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Analyse This? Yep, did that ...  had some q's to be expected shortly.  Shirley.

Anyhoos, just won't do, there is some 'science' into 'street' naming, as in deed House naming :

Violet Grove or Brown?  Quietly amused ... tho Trumps was correct who would want to live in a street named Sycamore, boring ... nope street naming is far from boring, ... did I crack thru a painted smile .... Oh so chuckled inside, the hilarity,  very very interesting, especially when it comes to cunning plans ...  I almost wanted to weep, give the bear a hug. Shruggie Bear. '~0~'

Anyhoos it went like this - developer gave some speak; Short version, if you want a street named after you be a developer... don't forget the marketing. it could be Hull ...

Brown?  Hmmm, could you sell a town called Brown? Perhaps in Pimlico:-

Personally I thought Violet Grove was, erm rather agressive ... but the developer would insist.  Time will tell.

Darling? Hmmm, full of old dears? :- - Morgan Stanley, one to watch.

Is the grass greener on the other side?

As the UK is heading for Apolitical Apocolypse ...

Anyhoos, did I mention a cunning plan ... Master plans...  Ah yes, the Local Plan - still out for consultation, just ;-)

Hmmm ... Hatterboard Drive.

Coloquial names for 'streets';

Penny Black Lane

Tin Pan Ally

Marine Drive

The Old Coal Road

We all live under the same Sky, apparently not. Back to the M&WJP laters along with some rather 'lofty' views from the roof tops.

Apolitical Apocolypse. 

Seriously, I-UK?  Digits, toes anyone keeping a 'count' of the U-Turns made by Govt UK ... it started with the selling off of the forests ... lots in between,  the latest, Renewables, Carbon Capture, Heathrow...

The EU is where its at.  Meanwhile, I ave my own wee cunning priorities to contend with   ;-)

Old hats:

The forward arrow :

Apolitical Apocolypse.

Planning, non political? PMSL tis great.  No compromises.  Street names... to avoid?  Distance. Alibi. Lullaby.

West Street?  The Breece? Fleeced ...  Felix. HMO's - A room for everyone?  

More from the Planning Agenda to follow ... after playtime ;-) 

Hmmm  procurement and aquisition ...  little critters ;-) Ha, Asterix.   Asterix the Ghaul ....  erm, v



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Growing Weirds - Branded

Corbyn Dunks ... "speaks of 'dreadful' migrant camp conditions"

Red Ed ...  "Labour election report branded 'whitewash'"

Erm ?

King Tut ...  "Ignoring all scientific methods of restoration, the suspects tried to conceal their crime by using sharp metal tools to remove parts of the glue that became visible, thus damaging the 3,000-year-old piece without a moment of conscience."

Erm ... Tuts.