Basic Instincts

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“It was a home where people lived, and they thought they heard some odd rumbling, snoring-like noises but ignored it because it simply didn’t make sense … and the neighbors said they were imagining it because they didn’t hear anything,” the Bear League said. .."


"The creation of one council for North Yorkshire wont mean one big office.

North Yorkshire's new council will continue to have local offices when it takes over from the County and Borough councils next April. The authority is to have one main office in each of the parliamentary constituencies and County Council Chief Exec - Richard Flinton - says they will be supplemented by more local access points."

"It added: “The bear family awoke and prepared to exit, and the people in the house could no longer deny there was probably a bear under the house.”

The unnamed residents called the Bear League, who helped usher the bear family into the woods, as well as making sure the human family in the house was also unharmed."

"Technology is also going to play a key part in providing access to council services when the new unitary authority for North Yorkshire comes in to being this time next year."



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'Alas, poor Yorick'

"Given the wealth of vegetables and fruit grown within a 30 to 60-minute coach drive of Linton- on-Ouse, it would make sense that they be housed with their children at RAF Linton. The houses at the former RAF base were dedicated to RAF service personnel and their families."

"I have made such a proposal to the Home Secretary and to the farm Ministers in the Lords and the Commons."

"It comes in two instalments - the first in July and the second sometime in autumn."

"“I can’t see why we would now want to return to district council boundaries when they won’t exist in ten months’ time.”"

"That’s why, within the levy, a new ‘super-deduction’ style relief is being introduced to encourage firms to invest in oil and gas extraction in the UK."

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'The Modern Prometheus'

"SWITZERLAND is rarely thought of as a wild artistic center. Most of us recall the harsh verdict of Harry Lime, the character played by Orson Welles in “The Third Man,” who declared that the country’s most creative achievement was the cuckoo clock."

"When she arrived at Lake Geneva in May 1816, she was looking for a vacation, not literary inspiration. Unfortunately the weather was so ghastly in Switzerland that she was trapped inside nearly the entire time."

"This calm, natural landscape also juxtaposes the chaotic nature of the writing of the novel, the turbulent rains and storms taking place while Shelley wrote Frankenstein in the same setting. While the landscape of Geneva remains calm and peaceful, the inner turmoil – and outer violence committed by the creature in the midst of such tranquility of Geneva – contrast to highlight the unnaturalness of the creature and Victor’s despair. This ultimately suggests the peace (especially of mind) that Victor potentially could have retained in Geneva had he never left and created such an unnatural atrocity in the creature."

"As I drew near, I could easily imagine the bohemians of 1816 gathering by candlelight in the upstairs dining room to debate and carouse."

"The summer of 1816 was historic not only in a literary sense. A huge volcanic eruption of Mount Tambora in Indonesia in 1815 (far more powerful than Krakatoa would be 68 years later) sent a pall of volcanic ash across the Northern Hemisphere, bringing so much cold weather and torrential rain to Europe that 1816 was nicknamed “the Year Without a Summer.” In Switzerland, it was mid-June when the freakishly bad weather began — “an almost perpetual rain.”"

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Dropping an Octave

"The protection of 12,000 sq km of seabed, 100km off eastern England, where early man hunted woolly mammoths, amounts to an act of rewilding thousands of times bigger than the “best in show” garden at this year’s Chelsea flower show. Covering an area almost the size of Northern Ireland, it marks a turning point in the health of our nearby seas."

It's rather interesting when some radio presenters 'drop an octave' when introducing the next show... ;-0

"A key factor, in my judgment, is whether Ms Cadwalladr had reasonable grounds to believe that her intended meaning was true ... and relied on public interest."

"All we need to do is to load the dice against the smokestack industries of the sea – trawling, dredging and other industrial methods of fishing – that have already devastated our waters and which, scientists now tell us, cause as many carbon emmissions as the global aviation industry."


"Restaurant's and Fishermen in Bridlington are being asked to throw their weight behind a new lobster marketing campaign."


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The 'Slate Industry'

"Even before a planning application has been submitted, the two sides are squaring up for battle."

“To ensure the quarry, its underground caverns and voids remain safe and protected, there is a need to creatively and responsibly repurpose the site,” it said. “Burlington Stone’s vision is to unlock a sustainable future for Elterwater Quarry, which celebrates our rich quarrying legacy and the history of human endeavour while bringing the natural geological resource to life.”

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Signs of Life

"It’s the kind of programme that, long before it gets to the presence or otherwise of little green men/chemical traces of cyanobacteria in three-billion-year-old stromatolites, has you periodically open-mouthed at the staggering feats of humanity on display."

“My hon. Friend and I were walking together on the seafront in Redcar—eating a lemon top, actually—when somebody raised that very point with us."

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Vanishing Vegetables

"“When the propellant is ejected out the back, you have what’s essentially water and carbon dioxide – that briefly forms a cloud in space that’s illuminated by the sun,” Easther said. “The geometry of the satellite’s orbit and also the way that we’re sitting relative to the sun – that combination of things was just right to produce these completely wacky looking clouds that were visible from the South Island.”"

"I thought wouldn't it be amazing if I could get to the bunker without having to walk down the path outside?"


"When you, your cyborg grandfather, a Egyptian tarot card reader, a man who likes cherries, a French man, and a dog have to go to Egypt to fight your vampire great, great, great step-uncle, who stole your great, great, grandfather’s body."

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'Sewing Shields'

When in Rome ...

"Food security will be at the heart of Boris Johnsons’s post-Brexit strategy and will include growing tomatoes in greenhouses as large as the Millennium Dome, now known as The O2."

"The Ramblers - a charity dedicated to removing barriers so everyone can enjoy walking in green spaces, and to preserving and improving hundreds of thousands of miles of well-loved paths, tracks and trails across England, Scotland, and Wales."

The next walk will be on Monday 4th July.



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Still Functioning

"Recognizing that the Voyagers would eventually fly all the way to interstellar space, NASA authorized the production of two Golden Records to be placed on board the spacecraft. Sounds ranging from whale calls to the music of Chuck Berry were placed on board, as well as spoken greetings in 55 languages."

""There is a sphere of radio transmission about thirty light years thick expanding outward at the speed of light, announcing to every star it envelops that the earth is full of people.

"Our television programs flood space with signals detectable at enormous distances by instruments not much greater than our own. It is a sobering thought that the first news of us may be the outcome of the Super Bowl.""


Seven of Nine.

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'"Messy" Space'

"Geostationary orbit is a prime spot for broadcasting and telecommunications satellites so competition to secure a slot is set to become "very, very fierce."

"In recent years, the US established a Space Force as a separate branch of its military, the French Air Force became the French Air and Space Force and NATO declared space an "operational domain."


Revive & Restore.

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The Costa Toast

"The landscape tree scheme is open to anyone who has the space available to plant a minimum of ten trees around their land. The PArk Authority say that ideally the trees would be a mixture of species, helping to future-proof their survival by reducing the risk that they succumb to any particular disease. Following three years of maintenance by the National Park Authority (which is included at no cost), the trees should continue to be tended to by the landowner."

"When we look 200 or even 500 years into the future of the North York Moors, we need to see the next generation of those gnarly, creviced old trees that support vast numbers of invertebrates and fascinate everyone who sees them. Such trees are essential to healthy ecosystems and of course act as long-term carbon stores that help mitigate climate change."

"A North Yorkshire local access forum meeting earlier this month heard a Natural England officer leading the proposal explain how national trails were about linking communities and boosting business and tourism opportunities rather than just being “a line on a map” for long distance walkers."

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'Big People Business'

"When Mum insisted that we integrate, it was like Superman’s parents saying just before he left Krypton, “Son, when you arrive on Earth don’t use any of your superpowers. Not the flying or the super-strength and don’t even think about using the X-ray vision.”

“If it’s good enough for Charlie, then it’s good enough for me!”

"Of course, no one playing with a full set of matches cares what happens to a few TV presenters."


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The Civic 'Culture'

"The Living Lands Charter recognises that the vulnerabilities of our ecosystems to land degradation, biodiversity loss and climate change are closely interrelated and need to be considered collectively."

"Countries looked forward to working together with the global community to ensure true progress is made on climate action on the road to the UN Climate Change Conference COP27 in Sharm el-Sheikh."

"Let's look at this in a more cheery way, if that's possible."


"We’re told they want to bring sniffer dogs into Westminster, that they’re considering confiscating passports as punishment for possession (presumably, this is the equivalent of a fortnight’s grounding for people with houses in the Dordogne)."

"He’s also not the only minister with ‘sinus’ issues. Michael Gove is on his fourth septum."