'Pond Life'


'A Bizarre Crusade'

"Rivers and reservoirs are evaporating in front of our eyes. Water may soon be rationed and crop irrigation restricted."


"Our lame duck government is offering neither."




'Book our own Breaks'

"Two-thirds of the world's oceans are currently considered international waters, which mean all countries have a right to fish, ship and do research there."





"Peasholm has a lot going for it..."

Sliced Bread

"We watch paint dry for you to find out if pricey paint that promises to be better for you, your walls and your environment is worth it."



"Freedom of speech is one of the most slippery concepts in political philosophy. John Stuart Mill pronounced it absolute but qualified it, as he did all liberties, where it causes “harm” to others. On that tenuous footing has grown an edifice of laws on slander, libel, incitement and, more recently, the causing of offence."


“The longer the government leaves it, the greater the confusion will be. The carnage could be extreme,” the chief executive of one supplier said."



"Featuring wasted witches, boozy best friends, hammered hell-hounds, unhinged wives, and enough crapulous kings to give Game of Thrones a run for its money, this is Shakespearean theatre as you’ve never experienced it before. The Sh!t-faced Shakespeare tour kicks off in September and runs for two months across a huge number of UK towns and cities.  For more information or tickets for the Teesside date, please visit here."

"What could possibly go wrong?"


Big Ears.

Fridges are Expensive

"With the Commons due to go into recess for a month in mid-September for the parties’ annual conventions, ministers were encouraged to remain in Westminster to devise and debate emergency plans for supporting struggling people through the winter."



"Early morning is when conditions are usually at their calmest, which makes Monday a great day to fly."




"The UK did get an additional bank holiday this year to mark the Queen's Platinum Jubilee."



"Farmers and landowners are being offered funding to create and restore wildlife ponds in Yorkshire for the conservation of great crested newts.

Yorkshire Wildlife Trust and Natural England said the project aimed to mitigate the impacts of development and strengthen existing populations.The ponds would be fully funded, with work undertaken by the trust.

It is expected that newts and other wildlife would colonise the ponds naturally, a spokesperson said. "All you need to do is periodic maintenance and allow occasional site visits," they added."



"In an interview for BBC Radio 4 Today Houchen claimed the concerns over pyridine were a conspiracy theory:

“It’s not just pyridine, they think it’s Agent Orange apparently from secret factories in the Second World War. We’ve also been told that it’s Russian submarines trying to cause problems for the UK government. I’m sure you’re not suggesting and they are suggesting that we do testing for these types of completely conspiratorial ideas because if you do that we’ll never get this development underway and finished... "





"“He who wields the knife never wears the crown.”"



I guess that 'Third Shaft' might come in handy,  after all.

Justin Beiber.


Timberlake, Timberlake! (They all sound the same to me ;-0)

So Boris with Tits got in then...

The 'Smell' Test

"Teesworks is a 4,500-acre former steelworks site being converted for green industry.  An investigation was launched in June after allegations of cronyism and corruption surrounding finances at the Redcar site.

It was first reported that the findings would be published in the summer."


"A TVCA committee meeting heard earlier this month how negative press had driven away company Atlantic Superconnector, which planned to build a North East cable factory, from Teesworks to Blyth."



"The motion called for the council to request further information, action plans and a roadmap for delivery to increase electricity grid generation and import capacity across North Yorkshire from Northern Power Grid, National Grid and the regulator Ofgem."




'Chain Reactions'

"Shadow cabinet ministers have been given until 8 February to make policy submissions for the manifesto, as Keir Starmer’s party gears up for an election that, according to opinion polls, looks likely to return it to government for the first time since 2010.

A committee of shadow ministers and officials will then assess which commitments will require legislation in a king’s speech that will be delivered within weeks of entering office.  The party intends to have both documents ready by mid-March, in case Rishi Sunak calls an early spring poll."



""It was very shocking to realise all that happened to our ancestors and to feel like we're so separated from that in 2024.""