'The Quill, Pen and Paper'

"The comments come at a time when Leader of the House in the Commons Jacob Rees-Mogg he does not want to see the so-called “hybrid” arrangements - where some attend in person and some virtually - extended beyond the Whitsun recess, which ends on June 2, thereby requiring MPs to attend in person to take part in proceedings."


"in papers submitted to the North York Moors National Park Authority over the application, numerous villagers have objected to the plan as they fear building on a field will increase the number and intensity of flooding events on the area around the proposed development"

What, Next?


Oddly, enuff:


Ah, So ...


“And we had two rehearsals, one in the morning and then a little mini rehearsal before we were due to go live. And they could not - anybody who did not have a parliamentary computer at home, which I don't or a parliamentary laptop - we couldn't participate. But they were amazing, they connected us by telephone, mobile or landline.”

Not as daft as she looks ...

“In the space of virtually three and a half weeks to go from a real Parliament to a virtual Parliament, it has been amazing. It’s been quite the learning curve,” Baroness Anne McIntosh of Pickering explained."

The Other Place....




The Yawning Irony

“Do we need anything else?”

Oh Dear ...


"for old time’s sake, scrolling with narrowed eyes and muttering “No, no, hideous, overpriced, no, ooh, call that a garden, no.”"


“You’re here,” she says. “You’re one of them.”



"A bizarre whirring noise fades in, like a UFO landing in the courtroom. It gets louder, more intense and high-pitched, building to an ear-splitting screech of feedback.

Once the painful tone dies down, the clerk repeats the question while 19 people listen on their computers."

""I think the clerk is juggling more keyboards here than a 1970s prog rock musician," he quipped."


The Shadow Cabinet

"Nowadays ... who can observe how this 'ghost station' has gradually been reclaimed by nature for the past 50 years..."

""What was possible in 2019 may need to be revised and reimagined as we try to rejuvenate all the different areas of our borough.

Every member needs to have the chance to question the administration, this has been missing since February with the leader similarly being absent during this crisis.

Democracy has been sidelined and we seek to address this by forming an official opposition from within the largest group on the council.”"

"While women are less prone to developing a gambling disorder, those who do are three times more likely than men to refer to practical barristers such as cost, time or location as a reason for not accessing treatment or support."

"These were relics of the Victorian age of competitive railway building, when rival companies ran their own separate lines and competed directly for passenger and freight revenue."


"It said the bodies are currently looking at changing the number of platforms the station would have, the number of services it would run and whether it should be designed and built in one or two stages."




"This new data suggests that addiction levels are far higher than has been previously thought."


Top of the Crops

"Now called The Woodsmith Project, the massive mine project south of Whitby is "on track" and there are plans to recruit over the next few months."


""Logistical and operational restrictions were implemented in ICL Boulby in the UK, starting in the last week of March, lowering production to about 70% of capacity.

The head of ICL Boulby Andrew Fulton has praised the "remarkable commitment and pride" shown by the workforce throughout the crisis.

“As a major producer of fertiliser products for the agriculture sector, we are recognised as an essential business and the nature of our operations means that it is vital that we take measures to protect the integrity of the mine, such as the need to pump around a million gallons of brine each day."

""A health and safety trial for Cleveland Potash Ltd, the company that operates Boulby Mine, has been put back until December.  The company has denied allegations relating to the safety of its employees.

The three health and safety charges are alleged to have happened on or before April 17, 2015... appearing on behalf of the firm, pleaded not guilty to the three charges.

They all relate to the health and safety of employees and "non-employees" working with "mining machines and shuttle cars underground"."


"At 12 feet tall, it towered above my humble six foot height. The Maori showed a nice sense of irony in calling the bird a ‘moa’, because this was originally the Polynesian word for a chicken. Some chicken!"



Hmmm ...



Artemis Accords

"...The accords are a set of broad themes that the agency hopes will form the basis of agreements to be negotiated with each country involved in the effort to land the next humans on the moon by 2024.

Based in part on the UN’s outer space treaty of 1967, the Artemis accords reassert that all activities should be undertaken only for peaceful purposes, and add that all plans should be communicated transparently with no secrecy. They commit the partners to using open international standards to allow machinery and equipment to function easily together, to provide emergency assistance to other astronauts and to mitigate the creation of space debris..."


""This time we're doing it differently than we've ever done it before. We are partnering with commercial industry with the intent that they would go get customers that are not Nasa, and drive down our costs and increase the access to space.""



Track n Trace ...


A Gritty Shaker

"It is a privilege to feel bored. Those of us lucky enough to be able to work from home owe it to the workers who are risking their lives every day to suck it up and stay put. Nevertheless, I don’t think there is anything to be gained in shaming those going out. We can’t expect people to stay home for ever, particularly those of us who live in small inner-city apartments with no gardens."


"Quarantino fatigue has set in"

... that spells trouble?

“They do operate on a moral and legal grey area,” he told the Guardian at the time, “and they have been doing this for years on a massive scale. They should be called out in every possible way.”


Audit complete.

Tongue in cheek ;-

"... Many of the youths throwing outdoor parties came from Hull and Teesside, and the National Park Authority will now undertake more outreach work in these areas to educate potential visitors about respect for the countryside...

"We have to look at the positives - it shows how much people like to be outside and that they were missing nature. There's a way forward which captures this side of things..."



"These competing priorities came to a head over the controversial approval of fertiliser producer Sirius Minerals' plans to mine for potash beneath the moors for export via the docks on Teesside.

Despite environmental concerns, it was felt that the well-paid jobs promised by the mine owners would outweigh potential damage to the character of the area.

"It's an interesting site, and I believe the largest private sector investment project in the north of England. We approved it because of the jobs it will create, and it was very much an exception to our usual policies on industry. There were a lot of conditions attached - they weren't allowed to build a new road to the mine, for example. There was a lot of compensation and mitigation involved so that the visual impact was not as bad.

"As far as I know, there are no other ongoing expressions of interest in the Park now that fracking is no longer going ahead. We are the only place in the UK where potash can be extracted - it's this little slither on the moors, the rest is under the sea.""




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A Bunker Mentality

"It was really nice. We were meant to be away with all my family for a long weekend glamping, but obviously it's all not going ahead so my friends did it to cheer me up,.."


"The security and resilience of our networks is of paramount importance."



"In exceptional circumstances, where a viable company has exhausted all options and its failure would disproportionately harm the economy, we may consider support on a 'last resort' basis."

Work beckons.


"The series tells the story of life in a post-disaster “New London”, where monogamy, privacy, money, family and history have all been banished for the overall good of the populace."

Thou must not scratch... ;-0




"“It’s a soulless, horrible place with no character,” one worker there told the Financial Times, notwithstanding her appreciation for the bike storage and onsite gym offered by her company."