'Split Ends'

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"Work is now being undertaken by all North Yorkshire District Councils and North Yorkshire County Council in order to ensure that the new authority is in place and fully operational to the timescales set by Government. Ministers expect all the councils in North Yorkshire to work collaboratively and constructively to implement the single council for North Yorkshire proposal."


"It is anticipated that the Order will be laid before parliament in January/February 2022 and come into effect by March 2022 at the latest."

scooby doo

"Elections will take place in May 2022 to elect Councillors who will run the County Council for the first year and will then sit on the new unitary authority for the following five years."


"The new council will be in place and fully operational on Vesting Day which is set as 1 April 2023."



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'Parish Building'

"This issue of parishing the town of Scarborough was last addressed by the Council in October 2010 when in the absence of any evidence of popular support for a new parish/community council in the town, the Cabinet agreed to undertake a public consultation on whether electors in Scarborough town wished to establish a new parish/community council either one for the whole urban area or three (South Cliff Community Council, Scarborough West Community Council, Scarborough Castle and North Cliff Community Council).

The consultation received 472 responses 77.5% voted against creating any parish or town council for the area and 22.2% voted in favour. The main two reasons cited by the no vote were that a community council was perceived as an additional and unnecessary level of bureaucracy, and they did not wish to pay a precept for a community council. The above views date from over a  decade ago and may well have a changed in light of LGR."





It's been a long day ...




So, erm ... in short if you don't have the time or do not see politics as a full time career, the Parish is a great way of getting into local politics and essentially getting involved in the community spirit.

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'Arms a Loft'

"A public sector ‘hub’ would be established inside and the council is in discussion with the NHS and Beyond Housing about their future accommodation needs.

The rest of the space would be offered as ‘touchdown’ work areas for businesses to use."


Questions need to be asked:


Exciting, innit...


OOh there appears to be three vacancies... 


Unlucky for some?


"In light of the backlash, Mr Gove "paused" the plan, and while he is still committed to reform, it is my understanding that he doesn't intend to resurrect the most contentious aspects."


Toupees at the ready ...


""Walking, climbing, scrambling, you're often scaling around walls, often on your belly, sometimes you're unable to lift your head up, sometimes you've got to put out your hands and prise yourself over a ravine with quite a large drop beneath... if you're claustrophobic, maybe it's not for you.""

How very silly.




Big Ears.

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'Avoid Cold Feet'

"There will be 90 Councillors in total covering 6 Area Constituencies,  Scarborough & Whitby Constituency will have 15 Councillors in all.  Scarborough in order to retain its Civic status will need to have a Town Council."




"Scarborough Borough Council is expecting to hand over £8m to the new North Yorkshire unitary authority when it takes over in 2023.  The Borough Council's finance team are currently working on the authority's budget for next financial year which may well be it's last."



"Finally, train the cat to sit on you at all times."

The Last Boy Scout.

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Glue Town Free

"Careful thought needs to be given to the make-up of North Yorkshire's new unitary authority when it comes in to being in 2023.  That's according to some local Councillors who are calling for the political parties to ensure they put forward a diverse set of candidates when the first elections for the new authority take place next year."




Wave Dodging, Moi?



"Most people went to bed and woke up and found a tree in their garden."

Michael Fish.


"Think of memories of '87 and you have certain images and perhaps people tend to wipe out the nasty bits and remember the silly bits."

Sounds like a plan...

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'It's a Continuum'

"For decades Butlin’s was famous – or notorious - for competitions to find the holidaymaker with the knobbliest knees or most glamorous grandmothers. It struggled with a downmarket image, and was widely lampooned."


"Thermostats perceive and act and, in a sense, they have one little rule that says: "If the temperature is below this, turn on the heat."If the temperature is above this, turn off the heat."


"If you look at what the founders of the field said their goal was, general-purpose AI, which means not a program that's really good at playing Go or a program that's really good at machine translation but something that can do pretty much anything a human could do and probably a lot more besides because machines have huge bandwidth and memory advantages over humans."




"I think some people just say: "Well, it looks like a nice day today," and they don't think about the longer timescale or the broader picture."



"... don't start thinking about should I move my left finger first or my right foot first, we focus on the high-level decisions that need to be made."

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'A Parish Precept'

"Parishes may charge a parish precept to fund the parish council and activities they undertake on behalf of your community. Each parish must forecast how much they are going to need in the following financial year."


"Sometimes I had to earn extra money," he said. "I mean, earn extra money by car, as a private driver. It's unpleasant to talk about to be honest, but unfortunately that was the case."



"Performing at home or in their gardens their parts in his staging of The Red Shoes, which was in the middle of a sold-out run when the pandemic started. As a company they’ve fared better than most, he says, because they have only a small number of full-time staff and – fortunately – no permanent building."



"The next Anglo American Liaison Group Forum will be on Monday 14 February at 1pm. It will be conducted via web conference."



Oh, OK:


Apparently the 'blasting notifications' are out...

Just checking me dairy ...



"Town Deal funding allocation of up to £823,051 was awarded. Whitby Boxing Club have secured £317,000 for match funding including £117,000 contribution agreed by SBC. The remaining match comes from Sports England and Sirius Foundation."


Twinkle Toes.

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Over the Edge

"The aviation industry and the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) have raised concerns about potential interference of 5G with sensitive aircraft equipment like radio altitude meters."


"Aviation industry groups have said the measures did not go far enough, with Boeing and Airbus saying they made a counterproposal that would limit cellular transmissions around airports and other critical areas which significantly reduced revenue from experiential events."



"To receive a verbal update on progress from the Chief Executive and Chair of the YCBID further to their attendance at the 11th November, 2020 meeting of the former Overview and Scrutiny Board."


“With the support of Sanderson Weatherall, the joint administrators are offering the assets of the business for sale, including a number of large scale animatronic dinosaurs, which are expected to generate significant interest.”




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'Not Got a Vote?'

"Charity gifts, where the recipient is informed their present is an animal to help feed a family in an impoverished area, have been popular for decades."


"Having an argument in your allocated two minutes is not a very festive option."


"I’m a magician, family entertainer and Punch and Judy puppeteer."


“It is a simple initiative that aims to ensure that people have enough food all year round, particularly during the dry season or hungry months – when personal maize harvests have run out and the earth is dry so nothing can grow without irrigation."


"it costs £12.50 to buy a goat"



"“A goat is a valuable asset to a vulnerable household; it breeds easily and can produce up to six kids a year. Offspring can be sold to help families cope or kept to produce manure, which will improve subsequent harvests. Ideally, within a year, each family will be able to choose to do both: selling goats to improve their homes or pay for school fees; and using manure to increase their maize and vegetable harvests so that they can produce a surplus to sell.”"




Fag Packet stuff...


Meanwhile, I was kinda wondering wot type of mutation I would prefer...

Take the Call... ;-)


Something with a tail.


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'Think Slowly'

"They are definitely super-intelligent, in that the collective IQ of the humans they employ dwarfs that of ordinary people and, indeed, often of governments. They have immense wealth and resources. Their lifespans greatly exceed that of mere humans."



"when presented with 'facts', be on the alert for any whiff of the proverbial."



Hmmm ...

"So, what you find is that on certain polarised issues, more intelligent people become even more polarised."



'Window Dressing'

"Gove’s response appears to be a renewed focus on the bureaucracy supporting the regions. He has floated a scheme to fill the geographical gaps between the metro mayors who run most of England’s big city regions with a new concept of US-style regional governors.

There is no suggestion of mimicking the neo-colonial mini-White Houses that host governors in most US state capitals – just a network of elected chiefs able to reduce regional inequalities and drive growth around the country.

Gove’s mistake here is his apparent determination to join the list of reformers who focus more on structures than desired outcomes."



“Whether you are Andy Burnham or Andy Street, Jamie Driscoll in the north-east or Dan Jarvis in Sheffield, it is clear more powers should be devolved. But the control freakery of the government, with ministers hoarding power rather than giving it away, is overwhelming.”



"The M.E.N. has sent the CCTV footage to Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service, Greater Manchester Police and the bar for comment..."

Fact is without a co-ordinated  Northern 'media' campaign we could all rot in hell as far as 'Doris' is concerned.

Fortunately, no lives were lost in making this post.


'Industrial In Nature'

"There's always more to do. And in fact, in the coming months, we're going to be introducing a piece of legislation, the online safety bill, to go even further in imposing statutory legal duties on social media firms to make sure they act in this area."


""Twenty or 30 years ago, industrial estates were just that. They were industrial in nature, but now we see them as a business location.

"Just in the past two years, we've seen lettings to pottery workshops, a bakery, gin distillery, gyms, craft breweries, climbing walls, funeral services, vets nutrition, a recording studio.""


"There is money in the kitty too to pay for the statue, thanks to two sponsors for it, though the theatre also needs money to fund a new roof."


“We are going to call our cat Gus, after one of the musical cats in the musical ‘Cats’ by TS Elliott. Gus is a theatre cat, though his real name is Asparagus."

Keep Busy.

"Feeling the Pinch"?

"Richard Flinton says those elected will have some big decisions to make."


"They will shape what public services will look like ahead of the launch of the new North Yorkshire Council on April 1, 2023, making decisions affecting the 600,001-strong population in the county."


"Think about how you thread a lace onto your shoe and the aglet does act like a kind of needle!"