and radio stations. Its publications had a readership of more than 120 million and paid circulation of more than 40 million, and its websites had nearly 135 million monthly unique visitors. Its broadcast television stations reached 11% of U.S. households..."


"Understanding Quantum Computing

Superposition and entanglement are two features of quantum physics on which these supercomputers are based. This empowers quantum computers to handle operations at speeds exponentially higher than conventional computers and at much lesser energy consumption.

The field of quantum computing started in the 1980s. It was then discovered that certain computational problems could be tackled more efficiently with quantum algorithms than with their classical counterparts"


"Classical computing advances include adding memory to speed up computers. Meanwhile, quantum computers help solve more complicated problems. While quantum computers might not run Microsoft Word better or faster, they can run complex problems faster."





Anyhoos.... thats our problem, not yours.

Grrr ...

"The magnetic orientation of this Earth-directed solar storm is going to be tough to predict. G2-level (possibly G3) conditions may occur if the magnetic field of this storm is oriented southward!"



The Dogs.

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Captain Qahn's picture

A Sense of Humility

"Clearway cones were placed along the route last week to ensure that motorists wanting a free view of the flypasts don't clog up the roads."

“We are not shying away from reputational risk,” Zurbuchen said during a National Academy of Sciences webcast. “Our strong belief is that the biggest challenge of these phenomena is that it’s a data-poor field.”


"It is recommended that you arrive at least three hours before your flight."



"In terms of his cabinet, I propose Stephen Fry as home secretary, Martin Lewis as Chancellor, Dame Judi Dench as foreign secretary and John Cleese as culture secretary. Oh, and David Walliams as secretary of state for education."


"With the majority of the public throwing their weight behind the plan, mandatory background checks are being undertaken on the future rulers to ensure none have ever engaged in anything naughtier than running through a field of wheat."


"Anglo American has signed a $100 million 10-year loan agreement with the International Finance Corporation (IFC) linked to the delivery of sustainability goals that are integral to Anglo American's Sustainable Mining Plan. This sustainability-linked loan is IFC's first in the mining sector and is understood to be the first in the mining sector globally that focuses exclusively on social development indicators.   The specific goals tied to the loan agreement are aimed at supporting community development in rural communities close to Anglo American's mining operations across South Africa, including by promoting the creation of jobs as well as improving the quality of education for more than 73,000 students."



"Anglo American's Sustainable Mining Plan includes targets to support schools in our host communities to perform within the top 30 percent of state schools nationally and to create or support three offsite jobs for every onsite job at our operations by 2025."

One Eye ... ;-0



Gary Barlow...

'Fraying at the Seams'

"Whitby’s superficial resurgence in the 21st century shows that the post-Thatcher consensus that saw finance, property and leisure as viable replacements for the vanished industries of the past may have achieved a partial kind of success for a time. But, as in so many other walks of modern British life, these forces are also producing ever more fragmented communities, with an increasingly stark divide between owners and workers."


"With its big teeth and eyes, it gives the impression it is about to launch an attack."


"Designing objects to disintegrate upon atmospheric re-entry is becoming a priority for satellite operators. It's done partly by using materials which have low-melting point temperatures, such as aluminium."


"Oh my Dog, what a majestic creature. And the other is, oh my Dog, am I dead?"



"They also run classes for the next generation which will have to live with the return of the tigers. Children are taught about tiger behaviour and told not to go into the forest alone. When asked what their favourite animal is, many children would say a tiger."


"He just keeps on growling, slowly."

"In horticulture there’s a requirement to be detached – because something will always go wrong. Plants will decide whether or not they want to grow. And there’s nothing we can do about it. We just have to get over it."



"Eeyorishness turning you into a counterbalancing Tigger, bouncing around with cheer-up attempts. “Look, it’s sunny! Look, a balloon!”"

Critical Minerals

"York is dwarfed by North Yorkshire geographically and the deal will see a new directly elected mayor come to power in May 2024, who would most likely be a Conservative."


"To underpin the long-term nature of this strategy, the UK will evaluate the criticality of minerals on an annual basis."

"The active travel team from North Yorkshire County Council is hosting a series of Xplorer events during the summer holidays in which families can take a treasure hunt challenge."

"Amid the record-breaking heat in the UK this week, you’d be forgiven for beginning to see things."




Day for Night

"Too much energy is wasted heating badly insulated homes and the case for investing more on retro-fitting is more powerful now than it has ever been. If ever there was a case of failing to mend the roof while the sun was shining, then this is surely it."






The 'CGI' Budget

"Tunnelling equipment is on site on the banks of the Thames, and work on the £2bn Silvertown tunnel is due to start in the coming weeks."



"In the far future, due to faulty records, it was mistakenly believed WOTAN's War Machines were used by the Post Office to deliver post"


"It’s that kind of show, and it immerses you in its world immediately, setting the Sandman off on his journey of discovery."




"The Mobile Phone Throwing World Championships has been arranged every year since the year 2000."


"We do this as much as possible when visiting areas near open water - but if you could give us a hand too, we would really appreciate it."


"At some events, the choice is down to personal preference from those provided by the event organisers, while others provide only one model of phone."


"Every Competitor can choose between any of the phones that are provided. During the throw, the competitor must stay within the throwing area. If the thrower steps over the area, the throw will be disqualified."



"You never know when this equipment may be needed and if it is damaged, it isn't going to work properly."

Super Troopers.






Best get cracking.

'Adrians Wall

"It turns out if you focus all your energy and resource on cronyism and getting re-elected, you can make life much harder for millions of people in a relatively short space of time."



So Erm ... if they pushed the OAT stage back beyond the North Bay railway line into the Kinderland site not only would it be protected from the elements it could be a permanent structure subject to some reinstated ponds..



"The small bronze bowl features an illustration of the wall, and has the names of its forts inscribed on it."

Chews Wisely.. ;-0



"I want to say it was like watching a washing machine play King Lear..."