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"It is as some people have criticised a slow reaction, with the UK being behind other nations in decision-making. Others say the lockdown hasn't gone far enough, as some people are bending the rules.  Robert Goodwill said:"Assuming that these people on social media are not epidemiologists, or professional doctors, or people from the London School of Tropical Medicine or from Imperial College.  We must listen to the best scientific advice. People are already getting frustrated with the restrictions placed upon them and therefore, it was important that when we brought in the partial lockdown, that it was done at the right time.   We always follow the best scientific advice and we need to continue to do that, not to react to people who maybe have their own opinions, but don't have any facts in which to base those opinions. Thank you to everybody. The vast majority of people are complying with these restrictions. The vast majority of people understand the importance of protecting the health service, protecting our workers."


"US President Donald Trump and Kuwait's energy minister Dr Khaled Ali Mohammed al-Fadhel tweeted the news, while Saudi Arabia's energy ministry and Russia's state news agency Tass both separately confirmed the deal on Sunday."

How Now.

"Meanwhile, we should also remember that history never repeats itself exactly, even if it can offer valuable lessons for posterity."




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Open Sesame

Mebbe Bob could explain the rather strange seeds blown up on the North Bay sands..


"God did not do that. Fate did not do that. Destiny did not do that. A lot of pain and suffering did that."If we do something stupid, you will see those numbers go right back up tomorrow," he warned.."


"Companies in the North Sea have argued that offshore oil and gas workers should be considered key workers in the UK for testing purposes."

Oh, OK:-



"A report on members of the public who really know what a lockdown means would have been much more useful in getting those people in relative comfort to appreciate their blessings."


Stay Lucky ;-0


Keep Digging..

"On Earth, according to conventional theory, the largest, by mass and volume, identifiable trace of past life is subsurface oil and natural gas deposits. Nearly all coal and oil on Earth and most sedimentary source rocks associated with coal, oil, and natural gas contain molecules of biological origin and is proof of pastlife."




Oh OK: -?


Buglife ...



Them !!! Have 98.5% disappeared  from the Three Dragons Sands ...

Mind, they could have eaten each other...


Watch out for luminous green fat Seagulls.

Psst ... the Three Dragons is not a pub.

Alpamare night come in useful afterall... ;-0




Baldrick !!!

I have a cunning plan...


"With fewer people in urban environments and much less traffic on the roads, scientists say there could be gains particularly for our native mammals."



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Teching Time

"“We were really the only three humans that were not subject to that at the current time. Billions of humans were dealing with this in some way or another and the three of us weren’t.”"


"We have now spent a month debating how these technologies might threaten our privacy – but that is not the greatest danger to our democracies. The real risk is that this crisis will entrench the solutionist toolkit as the default option for addressing all other existential problems – from inequality to climate change. After all, it is much easier to deploy solutionist tech to influence individual behaviour than it is to ask difficult political questions about the root causes of these crises.

But the solutionist responses to this disaster will only hasten the diminishment of our public imagination – and make it more difficult to imagine a world without the tech giants dominating our social and political infrastructure."

"... people should not book summer holidays for later this year."


"The US shale industry is expected to shrink by more than 2m barrels a day following a collapse in global oil prices which has forced oil producers to shut down their fracking rigs."


"... examining energy-use in computers, tablets, smartphones, in production of said products, in networks, servers, data-centres and internet services as a whole, also noticing a shift in electricity consumption trends.

"There is a strong trend to push electricity consumption onto the network and data center infrastructure where energy costs are less transparent to consumers. Some challenges are identified for networking and data-center sectors. Of these the global roll-out of LTE (Long Term Evolution for mobile broadband) will be a crucial determinant of future electricity demand."

Expected growth to electricity use thereby equates to the world’s entire hydropower supply, per year."



"The rocket and the spacecraft it is carrying are due to take off from Florida’s Kennedy Space Centre on 27 May, taking two astronauts to the International Space Station (ISS). Both the rocket and spacecraft were developed by private company SpaceX."


"little thought has gone into building digital technologies that would produce macro-level anonymous insights about collective behaviour of non-consumers."

How Now :-0



"The more invasive the treatment, and the longer your receive it, the more time the recovery is likely to take."

Oddly enuff ;-)


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An Outage Toolkit

"Education Secretary Gavin Williamson said businesses should encourage staff to "boost their skills".

And he urged furloughed employees to "improve their knowledge, build their confidence and support their mental health so they have skills they need to succeed after the coronavirus outbreak".

The training is focused on improving skills for online jobs, in the expectation more people will be working remotely..."


For the furloughed ...


"Virgin Media said its peak time is between 8pm and 10pm...  the outages were not related to the capacity of its cable network, which offers customers broadband speeds of up to a gigabit per second in some areas, or heavy usage due to millions of Britons stuck at home turning to internet services to pass the time."



"A slump in oil prices is normally a cause for celebration in gas-guzzling nations. The average American burns through 10 litres of oil or oil products per day in normal times.

But for oil producing countries - the "global petropolis" - such a drop in the cost of crude can spell disaster, and hardship for millions.

It's easy to see why oil is referred to as black gold. When the price was riding high, oil revenues filled the coffers of companies and governments in the countries that produce it. That kept people fed and public services flourishing.

But now, having oil can be a curse rather than a blessing."


Is going on a coal hunt ...



Oooh ...



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The Moon isn't Dead

""In 2020, the forecast calls for the greatest number of Eta Aquariid meteors to fall before dawn on (or near) May 5. However, this shower has a rather broad maximum, so just as many meteors may be flying on the mornings before and after. There is one big bugaboo for watching the Eta Aquariids in 2020, though...."


"... who is behind misinformation - and what motivates them. Here are seven types of people who start and spread falsehoods:.."






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'The Madness of Doubt'

"In the mid-19th Century, French doctors writing early studies of OCD called it la folie du doute - ..."



""It has been an absolute chaotic disaster when that mindset of 'what's in it for me' and 'to heck with everybody else', when that mindset is operationalised in our government.""



"Unfortunately, the state is riddled in bureaucracy and is very slow in its actions..."


Pukka ;-0


About that "PM's new slogan" ...

State Control Save