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"Environment and Economy Scrutiny Committee; Planning & Development Committee 17 December 2015  Dear Cllr I****,

New Onshore Oil & Gas Exploration Licence

I am writing to you concerning the Government’s announcement today about the UK 14th Round for onshore oil and gas exploration licences. As you may be aware my company, Cuadrilla Resources, has been offered a number of licences to explore for shale gas in the area of North Yorkshire and East Riding outlined in these maps, part of which is covered by your local authority. 

Cuadrilla Resources is a British company which aims to lead best practice for unconventional hydrocarbon exploration in Europe.  We take our responsibilities with regards to safety, environmental protection and working with local communities very seriously.

We are pleased to be offered these new exploration licences which are in addition to the licence areas that were announced in August 2015. The blocks we have been offered today have been subject to assessment under the Conservation of Habitats and Species Regulations 2010 in preparation for today’s announcement by the Government.

We welcome the potential for exploration in North Yorkshire and East Riding and the associated benefits of new jobs and economic growth we believe it will bring.  For the next year activity in this new licence area will largely centre on desktop studies and potentially acquiring some seismic data.  This will provide us with a detailed insight into the geology deep underneath the licence area and help in the assessment of locations for potential future exploration sites. 

Any future proposed exploration sites would be the subject of planning applications to the local authority, applications to the Environment Agency and HSE for regulatory approvals, an Environmental Impact Assessment where potential fracking is involved along with extensive public consultation and other community engagement.

On the matter of community benefit, the shale gas industry, through its representative body UK Onshore Oil & Gas (UKOOG) has agreed with Government to pay £100,000 to the community local to each exploration site where it has been granted full planning and regulatory permissions to hydraulically fracture an exploration well.

Our first priority will be to talk with the local communities and their elected representatives.  We would therefore welcome the opportunity to meet with you and discuss our plans in more detail.

We recognise that some members of the public will have concerns and we have a responsibility to communicate with the local community regularly and transparently about any proposed work and future operations and to reassure them that onshore exploration and fracking can and will be done safely, securely and in an environmentally responsible way.  A community helpline is already set up for people in Yorkshire who may have early questions about onshore oil and gas exploration.  The number is:  0800 1303 884.

Yours sincerely, Francis Egan. CEO, Cuadrilla Resources "


Date: 17 December 2015 at 21:17:08 GMT
Subject: Re: New Onshore Oil & Gas Exploration Licence

Hello, Thank you for your introduction, you are probably aware of the 'fracking' debate to be held by NYCC on 22nd Jan 2016 at Northallerton, why not pop along and introduce yourself. 
Meanwhile perhaps you could give more detail on exactly where your pedl licences are hoping to explore, and, whilst doing so perhaps offer your opinion to the £100 k community fund, how does this compare to the profits you are hoping to extract?
I understand that to test the flow and volume you would need to have an initial 'Frack' but i am curious to know what sort of business case your initial exploration case would be based on, capex, opex etc.
As a matter of interest, I would like as much information on your projections or plans for our area as you are willing or able to provide.
Many thank & kind regards,"


"Dear Councillor,
On 22 January 2016 the Scrutiny of Health Committee (SoHC) and the Transport, Economy and Environment OSC (TEEOSC)  we will be holding a joint meeting to consider the broad strategic issues around fracking with a view to influencing policy, such as the Joint Mineral & Waste Development Framework Plan for NYCC, CYC and NYM National Park Authority.  This will include looking to see if the Plan is underpinned by all the relevant safeguards and regulations relating to the potential public health implications of fracking and the extent to which the Plan is future proof should, for instance, there is a proliferation of wells across the area.

Members from the TEEOSC will be exploring issues relating to the water supply, air emissions & health, habitats and biodiversity, geological integrity, noise & disruption etc.
The objective of the meeting will not be to examine the merits of individual planning applications or to reach a view on whether fracking should or should not be supported.
I am starting to pull papers together for the meeting and as this is such a complicated matter I thought it would be helpful to send you some background information well in advance.  Please see the attached document which contains a number of hyperlinks to a range of documents and reports.  If you would like paper copies of the documents please let me know.
In the finalised report a list of suggested questions will be produced to assist the discussion with the external organisations due to attend.   Most of these questions are based on the reading material.
The external organisations invited to attend on the 22 January include Friends of the Earth, the UK Onshore Operators Group, Department for Energy and Climate Change, Oil & Gas Authority, Environment Agency, Health and Safety Executive, Public Health England and Yorkshire Water.
Very best wishes for the Christmas festivities,


Plus one -  Cuadrilla? Time to get uberized ;-)




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NE - Zones in on Offshore Fracking


"Third Energy was also awarded an offshore licence in the North Sea, said its licences in the Cleveland Basin, with one straddling the River Tees, had “high potential”.

Yep, thats wot we need to ask Quadrilla ... Offshore Fracking ... Hmmmm


In the southern north sea they already are and have been for ages ... clockwork.



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Cheeze With Holes


"Jim Ratcliffe, INEOS Chairman, says, “We are delighted with today’s announcement. The UK government has demonstrated it is determined to move forward with this exciting new industry. This is the start of a shale gas revolution that will transform manufacturing in the UK. INEOS has the skills to safely extract the gas and we have already committed to both fully consult and to share the rewards with the local communities. ”

INEOS believes that its knowledge and experience in running complex petrochemical facilities, coupled with its world class sub-surface expertise makes it the right company to extract UK shale gas."



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Quadrilla II

"Thank you for your email regarding the 14th Round announcement.

You can find more detail on where the licences are by clicking this link.

The shale gas industry, through its representative body UK Onshore Oil & Gas (UKOOG) has agreed with Government to pay £100,000 to the community local to each exploration site where it has been granted full planning and regulatory permissions to hydraulically fracture an exploration well.  Cuadrilla has committed to going further than this by paying £100,000 per hydraulically fractured well.  For example, Cuadrilla applied for planning permission for up to four exploration wells at its proposed Preston New Road site in Lancashire, which would mean a payment of up to £400,000 for the local community (£100,000 per exploration well that is hydraulically fractured).  Payments would be made in instalments of £100,000, paid as the drilling of each exploration well commences.

Additionally, during the production phase, 1% of revenues (not profit) will be paid out to communities.  This would be allocated approximately 2/3rd to the local community and 1/3rd at the county level.

The Government recently announced that a new investment fund will be created from shale tax revenues and will be reinvested locally in Yorkshire and elsewhere in the north of England.  This means that as the shale industry develops those communities nearest to shale gas sites will directly benefit from the potentially very large tax revenues raised by the extraction of this important natural resource.

It is too early to say how much natural gas could be extracted in the new licence areas and therefore speculate what future projections could be.  For the next year our activity in the new licence areas will largely centre on desktop studies and potentially acquiring some seismic data.  This will provide us with a detailed insight into the geology deep underneath the ground and help in the assessment of locations for potential future exploration sites. 

We will be in touch with the County Council to find out more information about the debate being held on 22nd January."

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Quadrilla II ... Shale Mail

Just in case the snail mails ...
Thank you for your reply.  Your area of potential interest for extraction is noted.
As a matter of interest please would you advise if Cuadrilla have any future plans for offshore shale gas extraction or indeed are aware of any offshore hydraulic fracturing? Do you hold or are you applying for any offshore licences or know of any such activity ongoing in the North Sea?  If so would you be so kind as to provide the same.
Whilst I am sure you are aware of the geological data already available via your drilling partners Marriott who have been active in our region for some considerable time, any further information you could provide would be most appreciated. 
Clearly, given the competitive nature of your industry, it would be of immediate interest to be able to assess your level of longevity, commitment and intentions with regard to any future investment or potential prolonged activity over and above the twelve months indicated by your desktop study.
Also please do let us know when and where your seismic acquiring work in our area is expected to start.
Kind regards"
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Snail Mail

Drill or Drop?


"Government proposals to allow oil and gas companies to drill monitoring boreholes without planning permission will be put before parliament next year.

Ministers want to change what are known as “permitted development rights” for groundwater monitoring boreholes and boreholes for seismic investigation and monitoring."

interesting comments ...

More boringness :



£2 mil per bore hole ... £10mil for KM8 ... £100k won't even pay half the UKOG' fella's salary...

Just one more Q ... all these lapping PEDL's .. the gas belongs to the Crown until it reaches the surface ...  the industry uses mainly 'contractors' who appear to flit from firm to firm ... is the industry competitive or a combined conglomorated co-op.

Coal Authority?




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Ineos - Big Cheese 6%

Ineos promise 6% - 4% to homeowners and 2% to communities :


Cheese : https://www.rt.com/op-edge/327191-switzerland-money-banks-ban-referendum/

Uber : "Switzerland to vote on banning banks from creating money" ...

"Now back to the prospective plebiscite in Switzerland.

I am skeptical that this duck will get airborne without being shot down. The democracy the Swiss think they have is a pleasant enough fiction, but I am sure it will never be allowed to interfere with business.

And if we read the article carefully, it does say that the central bank should be given sole right to create money. This would essentially leave the creation of money in the same hands as those who control the Federal Reserve or the Bank of England rather than allow them to farm out the process. But at least it shows that people are beginning to wake up to where the true power lies.

In the unlikely event that this grass-roots movement in Switzerland should get its way and its proposed legislation be enacted, and then begin to morph into something which really does threaten the banking elite, we must not be surprised if Switzerland is shortly discovered to be harboring weapons of mass destruction, or to have masterminded 9/11, or to be financing Islamic State.

Yes, we will need to brace ourselves to be educated by a Western media unanimous in pointing out the connections to be made between the production of precision watches, pavements so clean you can eat your lunch off them, and the evil of an irrational hatred of freedom – one with roots in a culture which tacitly supports jihad against all non-eaters of expensive confectionary.

Freedom. You’ve got to love it!"

Social Licence? http://www.ineos.com/globalassets/ineos-group/businesses/ineos-upstream/...


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Osborne Ineos Knuts


“Our interest is focused on discovering whether gas can be produced from the shale layer of rock three to five kilometres below the surface.

“Any drilling or fracking operations to establish this would be subject to the normal planning process through the local planning authority, including extensive consultation with the community.”

He said in some areas the company would need to use ‘seismic data acquisition’, scanning of the subsurface, to understand the rock layers beneath the ground."

Thats a long way down ... KM8 is 9-12000ft

An' there's more :-)

“We are also likely to submit a number of planning applications during 2016 with a view to drilling up to four vertical wells across both the Cheshire and East Midland basins in 2017, with the option to extend the wells horizontally and perform a fracking operation if the initial results are encouraging,” he said."

Vertical goes horizontal ... drunks

“Although seismic data acquisition does not require planning permission we feel it is important to inform communities about all our activities, and intend holding community exhibitions ahead of any seismic acquisition programme.”  tis the 'fracking' bit

Is Osborne adopting the N Korean  look ... hydra hydro Kim Jong-un ... not the pretty in pink


Nah, they both Elvis fans:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AcLiwsjvj04

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Rats n Tolls


"He said that despite the North Sea’s dwindling oil reserves, Britain was “sitting on huge shale gas deposits which could change everything”.

“Interestingly, in the 18th and 19th centuries Britain built its wealth on its coal reserves but there were no Nimbys then”, he said.

Truth Faeries ...  mustav missed his pram.   



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Twin Towers

"Jim Ratcliffe, boss of chemical empire Ineos, called on the Conservatives to introduce a single-digit rate of taxation for lagging manufacturers in a last-ditch attempt to save British industry from terminal decline.

Despite describing the current Government as one of the most pro-manufacturing in years, Mr Ratcliffe said not enough was being done to prevent “the slow death of manufacturing.”


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Energy Voice

07/01/2016 6:31 am

Billionaire industrialist Jim Ratcliffe has pledged to drive out the inefficiency of his new North Sea assets – and has set up a new subsidiary to hunt for even more opportunities.

The owner of Ineos, a Swiss-based chemicals giant that controls the refinery and petrochemical complex at Grangemouth, made a surprise move upstream with the acquisition of North Sea gas assets last year.

Mr Ratcliffe believes his firm is ideally placed to reduce the high cost of operating in the North Sea by bringing the disciplines of the chemicals industry to bear.

Speaking to the firm’s publication Inch, he said:
“We tend to operate at 98%. Our machines always run and they are always producing products.
“But if you look at the North Sea we are seeing examples of 60 to 65%. It is just something that we would not accept in chemicals.”

Those inefficiencies are made worse by rising costs which have been a major issue for North Sea operators since before the price of oil fell to 11 year lows.

“The UK has not been as rigorous with its costs so things tend to be more expensive in the North Sea than in the Gulf of Mexico where it is a highly competitive environment,” he said.

“And it’s not just a little bit more expensive. It’s a lot more expensive whereas that great competition you find in the US has driven costs down.”

He said Ineos “has yet to fully understand why the rigs in the North Sea do not always operate”, but that he is confident the firm will improve efficiency.

“We are yet to find out whether we can make an impact there,” he said. “But we do have a proven track record in chemicals. And these are basically chemical facilities. It is in a difficult environment because it’s sitting there in the North Sea but it is still pumps, pipes, vessels and filters and it deals with liquids and gases, which are our bread and butter.”

The company confirmed it began looking out to sea for opportunities about 12 months ago.

“Obviously the collapse in the oil price helped to galvanise our enthusiasm but we have been thinking about it before that because we have quite a lot of tentacles that go upstream in one way or another,” said Mr Ratcliffe.

Mr Ratcliff declined to say how much his firm might invest in further assets.

“We are not going to spend beyond our means,” he said. “But when you are in the world of making acquisitions it is impossible to predict where you will finish up.”

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Rats: Oh Hiedi Hio


"... Ineos estimates that it will be at least five years before any of its UK wells are actually producing shale gas.

"Ineos insists that fracking in the UK will be different. For one, the technology has come a long way over the past decade. As the US fracking industry has matured, lessons were learned, making it easier to replicate best practices on fracking sites in the UK.

To ease the inconvenience of light, noise and traffic during drilling, Ineos has also pledged 6% of its profits to the UK communities where it will frack.

But fracking in the UK still faces stiff opposition from communities where drilling is planned, and from environmental campaigners...."



Choose 'holes' carefully ... 




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"Fairy tales generally come with a more exciting plot than building a fertiliser mine under the moors in Yorkshire, but despite lacking dragons or talking snowmen,..."

Ah,so ... if only they knew.

Mind those Chimney's :-))




AxeDrax ?


Yet A N Other  Mad Hatters T party

Yawn .... 

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Rats Trails Behind Godzilla


"...Jim Ratcliffe's efforts to kick-start a British shale gas industry have suffered a setback after his company Ineos significantly downgraded its exploration plans for this year....

the company has now conceded that drilling this year is no longer on the cards after finding the reality of shale exploration is rather slower than it hoped.  It is yet to submit a single planning application.

Under a revised plan, it hopes to submit five planning applications before the end of the year, out of 30 to be submitted over the next 12 months, the trade publication ICIS reported. Applications to carry out fracking could then follow.

Tom Pickering, operations director of Ineos Shale, said: "Ineos is currently in the process of surveying potential fracking sites and consulting with local communities... "

Suspicion says fracking is being drive off-shore ....  cos the fish won't protest. Any sightings of Tom talking to fish, lobster or crabs  please report, forthwith especially around the Viking stronghold of   Flamborough.... mebbe Rats'  'chimneys' are stacked & is eyeing up the other pots.

Likewise for any Greenpeace vessels submerging along the coast ...  Greenpeace have Submarines? tis not ebay. 


Yep, 'don't frack with our future' could soon be changing to 'don't frack with our fish'. E'cept there aren't any ... our fish.

"Despite Greenpeace providing opinions from 22 energy experts including the energy secretary, leading academics, and three spokespersons from fracking firm Cuadrilla, the ASA ruled in favour of Lipsey in May 2015 and called for Greenpeace to withdraw the advert.

Greenpeace published an article on its site shortly after dismissing the ruling as “baseless, biased, and bonkers”, claiming the watchdog was able to quote the Prime Minister’s opinion that fracking would cut household energy bills as the only evidence of this alternative view.

The environmental organisation questioned the impartiality of the ASA council, stating that its chair Lord Chris Smith, has a second job as head of the Shale Task Force, a lobby group funded by fracking firms including Cuadrilla, Centrica and Total."

Ne'er the Twain shall meet ?


Meanwhile the geopolitical argument still stands.


Taken. Tokens. Wot no Queens?


Ah, so .... The Man in Half Moon Street (1945) starring Nils Asther & Helen Walk ... 10 days of shipping .... finally tis here in me claws.. Eeeeek. 


ps if the leccy flicks is not gonna be HP.


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Quadrilla v FoE


"Friends of the Earth (FOE) misled the public in a leaflet which claimed fracking can cause cancer, the advertising watchdog has said.

The fundraising flyer also featured a photo of Grasmere in the Lake District - despite there being no plans for fracking in the area.

A draft report from the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) said the charity failed to substantiate its claims about the dangers.

FOE said they "would not be silenced"....

"FOE had claimed 25% of chemicals used during the fracking process could cause cancer, and suggested there was a risk of contamination to drinking water.

Campaigner Tony Bosworth said the ASA had not yet made a final decision, and FOE had submitted more information to the watchdog.

"The bottom line is that the evidence against fracking is clear: it poses a risk to people's health and the environment," he said.

An ASA spokesperson said the watchdog would publish its complete findings in due course."


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Cuadrilla Rising Up!!

Against ...  'Tina Louise Rothery who is facing unjust fines and possibly a prison sentence after opposing fracking company Cuadrilla.'

"Tina is due in court on Preston on Friday and will face charges of £55,000 for contempt of court for non-payment of a fine that was imposed after a Reclaim the Power / Nana Action Camp at Preston New Road nr. Blackpool in 2014. The site is owned by Cuadrilla who have drilled four wells there and intend to re-commence fracking in 2017. Lancashire County Council voted against Cuadrilla's application to exploit unconventional gas at this site but the decision was overturned by Communities Secretary Sajid Javid in October. The Lancashire Nanas of Frack Free Lancs, activists in Preston New Road Action Group and nearby Roseacre Wood Awareness Group are strongly opposed to fracking and all forms of extreme energy exploitation on the Fylde.
Cuadrilla have no social licence to frack here or anywhere in Lancashire. We need to let them know this!

The charges are for an eviction that never was. The activists were asked to leave the site and despite fulfilling these conditions, an eviction fine was still imposed. Tina stepped forward to take on this fine, in order to take the pressure away from other campaigners. She has stated that she cannot and will not pay the fine, which means she faces two weeks in Styal prison in Cheshire - payment would mean acquiescence and would mean admitting guilt. Why should she pay a fine for an occupation, when she wasn't even there? Giving money to people who are opening up new fronts of fossil fuel exploitation, when we are facing an escalating climate crisis, is in itself an unethical position to take."

There will be a bus ... at the usual time & place on Friday and an anti-fracking demonstration on Saturday.


Over the hills and far away ...



Nothing ...

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Over the Hills

and far away :-)


"On the prospect of protests, Egan told the Guardian: “I understand that there are people opposed to it [fracking] for a variety of reasons and will want to make that opposition known. Frankly, I don’t have a problem with that.

“We have the consent; we are following government policy. We and, more importantly, our workers have a right to go out about their business, so I hope that right will be respected just as we will respect the right for people to make their feelings known.”

Interesting commnet "

The ASA isn't FoE's only problem.

Form today's Times editorial:

Uncharitable Behaviour | The Time



It seems the FoE Trust had reneged on a deal with the Charities Commission that anti fracking activities world only be done through its commercial arm



Given that the ASA case was against both the commercial arm and the Trust, it's a bit hard for FoE to say it'd adhered to the decision. I think it's unlikely the CC won't take action..."


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INEOS Thumbs


"INEOS has today welcomed the agreement by the Friends of the Earth that it misled the public over fracking claims. This comes after an exhaustive 14-month investigation by the Advertising Standards Authority into a number of false statements.

INEOS Shale Operations Director Tom Pickering said: “These false claims have formed the heart of the FOE’s wrongheaded opposition to fracking and we are pleased to see the record corrected.

INEOS is always happy to debate on the facts and answer any questions and concerns that members of the public or groups may have. However, as today’s news has made clear Friends of the Earth have been spreading false information and misleading the public about this important issue."

The ASA found that Friends of the Earth was unable to support claims that: the fluid used in fracking contains chemicals dangerous to human health, and that the fluid would, as a consequence of the act of fracking, contaminate the drinking water of nearby communities because it remained underground.

They were unable to support claims that a US fracking site caused an increase in asthma rates, and that the public in Britain would face a similar risk by living or working near a fracking site.

FOE also wrongly claimed that falling house prices and risks of cancer would be a result of fracking.

INEOS Shale Operations Director Tom Pickering added: “We have previously offered to meet with Friends of the Earth, and also Friends of the Earth Scotland, to have a grown-up science based discussion of the issues around shale gas extraction but unsurprisingly neither organisation wishes to engage with us. We will continue, however, to try to make this meeting happen as our energy and manufacturing sectors are too important to allow fake facts to influence the debate. We also believe that indigenous gas plays an important role in helping the UK replace coal and reduce its greenhouse gas emissions. We look forward to continuing our dialogue with all parties based on the true realities of shale gas.

For too long Friends of the Earth, and their Scottish counterparts Friends of the Earth Scotland, have been wilfully misleading the public on fracking to fulfil their anti-fossil fuel agenda. Hopefully this will be a lesson to those organisations but more importantly give the public cause to reflect on the duplicity they have been subjected to by Friends of the Earth.”

INEOS is currently progressing with surveys to evaluate the geology and gas potential of its sites across England. It is also planning the next stages of its extensive community consultation programme.


fascinating :-)


"To satisfy this aspect:

  • a purpose must be beneficial - this must be in a way that is identifiable and capable of being proved by evidence where necessary and which is not based on personal views
  • any detriment or harm that results from the purpose (to people, property or the environment) must not outweigh the benefit - this is also based on evidence and not on personal views




Eh, So ...


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Fracking - The Future


"The fracking company, Cuadrilla, said today it had set up a viewing area for its Preston New Road shale gas site near Blackpool.

In a statement, it said the area would allow “interested members of the public to observe the site from a safe location as work progresses and from which to conduct peaceful and lawful protest, if they wish.”

The announcement comes a day after the High Court judge, Sir Ian Dove, dismissed two legal challenges to the planning permission for the Preston New Road site.

There have been roadside protests since Cuadrilla began work on 5 January 2017. Opponents described the viewing area as “yet another attempt [by Cuadrilla] to ingratiate themselves with the community they have forced themselves upon”.

Cuadrilla said the area, measuring about 18mx12m, would be open during daylight hours, from about 9am-5pm each day that work was taking place. The statement said the area had clear visibility of the site..."


Baldrick !!!  Oi, Brent gizz a rig ...

Oh.OK :

"Dear Egon,

Do you have a Vespa?  If so I know two perfect platforms. Well actually its a moving cinema at the moment... any SfX such as ground shaking, vibrations and an ability to inhale toxic fumes is all inclusive and a must for any Vespa fan.

Candy Floss is optional .. along with the scream as you go faster, mono rails & deckchairs.  Please provide your own cones... I am sure Flamingo Land won't mind being 'bumped' at the last minute so to speak, hey, how about 'Fracking United' ?   I'm sure Scarborough Athletic won't be fussed if there are two local foottie teams." 

Derby & The Donkeys."