The EU Debate - A Mysogonists Approach?

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I was so looking forward to last night's BBC2 Chinese New Year Special ... sadly I had to turn it off, as it was completely ruined by the presenters, two high pitched bearded spoiled brat heavies stomping around China like total bullshitters .... : 


Followed with RT's Sputnik, George Galloway and Nigel Forage,  Tetleys hoggout on the EU:


The Calais Crisis

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Tis the Scarborough Jazz Festival weekend here is sunny Scarbados, but behind the Jazz are some incredible stories. 

Ian Shaw has recently been on the front line at the Calais Crisis volunteering to provide food and shelter, along with many others from the UK.   These camps were bulldozed last week without notice  with the Syrians and Somalians losing all their sparse posessions including papers, passports, phones etc.  

Anyhow here is his website  for anyone wishing to help the Calais crisis. : http://www.ianshaw.biz/calais/


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