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Scarborough Council is set to form a task group to provide a strategic plan for Scarborough Harbour.  No doubt under the auspicious eye of the the Portfolio holder Mike Cockerill and the Overview & Scrutiny  Board Chair Steve Siddons.  Both of whom freely admit that depsite headlining the recently dissolved  Ports  Development group that they failed.  No doubt they will seem fit to oversee & head up the proposed Harbours Task Group.   With recent questions asked of the future of Scarborough Harbour it seems fitting to look at some of the past associations, fossil style.


Fracking 2015 >>>

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Fylde &  Frack Off - 'Extreme Energy Action Group' latest  : -

Little Plumpton & people & politicals :-


Is the EU facing an Energy Crisis? Not according to some at the 'local' Sustainability Working Group - to be explored. 


Endeavour Wharf

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Dalby Offshore have succinctly summised the Endeavour Wharf project to where it is at:

"Dalby Offshore Services is working with Scarborough Borough Council to promote the Borough - and the ports of Whitby and Scarborough in particular - as a great location to establish offshore wind operations and maintenance activity.

Following an open tender process, Dalby Offshore Services Limited were identified as the Councils preferred tenderer for the development of Endeavour Wharf, Whitby.


Third Energy - Close Encounters

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Resistance is futile, a quick dash back to Third Energy's last listed  public consultation event, to tie up some loose ends. 

Woe, not a fluttering ... mais pour dormir pendant mille ans ... mon amour immortel -  A case of mistaken identity, just a haunt.  Spooky.  Drifting ... then Sleepy with much agusto (Spanish eyes) came to my assistance ... another Prince Charming? Triginta ans!-/ So back to XXI,

I had prepared some Q's;

1. The planning app with NYCC?


Off Shore Wind

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"Following an open market tender process held during the summer for a lease of a proportion of the Endeavour Wharf, Dalby Offshore Services Ltd was selected by a joint evaluation panel made up of members of the Whitby Harbour Board and Scarborough Borough Council." says the Whitby Gazette


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