Mega los Auras

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"Our task is to help create a shared vision that we can all agree on, because that’s the best way to pass the National Park on to future generations in an even better state. What do we want farming, housing, tourism, transport, business, heritage and nature conservation to look like? What sort of place do we want to grow up in or grow old in? What’s the correct balance that works best for everyone?

Over the course of the next year we’ll enshrine this shared vision in a document called a ‘Management Plan’, which will set out exactly the work that needs to be done. We want the plan to be ambitious but deliverable; we want to anticipate the challenges and work together to meet them. We’ll set dates and targets, so that you can see the progress we’re making together."


Hmmm ....


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A Monoculture

"These vast mantles of dark, compressed plant matter, which are found in lowland fens and upland bogs, hold huge quantities of carbon because, when healthy, they are almost permanently wet. Dead vegetation decomposes extremely slowly in the waterlogged conditions: this is because the fungi and bacteria that break down plants fast need oxygen, which moves through water 10,000 times slower than it does through the air. Whereas plants rot relatively quickly in dry forests or grasslands, sending the carbon dioxide they have absorbed during their lifetimes back into the atmosphere, in peatland their carbon is held securely below saturated carpets of moss."

Ah, So

"... the scheme’s leaders said they were now looking at a “more agile set of projects... The review finds that, by approaching the restoration in a new way, with a phased approach, including the potential of accessing the Palace from the river to carry out work before and after decant, and close coordination with the in-house teams to maximise the benefits from any early works, the time the members and staff would spend in temporary accommodation is kept to a minimum.””

"The other options it considered were: the partial demolition of Richmond House; no demolition, which would involve creating a pop-up chamber in the existing Richmond House courtyard; and erecting a bespoke modular building on the Horse Guards Parade Ground."

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A Mysterious Alchemy

"“It’s just nice to get out and nice to see the sea,” Jim said. “It makes such a change from the house and the garden.”"

"Though he said his job had been fairly quiet over the winter, having carried out only a couple of rescues, he was alert to people taking more risks than usual after being cooped up at home. “People can get a bit silly. A lot of them don’t realise the danger,” he said. “But we’ve been doing a lot of training and educating people so hopefully we’ll have a good summer.”"

"These are challenging times and being cooped up with others, no matter how good your relationship, can fast become an explosive scenario when heightened emotions come into play."