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The Sands Development at Scarborough's North Bay began a while ago...  around the Millenium (2000).   Originally, the Zenith Project concept was hailed as Scarborough's most exciting development.  Then the Council got 'involved'.

"The Zenith project was first mooted almost six years ago and previously Grayling Sports and Leisure Ltd held what is known as preferred developer status. However, Scarborough Council has since switched developer to Benchmark, which is based in Wakefield. It is envisaged that the Zenith development could be carried out on a site covered by the Atlantis water-theme park, Marvels amusement and leisure park and parts of Northstead Manor Gardens, including the Open-Air Theatre. David Rhodes, managing director of Benchmark, said: We are delighted to be working with the council on such a prestigious scheme. The large investment is a very positive move in ensuring the town s continued future as a leading centre for tourism and leisure.  Gordon Carey, chairman of Leeds-based architects Carey Jones, said: The features incorporated in the design will make the development a real landmark on Yorkshire s East Coast. Care has been taken to provide state-of-the-art facilities while at the same time working with the natural charm of the North Bay setting." source:

Master Plans : 

It was in 2002 that Scarborough Council 'outsourced' its own plans creating the Scarborough Urban Renaissance Programe and the formation of a Town Team  (aka the 'Fab Four' or 'inFamous Five') as part of  Yorkshire Forward's strategic  'partnership'.  Back in 2002 "Membership of the Town Team will need to accurately reflect every sector of the town’s activity and its structure and membership will continue to evolve over the months to come."

The Council's Leader at that time was Eileen Bosomworth :, and so begat the 'legend' that is Tom Fox, recently superceded by the then Regeneration Portfolio holder Derek Bastiman.  Eileen "She said: "The past seven years have been daunting at times, they have nevertheless been rewarding in that I am able to leave the leadership knowing that so many schemes I have helped to pioneer and pursue are beginning to become a reality. "The £120m development of The Sands, Rotunda and Woodend to name but three. "The council has challenging and exciting times ahead and I am sure Tom Fox will go on to achieve even greater success."

The MP was Quinn?  Ousted in 2005 by his own Executive &  Robert Goodwill "My predecessor, Lawrie Quinn, is a railway engineer, and in the House he took particular interest in rail transport. Lawrie Quinn was the first Labour Member to represent Scarborough after nearly a century of Conservative representation. I am pleased to say that none of the name-calling and personal vitriol that sometimes characterised the national campaign spilled over into our local campaign in Scarborough and Whitby, which was carried out in the best traditions of British democracy. Lawrie Quinn was a hardworking Member of Parliament and loyal to his party. Perhaps that was his problem. On behalf of my constituents, I put on record their gratitude for all he has done over the past eight years." 

All very civilised. Since 2005 there has been some political stabilty, with the Fab Four retaining their grip on Scarborough's regeneration.  Perhaps, also resulting in 'images' as chuckling as this: 

Indeed, times, if not faces, are changing ... back to 'The Sands' & the back room 'boys':



In short, The Sands development became 'stuck' when it partnered itself with the local political set.   Both the Council and the latest developer Roland Duce  find themselves wading through past muddied waters. They Wade on.

Meanwhile, one wonders why outside our political set another coastal resort is wading into familiar territory. Sad innit...

PS: Who do ya spose built those fairgrounds?

OK, they changed the 'nicked'  image ;-)


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Coastal Path gets Green Light

“We are an island nation, and the coast and the sea is a central part of what it means to be British.

“North Yorkshire features breath-taking scenery, wild, windswept clifftop walks and vast expanses of sandy shore, incredible places for residents and visitors.

“The new paths announced today will give people easy 
access to our outstanding coastline as a place to simply rest, relax and admire the view—something that’s crucial for our health and 
well-being – but also for some of the most testing, energetic walks in Britain”

Along the new path walkers will be able to enjoy historic sites including the spectacular gothic ruins of Whitby Abbey, a stroll to the end of Yorkshire’s only 
ictorian pier in Saltburn, and picturesque harbour views in the village of Staithes, home of the explorer Captain Cook.”

Pierdom ;-/