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New Cinema - Approval?

oh how disappointing ... what about the New Multiplex development for North Street that has been sat on the Councils desks for the last five years  ... ya know the same 'firm' that was shafted by Appollo ...

"Plans for Scarborough’s long-awaited multi-screen cinema could get panning approval next week.

Benchmark Leisure Ltd has submitted an application for outline approval for the demolition of existing structures oat the former Atlantis site in Peasholm Gap followed by the erection of a development comprising multiplex cinema, commercial units and residential apartments along with a multi-storey decked car park.

The plans, to be discussed by Scarborough Council’s planning committee on Thursday April 16, have been recommended for approval.

The seven-screen cinema will be situated outside the town centre, in contradiction of the National Planning Policy.

In the report, which will go before councillors, it states that the applicants claim that it looked at a number of sites and none of them were suitable.

It states: “It is the applicant’s case that even with significant subsidies, cinema fit-outs are often in excess of £2 million, and there is still a requirement for a cinema operator to invest a minimum of £1 million on top, as well as committing to a long term lease at a fixed minimum rental rate."

This should be fun ... expect a fight ...



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Operation Sands

Yet another Tour De Yorkshire decoy :-)

via YCR:

12:50pm 25th May 2016

Scarborough's public is being told not to worry if they see a lot of blue flashing lights this evening.

The fire service, police, ambulance and others are doing a training exercise in the area around Peasholm Park and the North Bay Railway.

They will be simulating a transport-related incident, but they're emphasising it won't be dangerous and nobody will be at risk.

It will take place between 6.45 and 8.30pm..

Scarborough Fire Station Manager, Andy Blades, said:

"When you get a number of emergency services vehicles in a location, people naturally think that there's a serious incident and people might be at risk. We just wanted to reinforce the fact that it is an exercise and a training event to test the emergency services.

"If members of the public do see it, we'd like them to allow the emergency services to get involved in the exercise and we don't really want onlookers to detract from that. While we welcome some interest, if people could just avoid that immediate area we would appreciate that".

Erm,  spose when the local Tally Ban publishes links to promoting terrorism ... Ed mustav a day off:  

Meanwhile, didn't they do this exercise t'other night?

Mind, the dripping one was spotted up Peasholm Gap ...  was it a webbed footed Man from Atlantis?  

OMW  ....  Area51, Bermuda Triangles those offshore frackers must already be spawning...

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RT: On the Spot 'Elsewhere'

"United States Special Operations Forces descended from buildings, jumped from a Black Hawk helicopter and fired shots as they ambushed downtown Tampa, Florida, where ‘pirates’ had ‘captured’ the mayor. The stunt even took place in broad daylight...."

President Skroob?

Ah, so .... Ouch. Easy Targets? Not quite, erm 'generational'?

Incredible edible: Odd Jobs?

RT must be 'aving a day orrrf.

Bears do ...


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Panohma - Vision

"This is the exclusive first view of how Scarborough’s £14 million North Bay cinema will look.

The seven-screen cinema will open in summer next year and will be run by leading national operator The Light Cinemas.

Following outline planning approval last year, a reserved matters application is being submitted by Waterpark developer Benchmark Leisure to Scarborough Council this week that will include the final details of materials and design.

Some of the demolitions on the site has already been started to ensure the cinema is open during next year’s summer season.

Work came to a stop due to the discovery of an unknown pipe underground, which required more investigations. Construction is expected to start on site in May or June this year...."

Ohm not quite the same :

Pipe Dreams?

"A newly unearthed essay by Winston Churchill reveals he was open to the possibility of life on other planets.

In 1939, the year World War Two broke out, Churchill penned a popular science article in which he mused about the likelihood of extra-terrestrial life.

The 11-page typed draft, probably intended for a newspaper, was updated in the 1950s but never published.

In the 1980s, the essay was passed to a US museum, where it sat until its rediscovery last year..."

Ohm Ohm ....

Giraffes? Or 7 luxury duplex ... must be a coast thing.

Ohm Ohm Ohm  

Flamingo Land 'Sands' ... sounds good? 



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'Grizzly' The Giraffe

"A NEW baby giraffe born at a North Yorkshire theme park has made its first public appearance.

The female Rothschild giraffe was born to parents George, 10, and Lizzy, eight, on January 17, following a 15-month gestation period and taking the resort’s giraffe family to six...

A competition will be launched in the next few days to help Flamingo Land select a name for the new baby giraffe."

Ah so .... Tiggers.

Eh, so ....



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Flamingo Land Drop In

"Gordon Gibb, chief executive of Flamingo Land, said: “Where ever we can we increase our spending so the park is a better place to come and stay.

“We have improved the standard of our static caravans, and the layout of the holiday village and its infrastructure.

“The holiday village continues to grow from strength to strength as a result of the increase in domestic holidays.

“We are seeing huge growth in that area, especially in the current year we are operating in.”

“We are also in the process of converting all our existing building stock into holiday lets, creating a new and very different style of holiday homes, over and above the caravans and cabins.

“We have seen an increase in turnover this current year and holidays are responsible for that.

“The resort message has got through and we are starting to see the benefit of that as we are perceived not just as a day location, although we try to grow that market as well.”

Now where did those 66 parrots go ...