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RNLI - Rescue Cyclists from Cliff

"Both Scarborough lifeboats launched last night when two young men were cut off by an incoming tide.

The men who are 17 and 25, were believed to be local and with pushbikes. They were quickly located at Knipe Point, shortly after 9pm.

The inshore lifeboat conveyed the men from the shore to the all-weather lifeboat, which had fired a white parachute flare to illuminate the area and help the smaller vessel navigate between the rocks.

The men’s pushbikes were retrieved by the coastguards and returned to the men at the harbour.

The lifeboats were back at their moorings within an hour.

The inshore lifeboat crew were helmsman Adam Beston, Carl Walsh and Keith Eade.

The all-weather lifeboat crew were coxswain Tom Clark, Lee Marton, Dave Horsley, Dave Jackson and George Whitlow."