'Shall We Dance?'

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""We don’t have to wait for the next stage of the autocrats’ trajectory – press censorship – to kick in. The press has already fallen into line..."


"The plans will free up spectrum - the radio waves used for sending and receiving information - to allow for the mass rollout of 5G and other future networks such as 6G which will help create huge possibilities for people’s lives. These technologies will help power driverless vehicles and drones, immersive virtual and augmented reality experiences, as well as innovations in tech to achieve Net Zero and improve healthcare. The hyper-fast speeds of 5G will also revolutionise internet accessibility on the go."


"The firm cites estimations that there will be 500 billion connected devices in the world by 2030 – 59-times larger than the expected world population by that time."


'It will be possible to replicate people, devices, objects, systems, and even places in a virtual world'



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'A Walk Out'

"Johnson is the most dangerous prime minister to have presided over the UK in the democratic era. Electors are disarmed by his impression of bonhomie and bumbling, and imagine he’s in it for the bants. But if the history of the past 100 years tells us anything, it’s beware of the clowns."


"It's infuriating. We pay the same amount as people in the cities and we get an absolutely terrible service."


"The biggest tourist attraction in the dale is Forbidden Corner - a labyrinth of tunnels, chambers and follies which is hugely popular."



“Always try to improve your craft and don’t quit.”

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'Othello Syndrome'

"If you have a mobile phone, it’s now almost impossible to be truly lost. It will almost always tell you not only where you are but, crucially, in which direction you’re facing. In the UK, equipped with the Ordnance Survey app, I can know where I am in quite extravagant detail. There will be no need to look around me – really look – at the earth and the sky, and think – really think – about what data I have in my head to figure out my place in the world. Some crucial, hard-wired, mental capacity is lying dormant; this can’t be good for us."




“Madness, as it’s only encouraging more writers and there are too many already”?






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'Thoroughly Decent'

"The recommendations by the joint committee on the draft online safety bill will tackle an industry that has become the “land of the lawless”, according to committee’s Conservative chair, Damian Collins MP. “A lack of regulation online has left too many people vulnerable to abuse, fraud, violence and in some cases even loss of life,” he said. Other changes urged by the report include:

  • Creating a digital ombudsman to deal with complaints by individuals against platforms

  • Introducing codes of conduct that tackle “rabbit hole” algorithms

  • Requiring tech companies to implement mechanisms to deal with harmful anonymous accounts

  • Social media companies having to reveal how many underage users are on their platforms."




Always check the sell by date...


"As a consequence, we see a bill that will result in more complex, less secure systems for online safety, exposing our lives to greater risk from criminals and hostile governments."

The government now has two months to respond to the committee on this report, and the bill is expected to reach Parliament - the next stage of becoming law - early next year."


Personally I don't understand all those binary digits...


And, why I would take a booster jab if I've just had a bad cold and the NHS is seasonally & proverbially on its knees?

I rather suspect Boris got them at a discount warehouse in his final bid to oblitherate and privatise the NHS.  

Hey Ho.

Meanwhile that Anglo Cyber Course Apprenticeship is still open ... to anyone still half awake.


I'm not having a booster jab until that Boris resigns. And, why the heck Starmer is supporting the chuck out of patients in hospital beds to support him is beyond me.  

And!!  I'm not sure if oblitherate is a proper word ...


Meanwhile be sensible and stick to your bubbles.

Apparently its a WoW term...

"So while Omicron is squirming away from our immune system, each vaccine dose and indeed each infection is giving our body's defences more tools to hunt it down."

So long as the little uns are safe ...

Best not mention

The Treasury.  

"write me a speech about why digital tech is important'.  ChatGPT is a programme trained on a massive amount of text data, allowing it to generate eerily human-like text in response to a given prompt."



Silver Nitrate. 

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'Theo van Gough'

"Money is like manure," he once said. "It's most effective when it's spread around widely."




Pampered Hippies.



"Unicorn isn't mythical, it's a rhinoceros"


"The Queen has decided to cancel a traditional pre-Christmas lunch with other members of the Royal Family amid fears over spiking cases across the UK."

Pathological Avoidence.

“It looked like a nightmare,” Londos says. “I saw people frantically trying to get their stuff together. They looked exhausted. It was cold.”  The scene is a stunning example of the dangers unhoused communities are grappling with as the climate crisis sets the stage for conditions that will hit the most vulnerable hardest."




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'A Flash Mob'

"At the bottom of a cave, perhaps; or in a basement when the power shuts off. But there's usually some faint glow coming from somewhere. Even the night sky never seems truly black, not least because there's usually a star or two twinkling in the distance.

So it's hard to imagine a time when all that existed was darkness, when you could travel in any direction for millions of years and still see absolutely nothing."


"It's an astounding idea that you might still be able to witness such a thing. But that's the consequence of light having a finite speed in a vast and expanding cosmos. If you keep probing deeper and deeper, you should eventually get to retrieve the light from the pioneer stars as they group together into the first galaxies."




"This is a controlled track where the conditions are the same every time."

Dwindle, Moi?

"Oh, and obviously working extremely hard. Mainly at distancing ..."


I never mentioned Pandoras Box once...



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An Open Air Theatre

"Lightwater Valley's owners Brighton Pier Group PLC said they had "devoted much time and effort" to considering the ride's future."


"She said they were "mindful" of the Ultimate's "nostalgic status" and appreciated many people would have fond memories of it."

Baldrick !!



"... there were plans to remove an extra amount of silt for a crucial development in the freeport. What is known as capital dredging was needed to allow the construction of a new quay for a factory that will soon build giant wind turbine piles."


Sleep Tight.


Give your Day a Kick Start...

"John Humphrys had a routine you could set your clock by: done with writing cues by 5.30 and on to the newspapers with a china bowl and some granola stored in a filing cabinet."

The 'Direction of Travel'

"It has been almost two decades in the making but on Saturday night in New York, after days of gruelling round-the-clock talks, UN member states finally agreed on a treaty to protect the high seas."


Treason, Moi?



"Kevin Hollinrake, MP for Thirsk and Malton, told the Gazette & Herald: “I completely understand the concern among Ryedale residents regarding energy prices. Constituents will know that after the pandemic and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Europe has endured unprecedented pressures on living costs."



"“The last thing we need is a novice or someone learning on the job.”"



""We frighten the pants of everyone with the new strain... "

Erm, my point being how do we trust any Government with advice  on the next Pandemic? 



Sleep Tight.


"The team does an incredible job cleaning it up every morning and we just haven’t seen any effects on tourism yet.”"


'A Networked Species'

"President Joe Biden wants to get it out of the ground. But its exploration is dividing communities which are usually on the same side of political arguments. Environmentalists and native people cannot agree on whether a new rush for this "white gold" should be supported or fiercely opposed."


"Not many know that Voltaire was a pragmatist at heart. In his book Memories (1759), Voltaire talks about how, in his youth, he had come across so many writers who were “penniless and held in contempt” and that “he had long since decided not to add to their number.”"



"“We can’t count on you. We can’t take it any more. When are you going to wake up?”"

How very Unfortunate.