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A Labour Perspective on Devolution & The Northern Powerhouse:

The North is home to 10.7 million people, 25%  live in the  Manchester Area and 21% in West Yorkshire Combined Authority.    Over the last 10 years The North has performed below the UK ‘s average for contributed  GVA. (13.3% compared to 24.5% London) 

However, the economy of the  three Northern Regions – North West, North East and Yorkshire & Humber  is worth £ 289bn. (twice the size of Scotlands :-) & would rank 10th largest in the EU).

The IPPR “Yet the North of England continues to underperform “   Underperfomance and lagging  productive growth has resulted in labour productivity at £26.88 per hour compared to a national average of £30.05.

Has the Region failed to properly ‘invest in success’? Ah yes, fear of success .... 

Transport – North £166 ph invested compared to £332 ph average across the UK. 

Connectivity -  Separation  restricts the build up of economic scale and weight that allows competion in a global economy.

Skills – Qualification levels are lower in the North acting as a drag on economic growth. It is estimated that over 50%  of future  new jobs in The North will require a qualification of at least Level 3, with only 5% of jobs requiring no qualifications.

The idea of a ‘Northern Powerhouse’ was first mooted by George Osborne in June 2014.

With regard to Osborne’s  Infrastructure Pipeline 2015 : 

18  Offshore projects = investment £17bn

27  North East projects = investment £5bn  

33 Yorkshire & Humber projects = £7bn.  

Out of a possible ‘pipeline’  £381bn covering 564 projects it is clear to see why our ‘Region’ should feel short changed.

What's Left of Labour’s Devolution Agenda?

During Labour’s Govt. they tended to address socio-economic challenges through a national framework.   The LP’s manifesto 2015  included proposals to devolve powers, not only economic, but social into a 'New English Deal’ for local communities.  With Jeremy Corbyn elected as leader from a platform on National Economic reform, and ‘new politics’ what does this mean for Labour’s fledgling Devolution agenda? 

Corbyn claims that the Govt.'s drastic  ‘austerity’ measures are a political choice and not an economic necessity.  

The Govt.'s spending review is due in November and the practical implications of Labour’s anti-austerity will come under pressure.

Will the LP commit to challenge ‘fiscal orthodoxy’ and develop new policies to meet the future of  financial sustainability for local authorites.

Corbyn’s Northern Future  identifies the geographics of inequality though the solutions are almost all national: a new national investment bank, a national education service, etc etc but other than to relocate Govt. Depts. outside of London there is little detail of how local communities will benefit economically.   Separate strategies driven independently from the centre rather than empowerment  for The North by devolving and aligning the full range of levers locally to promote growth remains a risk to reducing local accountability.

Is the ‘state’ a substitute for private enterprize?  Or is private enterprize a subsistute for the 'state'? (housebuilding, transport, education & academies) Will the dots join up to a devolution agenda of a decentralised statecraft?

What about local democracy?

With Corbyn’s focus on ‘a new politics’ it is likely that Labour will adopt new policies that seek to invigorate local democracy alongside democratic accountability.   Corbyn has stated direct opposition to elected Mayors as a condition of Devolution, with all members of the democratic elected authority to have a strong democratic role, including accountability.  It is hoped that the process for a constitutional convention will engage more actively with civil society, local authorities, business and the public.  Electoral reform and reform of Westminster institutions are expected to be included.

As the Tory Govt. pushes ahead with its ‘Northern Powerhouse’ agenda, Labour’s approach to devolution and local governance needs to come into focus. 

With a  series of Govt. backed  'Devo –Deals' (Diva-Deals) expected this Autumn,  the central versus local argument continues.

Old Labour Lines

Labour's pledge  “To deliver the biggest devolution of economic power and funding to England's city and county regions for generations. ... too many parts of our Country are being left behind by the Tories... this means backing the cities, towns and regions ... the engines of growth ... not just urban areas but also rural areas. .. local areas will be in the driving seat on key decisions affecting their local economies with new powers over back to work schemes, to drive house building, to integrate, invest in and plan transport infrastructure.  And we will also let city and county regions keep all the additional business rate revenue generated by growth.”

“Labours radical plans go much further than anything  David Cameron and George Osborne are offering.  The Tories scrapped the Regional Development Agencies, cut funding more deeply in the  more deprived areas and have totally failed to rebalance the economy.”

So, as George Osborne makes pleas with China & Abu Dhabi to invest in Manchester & the Northern Powerhouse, with a £3bn Manchester project to deliver more than 10,000 homes.   “UKTI has helped many northern business enter the Chinese market... the best is yet to come.” (Blue Bananas ;-))Blue Bananas

They are inflaming cultural intolerance with proposals to refuse housing & other public services to people without proof  of UK citizen status : http://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2015/oct/11/immigration-checks-discri...

Meanwhile, the Construction Industry report that a 200,000 worker shortage threatens the  Northern Powerhouse plans with an ageing and poorly trained workforce ..... the energy and utilities sector estimate 50% of their workforce are set to leave the industry by 2023 ... meaning 200,000 new recruits are needed to plug the gap.

In 2010 the Govt. scrapped Regional Development Agencies.  This was a mistake.   A piecemeal approach to correct this is marginalising many regions & communities.

Recently they gave 38 LEP’s (Local Enterprize Partnerships)  an opportunity to bid for a growth fund  worth £2bn in 2015/16.   The LP believe this funding pot was too small to drive real change with no real attempt to build long term growth. 

Crucially this required LEP’s & Combined Authorities to bid into a national process on an ad hoc basis – the exact opposite of ‘devolution’ as it denies local areas empowerment – to change and drive forward economic growth – it gives central Govt the final say on each and every project.   These ‘deals’ have failed to embed economic leadership and strategic decision making at a sub-national level with most places opting for an ad-hoc arrangement that has no basis for binding decision making.  

This Govts. stated aim of a Northern Powerhouse lacks real commitment and long term plans.

It was Lord Adonis that Labour commissioned to take Labour’s Agenda on devolution forward.   Points raised were clarity on criteria, cornering country as well as City regions, a stronger focus on institutional change, the real capacity to change economic decision making and local leadership.  

An approach rooted in civic democratic engagement with a united focus to deliver economic growth, including Employment Support, Transport & Housing, Skills, Business Support and in devolving taxation, for all regions that have a coterminous Combined Authority and LEP that can provide a strong strategic growth plan whilst also recognising that many local decisions need to be taken by local authority planning and neighbourhood regeneration.    

An approach that Incentivises proper co-operation and strategic decision-making across a viable functional economic geography to strengthen collective decision making, accountability and the pooling  & integration of resources.

The Labour Party has long time recognised the potential of The North.  The last Labour Govt.'s Regional Development Agencies were charged with this task, and the ‘Northern Way’ transport compact (founded by three Northern Agencies)  preceded the Northern Powerhouse by more than a decade;  Northern Prosperity is National Prosperity.

Problems clearly remain, the lack of well-paid, good quality work, growth and prosperity built on higher wages, stronger productivity on a bedrock of solid foundations.  Unlike the South East where high levels of inequality in pay and housing is growing only a divided community. 

A progressive Northern Powerhouse must reach the pockets of all people living and working in the North, as well as a good quality of life, otherwise a trickle down economic model that has failed too many will be replicated."

Source: Labour 2015













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NE: Bad Day Buried


Hmmm, & according to other NE reports, PD Ports have been dragged in and face job losses, the NE LEP does not include Middlesborough and the decision to announce a successful Tees Valley devolution bid has been delayed.....


So, after the establishing of Regionals Growth Areas (PFG) and then the LEP's (PFG) we're heading toward CLA's (PFG) ... and it s the same old same old pitch (PFG) but is it a level playing field.

Are there too many  Desk Jockeys riding a one trick pony... Claptraps.

Just pondering ....  politics, goal posts .... boxed shaped balls.  


Ah, yes Pandoras Box :-http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-27408318

Apparently there's gonna be thousands of these little shoe boxed satellites in orbit ... very soon. 




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Doom n Gloom Merchants

Not at Scarborough Engineering Week .....

lol - a reminder of yesterdays Fylingdales 'visit'  ... they all like Sci-fi up there :-)


Oh, Ok : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SrlhLaNClgw

And, no you can't fly drones over the base ... I did want to ask about broomsticks but  the cat got me tongue...

RAF & Space Cadets .... envy, oh well in another life...  mebbe. Best don me civvies.


Ya OK, is in fantasy land haven't had chance to get on down to :


and check it out. Hmftks  knife n forking :-/ 

Is too bizzy gatecrashing ;-)


Joy Global back to back with York Potash ....

.... then I got chucked out ;-((

Humble pi.

Karma. Mind am sure it won't be the last, business and politics and that little thing called pleasure ...

They don't mix.  Something the DT's said.

Doubts ... Ouch. 







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Whoops, One of Each

Two into One, plurals:


Nick Brown, Labour MP for Newcastle East, said: "The ballot paper in a future mayoral election should contain the option to vote 'no' to all of this. I would support a 'no' vote.

"The power to borrow more money and to tax ourselves more isn't what is needed to solve the problems that the region faces."

The North East Combined Authority represents Durham County Council, Gateshead, Newcastle, North Tyneside, Northumberland, South Tyneside and Sunderland.

Meanwhile, the Tees Valley Combined Authority represents Darlington, Middlesbrough, Hartlepool, Stockton and Redcar councils. All 12 are Labour-led.

Durham Labour councillor Simon Henig, chairman of the North East Combined Authority, said: "The agreement being signed today will bring significant economic benefits and opportunities for businesses and residents.

"Those living, working and doing business here in our region represent our greatest asset - and through this agreement we will invest in the people of the North East and support business to grow and thrive."

Yep, the knives are already out, none of the above ... forks.



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War of the Roses

Meanwhile across them there hills,  Cameron hasn't forgotten to leave King Pin in't pub:




Que Sera Sera

"A MOTHER of two who is unapologetic about claiming £5mn-a-year in state benefits was spotted in a chauffeur driven Bentley last night wearing what appears to be a diamond encrusted crown.

Cathy Middleton, 33, from Reading in England, refused to explain why she was wearing such an expensive tiara last night, despite being unemployed for the past five years.

“She has two kids, a house paid for by the state and endless amounts of valuable clothes, shoes and vehicles at her disposal,” a neighbour told WWN today. “She doesn’t hide the fact that she’s bumming off taxpayers money either. Her husband too. They’re just disgusting if you ask me and it’s people like them that’s giving Britain a bad name.”

The couple have previously admitted to claiming £96,000 per week in benefits – the equivalent of £5mn a year salary before tax – which is only a fraction of what the rest of her husband’s workshy family gets.

“Those Windsors have never worked a decent day in their lives,” another neighbour claimed. “I hear they’re pulling in over £15mn a year in benefits. The great-grandfather is an immigrant too! It’s a downright disgrace if you ask me”.

When asked this evening, the Windsor family refused to comment on their state handouts, and their home security guards even threatened to arrest this reporter for trespassing."

Osborne said it so it must be true

'Old model broken'

The Tees Valley deal will see its investment fund guaranteed at least £15m a year.

Ah, so, If King Pin is seen leaving the UK carrying a Princess shaped  suitcase please stop him at the border ...

Mind, wasn't the Statue of Liberty made in France ...

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Panorama Redcar

The £80mil question:


"But now it turns out the initial costs for redundancy payments were overinflated. It's now thought the total cost of redundancy payments is going to be nowhere near as much as had been initially set aside for them - and that could mean another £20m of the £80m unaccounted for.

Business Minister Anna Soubry has given an assurance it will not be kept back by Whitehall and will still go into the overall fund.

So up to £30m is still to play for.

What can this money buy? Who is going to decide? What will it be spent on, and by when? These are the questions the local community wants answers to.

Redcar is not unique - an industrial town dealing with years of globalization. Unemployment and regeneration have been big issues here for years already.

It is, however, a resilient and proud town.

In the next six weeks in the countdown to Christmas, we'll ask the residents what they want, what they can expect as we live their lives with them. We'll also ask what are towns like Redcar now for?

From now until Christmas, the BBC's Panorama programme will be in Redcar to report on life after a century of steel making. You can follow the story on the Panorama Facebook page. Or search bbcpanorama on Snapchat."


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Unzipped : NNDR - Rates

"I’ve spoken to one of the Mineral Valuers, S***** R***, at the Valuation Office. As expected, there really is no indication of what the rateable value could be on the Potash Mine, although I have picked up a few intelligent sounding rating terms, which you may find useful in fending off the queries. Apparently, mine values are based on several different elements –

Mineral output. They multiply this by royalty per tonne, which is based on Lease information etc.

A Mine Rent element. The value of this includes the sinking of shafts/underground machinery and output (total amount of potash). Again this value is multiplied by royalty per tonne.

Ground infrastructure, which includes any buildings above ground.

Not sure if they plan to do any work offshore, which is what they do at Cleveland Potash, but this is irrelevant anyway as it isn’t rated.

They don’t put any value on the mine itself until the first material leaves the site. In the interim we’ll be able to rate the Contractors Huts/Office accommodation etc, but obviously this won’t amount to much.

Realistically, he doesn’t see assessment taking place for another five years, as it usually takes that amount of time for the process to build up.

Our only comparable is Cleveland Potash. It currently has a rateable value of £1,610,000  –which without transitional relief equates to £793,730 for 2015/16. However, bear in mind that Cleveland was established between 1970 – 73 and that they have a substantial amount of buildings. Think we should assume that as the years have gone on, techniques will have improved and less surface infrastructure will be needed. Apparently 1.2 million of the RV is attributable to buildings/machinery etc above ground.

S**** did mention, and you’re probably very much aware of the procedure, that if an appeal is made or the case is called in by the Secretary of State, there’ll be significant delays!

So, despite all this new found knowledge, I’m afraid I can’t help you!!"

Yeah but no but yeah but no ... £*.* mil in the local vaults .... eeeeek ;-) 

Erm fingers ... toes ...

Quantic Dreams ...


SBC are currently assessing the value of the York Potash project...  as this week's 'Agendas' confirm that a few locals at Sneaton are requesting dispensations from financial benefit of the York Potash industry, the local Authority's economic benefit remains to be assessed.  But it's gonna be huge ;-)

If you can't be yourself ... be a pirate ;-))


Oooh thats slightly more than **'s divs .... annually !!!


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NE: Powering Up North - Plants

Ah, so ... Wooden Tops


"This latest picture shows contractors overseeing the construction of a boiler house, which will form part of the Port Clarence Renewable Energy Plant, near Middlesbrough.

The development is expected to generate enough electricity to power 75,000 homes by burning waste wood.

Work started late last year, with the site due to begin operating in early 2018."

Ah, so ... Liquid Nitrogen (freeze to frack) :



Cryogenics ... must have run out of prawns.



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Bring Back George?

Oh, ffs:


"The South East will get a bumper investment package of £30bn if Labour wins power, Jeremy Corbyn has pledged.

The announcement came as a large crowd turned out to hear Mr Corbyn speak at a party leadership re-election rally in Ramsgate.

The Labour leader wants a regional investment bank, greater emphasis on renewable energy on the coast and improved broadband connectivity.

He said he wanted the funding to go to "the places that need it most".

Mr Corbyn and Owen Smith are going head-to-head in the Labour Party leadership contest, which will conclude on 24 September.

Before he addressed the crowd in Ramsgate, Mr Corbyn tweeted his pledge to invest in coastal towns...."

Tethered Goats ...


"Supporters of Leeds Homeless Partnership spent Monday and Tuesday gathering up around 60 tents that had been left at the Leeds Festival site.

They also collected around 70 camp mats and 100 sleeping bags as well as camping chairs, clothes and food, which they plan to distribute.

Partnership member Haydn Lee said the items gathered were just a fraction of what had been left at Bramham Park in Wetherby.

“We’re just trying to show that resources can be saved,” he said. “There are probably thousands more tents going to landfill though. There were fields full.”

The group were one of a number given permission by festival organisers to collect camping equipment left behind after the event.

Haydn said: “A lot of teams that go there resell the gear but why can’t it go back to the homeless? People who have got nothing, we’ve got plenty to give them.”

The group runs a weekly street kitchen at Mill Hill Chapel and recently held a public march to highlight the issue of homelessness.

It plans to hand out some of the tents here in Leeds, with the rest being passed on to similar groups across the north of England.

Another salvage team has also donated its tents after learning about the idea...."

One up for the North ;-)



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'Lock the Gates' - May.




“The manufacturing industry has been one of the biggest losers with LNG exports allowing gas suppliers to drive up prices to Australian users, and suppliers exercising their market power keep Australian prices high even as global prices collapsed,” Ogge said.

“We now have the ridiculous situation that Australian gas is now cheaper in Korea than it is in Australia. That’s a double-disaster for local manufacturing jobs.

“What benefits there are, have gone almost entirely to the overseas owners of global oil and gas companies licensed to export Australian gas, largely at the expense of Australian businesses and local jobs.”


Mebbe May ...

"Mrs May said the Scottish government would be "fully involved" and "fully engaged" in the Brexit discussions.

She also promised a decision on the Hinkley Point nuclear power plant deal this month, saying she was still taking advice on the issue.

"I don't just come in and say, right, this the position I take. I look at the evidence, I take the advice, I listen to that. That's what I'm still doing.""

Yawn ... more string theory. Execute.

Oh. Hull could have a Hinkley ...





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Ding n Dong


"Lorraine Allinson runs a bed-and-breakfast business near the Kirby Misperton site, and workers stayed with her when conventional drilling work was carried out in 2013.

“That was good for me and the suppliers of food and everything I use. Since the recession, tourism has been quieter. People can only afford one holiday a year instead of two or three.”

She said a silent majority backed fracking. “We have always produced energy in Yorkshire. People need gas. We would rather burn ours than rely on other countries. This would be really good for the north of England.”

She said the same warnings about pollution were given when another conventional well was drilled at nearby Knapton, but added: “None of it happened.”

Companies that carry out fracking will have to pay £100,000 to the local community per well and 1 per cent of profits."



Hmmm ... http://www.gazetteherald.co.uk/farmingnews/14686918.Government___s_scien...



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That Place Over The Hill

"A SCIENCE laboratory complex near York has been sold by the Government for £13 million to a private landlord.

The site of the Food and Environment Research Agency (Fera) at Sand Hutton - once known as the Central Science Laboratory - has been bought from Defra by Capita plc.

A Defra spokeswoman said it had decided last year to seek a new landlord ‘in order to ensure the Sand Hutton site continues to be a world class science innovation campus,’ She said: “Capita plc has a strong track record in supporting businesses and has committed to developing and growing the Sand Hutton site to ensure its status as a crucial national asset is maintained.

“This new arrangement will safeguard the future of the campus, with government and our economy still benefiting from its fantastic work protecting the nation from plant and crop disease.”

She said the sale had been subject to rigorous scrutiny to ensure value for money was achieved.

“Defra has, over a number of years consolidated scientific activities and organisations from across the UK on to their site at Sand Hutton near York, particularly in the fields of food, environment and agri-tech including plant, animal and bee health, wildlife and food safety and authenticity.

“The Sand Hutton site remains strategically important to the work of Defra and wider government.”

The sale comes just over a year after Capita paid £20 million to acquire a 75 per cent stake in Fera, with Defra retaining a 25 per cent stake.

At the time Capita said it would be creating 50 new science-based jobs, in addition to almost 400 scientists already employed at Fera, as well as 40 new research posts, but The Press reported last September that almost 50 jobs were at risk at Fera. Capita said then it still planned to grow its science-based roles, but was looking to cut a number of back office jobs.

The union Prospect, which has many members on site at Sand Hutton, said it did not have immediate concerns on the sale.

“Fera Science Ltd, will continue to be the anchor tenant of the National Agri-Food Innovation Campus at the Sand Hutton site,” said a spokesman. “We hope that the expected new opportunities for further research partnerships and investment will accelerate now that this sale has concluded.”




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A Teesside Tipple


"The trio, who secured the block in the 14th Onshore Licensing Round at the end of 2015, hope to drill an exploratory well after a ‘desktop examination of the existing data’.

Third Energy hit the news earlier this year after becoming the first company to secure a licence to frack in the UK for five years when it controversially secured permission to drill for shale gas in the Ryedale area of North Yorkshire.

Many Teesside environmentalists echo the concerns of the Ryedale protestors that fracking is dangerous, and that fossil fuels should be left in the ground.

Friends of the Earth has condemned the proposals and one protester has launched an e-petition pressing for a Commons debate on the ‘Teesside fracking plans’.

However this renewed interest in securing the area’s gas reserves has been welcomed by many on Teesside, with the gas being viewed as vital to the region’s chemical and process industries and the UK’s energy security...."


"A contract to boost the business case for Teesside becoming the UK’s carbon capture storage (CCS) capital was announced today.

And it comes on the same day a Government-ordered review says CCS has a key role in tackling climate change..."


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On the Buses

Meanwhile ....


No it is not unusual the state of the local buses is dispicable and I have video footage of a bus full of schoolkids smoking up Sutton Bank .... to prove it .. the bus was smoking not the kids btw ...

Bus Companies ... go sort your selves out ... and make it fast !!!!!!

Grrrrrrr ...was the  first day at school for some.

Oh & you effing Fracking Companies and Potash Companies go and sort your selves out tooooo and stop wasting our effing time on your great big global plans when our kids buses are inadequate. 


PS effing Dial a Ride.... kids don't volunteer to go on buses !!!!

Goodwill ... ex Minister of Transport ... sort your self out, you anal self serving tw*t!!!!

tis always the little things that drive you over the edge.



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One Great Pudding

Benefitz Betty's picture

Space X Rocket Launch




SpaceX is targeting launch of the Iridium-1 mission tomorrow, January 14, from Space Launch Complex 4E at Vandenberg Air Force Base in California.  The instantaneous launch window opens at 9:54:39 am PST or 5:54:39 pm UTC, and the launch will be broadcast live at www.spacex.com/webcast beginning at approximately 9:34 am PST or 5:34 pm UTC."




"Following stage separation, the first stage of Falcon 9 will attempt a landing on the “Just Read the Instructions” droneship that will be stationed in the Pacific Ocean..."

Never, say never ...


"The robotic ships that serve as landing platforms for SpaceX rockets now have names that honor legendary sci-fi author Iain M. Banks.

Late last month, SpaceX's billionaire founder and CEO Elon Musk announced that he had named the company's first spaceport drone ship "Just Read the Instructions." The second autonomous boat, which is under construction, will be called "Of Course I Still Love You," Musk added."



Ah,so ...

insert your own   



Benefitz Betty's picture

Space X

Wowwwww !!! hoe did they do that ???

Stage 2 first then Stage 1 .... pause    pause ...

Anyhoos ... spose if they had the rockets on moles ... alternating thrusters that would sort the MTS  in about erm 152.34 minutes  .... no one would notice...

bit of boring music ...  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s5iqfk4CPQ8

Mind alternatively ...  could be a new line in barstools.



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Hull's Blade


"Blade has certainly stimulated lively debate on the definition of art in Hull pubs and shops, and viewed from every angle its subtle, sinuous curves do echo Brâncuși and Barbara Hepworth, but what really sets this sculpture apart is its cultural significance for the city of Hull. The long, slow and tortuous passage of the huge work from conception in Siemens’ new wind turbine factory on the bank of the Humber through the narrow streets of Hull’s old town to the city’s centre in Queen Victoria Square symbolises a miraculous birth process.

Searle sneers at its positioning: “pointing vaguely towards Primark” (it has to point somewhere; probably not deliberate, though a low-cost store is arguably a good signifier for the relative poverty in the area), as well as its “horrible grey MDF” support (Yorkshire common sense: why waste a limited arts budget on an expensive stainless steel base that will be redundant in a few weeks?). Blade is big, bold and beautiful. In years to come it will be out in the North Sea generating power, a reminder for Hull folk of this City of Culture year and an inspiration for their future...."



The Beano.


Oh, OK:


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None Of The Above

An attempted breach of Purdah?

"A motion for a vote of no confidence in Scarborough Council's cabinet and leader has been submitted to the authority.

The motion, submitted to the council by UKIP councillors Sam Cross, Roxanne Murphy, Norman Murphy, John Dodds and independent Janet Jefferson, was handed into the town hall this morning.

UKIP leader Cllr Cross told The Scarborough News that the council must now call an extra-ordinary meeting in the next seven days.

It follows votes of no confidence in the council from Whitby and Filey town councils.

Cllr Cross said: "People have had enough, we are hearing it on the doorstep, not just in Filey and Whitby but in Scarborough too.

"People are looking at decisions like the one to demolish the Futurist and asking 'what are they doing?'

"We've been using the phrase 'drain the swamp' and that's what we want to do.

"Our understanding is that this motion has to be heard at its own meeting in seven days, if not we have to take it to the chief executive.


"It is not a debate, it will just be a vote.

"We know the Conservatives have a majority so we are asking Conservative councillors to stay at home if they are afraid to vote against their leaders.

"We know we have the support of Labour and the Greens with this motion, I expect the cabinet can rely on the votes of its two independent members.

"It is time people stood up to be counted."


Indeed. Technically you should all be disqualified :-))


Mind it is interesting to see the transparency of  the  tail (UKIP)  wag the dog (Labour)  once more...


Boundary Changes :


In short from 50 down to 45 ;-)

Any volunteers?


Captain Black's picture

The Adonis Watch


"Brexit is "infecting" the whole conduct of government, Lord Adonis has told the BBC in the wake of his resignation as infrastructure adviser.

The former Labour minister quit his role as chairman of the government's Infrastructure Commission with an attack on Theresa May's strategy for leaving the EU.

He said Mrs May was "pursuing a course fraught with danger".

A government source said he quit before he was pushed, which he denied.

"He's been moving closer towards the exit door with each new onslaught he makes against Brexit," the source said.

"He's now walked through the door before he was pushed."... he accused Mrs May of "allying with UKIP and the Tory hard right to wrench Britain out of the key economic and political institutions of modern Europe", saying the UK was "hurtling towards the EU's emergency exit with no credible plan for the future of British trade and European co-operation"...

Liberal Democrat leader Sir Vince Cable called Lord Adonis one of the "most thoughtful politicians around" and said his departure showed Brexit was being "badly mishandled"."






"He said: “Taxpayers will have to pick up a bill for hundreds of millions because of the government’s extraordinary decision to bail out Stagecoach and Virgin on the East Coast...

"Lord Adonis' departing note from his role as a government adviser on infrastructure describes Brexit as "a populist nationalist spasm worthy of Donald Trump" and suggests that the mission of the next generation will be "taking us back into Europe".

"Sixty-two Labour MPs defied the whip and you can be sure, if Lord Adonis was in the Commons, he would have been among the rebels defying Jeremy Corbyn's command."

"We called the Labour leader’s office for a response, but were told that Mr Corbyn had recently looked at a picture of a same-day delivery shed site and wouldn’t be available for an official comment for at least half an hour."

"If you want snow, Google ‘Antarctic’."



"Lord Adonis has said he was forced to resign as an independent advisor after the government "tried to silence" him..."