Who, What & Were

Shall we begin ...

"Obviousy tis an absolute Travesty that the Labour Party would not walk it."

We Aargh where we are:

"Mr Goodwill went on to say he now believes "the Conservative Party is the party for working people," a statement that was met with laughter by those from the opposition...

Towards the end of his speech, the newly-elected MP accused Labour of trying to "bribe people with their own money" in order to win the election and "frighten" people about the future of the NHS, which he said, is "safe in our hands and will never be for sale". 

Finally, Mr Goodwill urged Independent councillors in Scarborough, who teamed up with Labour to get a majority, to "seriously consider who you're working with".


"Jeremy Corbyn has said he will not lead Labour into the next election, following a "very disappointing night" for his party."

Liberal Democrat leader Jo Swinson said "for millions of people around the country the election results would bring "dread and dismay".


The Green Party has held on to their one seat, with Caroline Lucas winning Brighton Pavilion with an increased majority, she says "her "pride" at winning the seat is "tinged with huge sadness and frankly deep anger ...  "that our political system is so badly broken" & "Our electoral system is rotten to the core,"

Boris Johnson's Conservatives need to win 320 seats to be free to govern...

The Conservative party has formally won the election. The party secured a majority by 5am after winning its 326th seat.

Its total so far is 329, followed by Labour on 197, SNP on 45, and Liberal Democrats on 8. The Brexit party have zero.




Boris Goes North

"Boris Johnson is to visit the north of England later, hours after celebrating his party's biggest election win for 30 years by sweeping aside Labour in its traditional heartlands.

The prime minister has said he hopes the Conservatives' victory will bring "closure" to the Brexit debate and "let the healing begin"."





"Mr Johnson, however, is expected to announce a minor re-shuffle possibly as early as Monday."



"So why not give the Tories a free ride for several months while Labour tore itself to pieces? There was madness in his method."

His Royal Usefulness

"The prime minister said he wanted to thank voters in the "incredible" constituencies in north-east England for placing their trust in the Conservatives.

They had "changed the political landscape" and "changed the Conservative Party for the better", he said.

"Everything that we do, everything that I do as your prime minister, will be devoted to repaying that trust," Mr Johnson added.

"We are the servants now and our job is to serve the people of this country and deliver on our priorities. And our priorities and their priorities are the same."


Spose it depends on who has rolled over  'Red Len' ...

Tights or otherwise ;-)


Not quite past his sell by date...




"Lord Heseltine has admitted he and fellow Remain supporters have "lost" following Boris Johnson's general election victory and dismissed the prospect of "fighting on". .. The peer said: "They didn't listen because they wanted to get out of the austerity and they saw Brexit as a route to do that.

"We've lost, we have to face up to that, we're going to leave Europe."

Lord Heseltine himself had the Tory whip withdrawn earlier this year for saying he would "experiment" with voting for the Lib Dems during the European Parliament elections...

Lord Heseltine has now joined other leading figures in abandoning that campaign as the prime minister prepares to put his Brexit deal through parliament."

Ready Brek?

"We are not there to defy the will of the people."

Obviously I read the rules.


Rule No 1.

Never Ever 'poison my chalice'.