Harbours, TIC's & ET's

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There may seem some irony in that the Welcome to Yorkshire team are selling off local Tourist Information Centres, strategically placed at Whitby and Scarborough, harbourside.  Though there is little 'strategic' evidence to find of thought process,  thou  to suggest that an opportunistic, erm, knock off exists at these here shores.   Aye tis is a shore thing that SBC are sure to sell off wot it can to keep its financial vaults, flowing outward and inward. Tidal.


The EU Debate - A Mysogonists Approach?

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I was so looking forward to last night's BBC2 Chinese New Year Special ... sadly I had to turn it off, as it was completely ruined by the presenters, two high pitched bearded spoiled brat heavies stomping around China like total bullshitters .... : 


Followed with RT's Sputnik, George Galloway and Nigel Forage,  Tetleys hoggout on the EU:


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