KM8 - 'The Truth Will Out'

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In the words of Third Energy's OD,  John Dewar 'The Truth Will Out' believed to be ascribed to Winston, "A lie will gallop halfway round the world before the truth has time to pull its breeches on'. 

Breeches, beeches, brooks n the final furlong. The Barbed:


Area 51 - Crane Attack

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Area 51 has been taken over by amusement type vehicles ... has Flaming Land taken up occupation on the West Pier as a preclude to the battle of the Futurist? As Crane &  Abel head out to see with a digger on board is fracking off shore the latest craze in Skardiborgibadaas?  

Strange clingon orange metal believed to be copper, has appeared around Area 51 hanger as the stoned masons continue to work undetected and unheeded.

Roofs n Chimney Pots

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Home is where the heart is,  flagged up by Sadiq Khan's election as London Mayor  L-)

Congratulations to London, the most multicultural Capital in the world. "Hope over fear, and unity over division..."   To dream an impossible dream, mebbe though  'Housing' was no doubt a top priority for many in casting the vote. 


Tour de Purdah?

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Tour de Yorkshire has received £500,000 Tory Government funding and £140,000 from Scarbrough Borough Council, as well as services from within SBC's own departments.  Other than the 'cuts' being made to frontline services due to budget & austerity measures, the fact that the Tour de Yorkshire is held the week-end before any usual election date, questions need to be asked.


Ineos: Rats, Rex & Sabic

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Rabid dogs bring Black Death back to Europe? ...  Erm, Oh, OK ... not quite :

Sabic invests in Shale Gas imports from the USA:

"... The company is one of the world’s largest makers of chemicals, fertilizers and plastics and has operations at Wilton, near Redcar, which include the Olefins cracker.

The cracker, also known as Olefins 6, was built by ICI in 1979, and supplies products used in plastic bottles, CDs and tyres by taking feedstocks and cracking apart components.


Bronte & The Bronze

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Pens, profiles & places, shy explorer tools of the Bronze Age, where once upon a time fantastic realities his stories and futures were made...  

The Bronte sisters too are acclaimed for capturing the spirit of an age, pens 'n' swords ...  "In a time when women were considered little more than social adornments and bearers of offspring  ... The options for the proper yet impoverished woman during the time were limited a governess or teacher, roles Charlotte Brontë considered forms of bondage..."


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