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Sons of Uranus

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Following directly on the back of the three Scarborough Harbour Task Group meetings on the future of Scarborough Harbour on 14/02/18,  SBC held a public update on the state of the South Bay Water.   Rather more an update of the state of the South Bay Beach having, lost its Blue Flag status in 2016.   The state of Scarborough beaches has been well documented over the years by local media ... and have been flagged up by the community based Sons of Nepture.


Bay Watch

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The ships log : 10.00am stardate 12/02/2018.   The triology of the 'fishing' was held at the RNLI  aimed at the South Bay Traders & Association along with others of associated interest and it was an interesting turnout with the usual suspects along with an extra bod from SBC.

The Chair opened the meeting outlining the Council's need for cutbacks with savings of £2mil pa expected to be made over the next five years.  He then asked how can we do more over the next 10 to 30 years? (ergo 'make more')


The Crustacean Age

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The first of the three public Harbour scrutiny meetings was to focus on the fish.  Is fishing fooked?

The Chair seated together with five SBC Members announced that no public questions had been received and leaped more eloquently to present the Agenda as:

1. What are the overall projections for the UK fishing industry, particularly the catching sector, between now and 2030. i.e. growth, contraction, stay the same etc.?


'Bingo' - The Musical

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One eye on the 'prize'?   Bums on Seats ... Eyes Down & Luck In ... as the wheels of the Tour de Yorkshire keep spinnning, give or take a few sore bums, one of Scarborough seafront's most 'cultural' activities has come to an end.

Prize Bingo.  

One is not amused.  Where once there were ten prize bingo arenas long Scarborough's Seafront, recently reduced by the local amusement & arcade fraternity to six, now there are none.  



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The inaugral meeting of the Ports Development Group was in January 2016...  Scarborough & Whitby are about to have a new fish landings facility.

At a meeting to be held on 30th November a decision will be made to appoint a new landings contract: "Following a tender exercise, entry into contract with the successful tenderer Whitby Fish Sales Ltd for a period of 5 years with an option to extend for a further 24 months."


RNLI: Arrival

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Almost two years since the olde Lifeboat House was closed (08/12/14)  the day of reckoning is finally dawning:

"It is all hands on deck down at Scarborough lifeboathouse as the crew and other personnel prepare for the arrival of the new Shannon lifeboat on Sunday.

The purpose-built, state-of-the-art building has to look its best when it opens to the public for a couple of hours, from 10am to noon.

Thousands of RNLI supporters are expected to turn out for the occasion.


Town Team - 'Lost'

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The Town Team consultation on Eastborough held at  Market Hall hosted by the Academy of Urbanism .... when? Over the week-end 16/17th Jan 2016, held their review of  'results' last night 19th.  

Staggeringly - they 'won'!! - Unanimously with 100% consenus on their MasterPlan for the regeneration of Eastborough together with their redevelopment plans for the Market Hall.  Amazing, incredible ... 100% consensus?

Brilliant, if that isn't news then I don't know what is.... light a fire... get those fireworks !!   Erm, Who won what?  Rags to Runes.


Flagpole for the Futurist?

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Wots 'appening at the 'Futurist'?   Nobody seems to know.... not for lack of trying. Negotiations are still ongoing with Flamingoland, behind closed doors. 

Was this built back when the Futurists fate was first feted?

Hmmm ... was that a hint?



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