The 'Mixed' Museum

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“We’re going to be co-creating content with them so it can empower them to participate in the generation of imagery and data to enrich academic research and further our understanding of the universe.”

The Wooden Tops


"The British government confirmed the cancellation and offered the Greek PM a meeting with Deputy Prime Minister Oliver Dowden instead."

""Trees and woods are wonderful things and bring so much," he said. "Particularly when they're near urban areas and people, and I'd like to see this [new national forest] in an area where there is a considerable population and also an area with perhaps damaged landscape.""

"Sometimes it's a term of endearment; Come here you little shit, give me a hug."



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The 'Turbulence' of Space

"Rubio was accused of having eaten the fruit when it inexplicably disappeared more than eight months ago. However, the tiny specimen, or at least its remnants, have now been found, according to members of the seven-strong crew during a live stream this week to celebrate the orbiting outpost’s 25th anniversary."

"“Hopefully somebody will find it someday, a little shriveled thing,” he told reporters, having claimed he spent up to 20 hours searching for it after it disappeared during a harvesting operation."

“I was pretty confident that I Velcroed it where I was supposed to Velcro it. And then I came back, and it was gone.”

"A blizzard forced the climbers to abandon the climb well short of the peak. As they scampered down, they left behind the devices - a six-foot-long antenna, two radio communication sets, a power pack, and the plutonium capsules - on a "platform"."

"From flat alluvial plains to the mountains, it's a challenging terrain. Weather can be an issue and we have usually only the late fall and early winter to work in."

"Azerbaijan has been announced as the host of next year’s climate summit after fraught negotiations."

I was just about to say something stoopid...

Sleep Tight.

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A 'Global' Model

"Thunder's owner Adrian told the duo that the 'approved husky' also had his own special antibacterial "cologne" that made him smell nice and clean for his visits."

"There is grey hydrogen - produced by splitting methane into carbon dioxide and hydrogen (H2). Blue hydrogen is produced the same way, but the CO2 produced is captured and stored.

Black hydrogen is produced by partially burning coal.

Green hydrogen, that elusive 1%, is created through the electrolysis of water into oxygen and hydrogen.

But green hydrogen is relatively expensive and in short supply, so any other emission-free supply of the gas would be welcome.

Known as natural hydrogen, gold hydrogen or white hydrogen, natural deposits could be an important source.

They are produced in a number of ways but the main process involves the interaction of ground water with iron-rich minerals such as olivine. This causes the water to be split into oxygen, which binds with the iron, and hydrogen."

"Charlie couldn't resist taking a sniff and confirmed that Thunder "does smell good"."

""It is what we call serendipity," says Prof Pironon, research director at France's Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS) at the University of Lorraine."


'Wool to Mimic'

"Customers have been warned not to eat the affected products, which have been recalled by food producers Princes Group.

The balls, about 2.5cm in diameter, are a choking hazard, the recall notice said.  The recalled products include baked beans, baked beans with sausages and bean salad. The Food Standards Agency (FSA) is telling anyone who has bought any of the affected products "do not eat them"."

"The satellite was working fantastically, the data was great and the customers were super-excited. To trip up now is deeply frustrating but we've proved the principle and that puts us in a really strong position for the future," he told BBC News."

'No Answer was Given'

"Price caps and public ownership of the electricity grid, adding Germany and France "have recently introduced major energy subsidy schemes for their industries"

"The new Route YC cycling routes will range from 9 to 260 miles in length and have been specially designed to help visitors of all abilities explore the Yorkshire coast and countryside on gravel, touring and road bikes."

"“This is a great opportunity for us to put the new Route YC cycle touring route from Staithes to Hull to a proper test, but also to enjoy the wonderful hospitality of the people in Yorkshire.”"

"I love Eurovision so much, it's a dream come true," he told host Claudia Winkleman. "I'm just so, so excited."

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'Spinning, the Art'

"It gets a bad rep, fakery. Authenticity is seen as something holy and aspirational. But not only is faking it an often essential step towards discovering your own “real” voice or talent, it looks prettier, too. People talk about impostor syndrome, but rarely does anyone admit that the only way to stop feeling like you’re not supposed to be there is to pretend, violently, that you absolutely are. This works at work and for parties, too, when you arrive alone, and parenting, and the beginnings of relationships when you want to show only your very best self. This year I’ve also learned the benefits of faking it when someone asks how you are."

"In recent times, think of the dotcom boom of the late 1990s. Or in earlier times, of the US railway boom of the 1850s onwards in which no fewer than five different railway lines were built between New York and Chicago. In both bubbles, an awful lot of people lost their shirts."

"So where might we look for clues as to how that might play out?"

"No I don't know what's happening as I:m not a Nosy cow."

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The OK Coral?

"Councillor Carl Les, said the scrutiny committees of York and North Yorkshire councils had been listened to and some of their recommendations had been agreed, including that meetings should be broadcast on the internet."

"Once elected, the quorum will be the Mayor and at least one member from each constituent council."

"The Lead Member for the constituent council whose area contains any part of the land subject to the proposed compulsory acquisition must vote in favour of the proposal in order for it to be passed."

So, Erm, when does Skardiborg get her own planning and licensing devo, instead of having to rely on driftwood from other Parishes?

Furthermore, Skardiborg is stuck with the delectable duo for another four years tick tock..

'Green Giants'

"“The cereal category has always been quite affordable, and it tends to be a great destination when consumers are under pressure,” Pilnick said amid a discussion about high grocery prices. “If you think about the cost of cereal for a family versus what they might otherwise do, that’s going to be much more affordable.”"

"The phenomenon, known as 'advection fog', formed as easterly winds blew over the cool waters of Long Island Sound. The wind then pushed the fog inland over to blanket New York City and southern Connecticut."

"For me, no sound will do the job. It’ll have to be physical. A sprinkler system perhaps, or some kind of electric shock. Or a bed that slowly raises to a vertical position, tipping me out feet first, so I can walk right into my more productive, waste-free life."

Asparagas... ;-

Achieve, Moi?

'Melancholy Hill'

"The authority is looking to engage with the hospitality market to understand the best way to bring forward this proposal. It is expected that a developer will partner with the council, and potentially a hotel operator, to deliver the accommodation at the site."

"Mr Dafydd said he initially set what he thought would be an ambitious target of selling 200 raffle tickets, but within a week, he sold out."


"It is expected that a developer will partner with the council, and potentially a hotel operator, to deliver the accommodation at the site."

Didn't they do that before?