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"More than 4000 publicly owned buildings and spaces are being sold off by councils in England every year, according to a Freedom of Information request by community charity Locality. It says parks, libraries, town halls and swimming pools are among properties being sold, often to private developers to build luxury flats.  The charity warns that cash-strapped councils are making up for budget shortfalls by selling off assets which are vital community hubs for both young and old.


'Knocking Shops'

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'Fed up with always being in the slow queue? '

"Perhaps Benjamin Franklin said it best, in 1748: "Remember that time is money." 

Whether it is lining up to pay for your groceries, making a bank transaction, or waiting for a table at a trendy restaurant, time costs money. As businesses become aware of the direct and indirect costs of waiting, they are looking at innovative ways to reduce these expenses by "designing out" queues...


The Big Issue

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Scarborough Borough Council is voting to merge Yorkshire Coast Homes with Country Housing Association Ltd:

Details of which can be found on the Borough's website:



The Leader of the Opposition ?


Euro Vision 2018

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All the Kings Men ...

Rather than getting all Humpty Dumpty some views over the Bridge:

"... most of Yorkshires rivers were clean and very good fisheries again long before the EU. The exceptions being the River Don and River Aire and their tributaries, which were polluted by industrial waste.  However it is debatable how much the EU directive had on cleaning up these rivers, the fact that the polluting industries have all been closed down and moved to the EU or China has had a much bigger effect."


Sons of Uranus

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Following directly on the back of the three Scarborough Harbour Task Group meetings on the future of Scarborough Harbour on 14/02/18,  SBC held a public update on the state of the South Bay Water.   Rather more an update of the state of the South Bay Beach having, lost its Blue Flag status in 2016.   The state of Scarborough beaches has been well documented over the years by local media ... and have been flagged up by the community based Sons of Nepture. 



The Crustacean Age

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The first of the three public Harbour scrutiny meetings was to focus on the fish.  Is fishing fooked?

The Chair seated together with five SBC Members announced that no public questions had been received and leaped more eloquently to present the Agenda as:

1. What are the overall projections for the UK fishing industry, particularly the catching sector, between now and 2030. i.e. growth, contraction, stay the same etc.?



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