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Bay Watch

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The ships log : 10.00am stardate 12/02/2018.   The triology of the 'fishing' was held at the RNLI  aimed at the South Bay Traders & Association along with others of associated interest and it was an interesting turnout with the usual suspects along with an extra bod from SBC.

The Chair opened the meeting outlining the Council's need for cutbacks with savings of £2mil pa expected to be made over the next five years.  He then asked how can we do more over the next 10 to 30 years? (ergo 'make more')


The Crustacean Age

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The first of the three public Harbour scrutiny meetings was to focus on the fish.  Is fishing fooked?

The Chair seated together with five SBC Members announced that no public questions had been received and leaped more eloquently to present the Agenda as:

1. What are the overall projections for the UK fishing industry, particularly the catching sector, between now and 2030. i.e. growth, contraction, stay the same etc.?


Coastal Area Parish Forum

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The Coastal Area Parish Forum held 04/04/2017 at Loftus Town Hall hosted by the NYMNPA had four Key ingredients. 

i   Boulby Potash Mine - Update

ii  Runswick Bay Coastal Protection Scheme

Iii NYC Landscape Partnership Scheme

iv Verbal updates on - Fracking, Cindertrack & BT Telephone Kiosks Removal



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The inaugral meeting of the Ports Development Group was in January 2016...  Scarborough & Whitby are about to have a new fish landings facility.

At a meeting to be held on 30th November a decision will be made to appoint a new landings contract: "Following a tender exercise, entry into contract with the successful tenderer Whitby Fish Sales Ltd for a period of 5 years with an option to extend for a further 24 months."


Harbours, TIC's & ET's

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There may seem some irony in that the Welcome to Yorkshire team are selling off local Tourist Information Centres, strategically placed at Whitby and Scarborough, harbourside.  Though there is little 'strategic' evidence to find of thought process,  thou  to suggest that an opportunistic, erm, knock off exists at these here shores.   Aye tis is a shore thing that SBC are sure to sell off wot it can to keep its financial vaults, flowing outward and inward. Tidal.


Trident v Underwater Drones

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Under the radar ...  underwater drone strapped with explosives found near gas pipelines:

"An unmanned military underwater vehicle rigged with explosives was spotted on the seabed in the vicinity of the Nord Stream gas pipeline in the Baltics on Friday, Swedish media report. The device is expected to be disarmed on November 9.


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