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Scarborough Borough Council have so far refused to entertain any plans for a Community Asset Transfer for the former Indoor Pool building on the basis that the site is part of a future development. To date, they have refused to say who or what those development plans, if any and with who, are.

The legal wrangle brewing between Scarborough Borough Council & Benchmark over the wider area of the Sands Development is expected to be long drawn out and may take years.

It would seem that patience and prudence are at play as Scarborough’s Cabinet meeting on Tuesday 20th April focus is on the Visitor Economy, Back, Better, Brighter etc

“The Council has been working with key stakeholders to develop what Scarborough Fayre could be. This exciting programme could be a focal point, which galvanises the town’s use of high quality culture, with the potential to become a feature of life here for years to come. The mention of ‘culture’ in the Scarborough Fayre context takes its broadest definition, and encompasses food, art, sport, music, heritage together with all the aspects which makes up the way of life in the town…

“The formation of Scarborough Fayre will also potentially act as a meeting point and network for cultural activity organisers, pooling expertise and resources and enabling support. It is hoped that Scarborough Fayre will become synonymous with quality and accessibility,an umbrella encompassing broader promotion, increased and more diverse audiences and access to expertise to help grow, improve and sustain cultural projects. It is also envisaged that local businesses and events organisers will potentially benefit by being able to use this high profile brand to promote their products and events..

“It is envisaged that Scarborough Fayre will manage a cultural ‘centre’ or hub, a place for events.”

“No consultation with the public will take place at this point, but cultural sector partners are heavily involved in the project.”

Meanwhile, The Capital Strategy has been updated;

“£450k for improvements to the North Bay including demolition of the former Indoor Pool and hoardings around Atlantis”

Of interest, to those who wish to lobby;

“A new public/private sector group has been established to work alongside the Council team to steer the project and assist in shaping the vision for Scarborough Fayre.

The following public/private sector representatives have agreed to give their valuable support and time to this project Nick Thomas MBE –Chairman of Qdos Entertainment LTD& HQ Venues, Paul Robinson –Creative Director at the Stephen Joseph Theatre, Richard Boyes–CEO Boyes retail stores, Graeme Young –CEO at Scarborough Rugby Club and Scarborough Seafront, Business person David Warner –Trustee of Coast and Vale Community Action Group, Board Trustees Stephen Joseph Theatre and Chairman of LocalTrust, Gareth Edmunds –External Affairs Director, Anglo American Scarborough, Andrew Hoff –Sales Director at McCains, Dawn Threadgold –Creative Director, Animated ObjectsHeather French –Director of Books by the Beach, Mel Bonney –CEO of Coast and Vale Community Action”

“A key task as part of the study is to look into options for the ‘hub’ location. No suggestions have been made within the brief, so as not to influence the objectivity of the Consultant, but this could include Scarborough Spa, the newly discussed Festival Square or a new building”



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'Grot Spots'

In Your Own Time ...

"“Proposed works include [the] demolition of the former indoor pool in Ryndle Crescent, which has been closed since it was replaced by the new pool at the Scarborough Leisure Village, soft landscaping the area of the demolished pool, improvements to hoardings around the former Atlantis site.""

Knew I'd forgotten somin. ;-0

Dig Slowly...

Best not mention Marvels.. eh?  wouldn't that make a lurrverly 'Camp Site' .... Billy Butlins museum style.   

Thou must not Perch...

I have some filing to do..

""This has been a great site for local grassroots sport and social events for many years, and it would be tremendous to see it retain its identity as a community asset under new ownership.""

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Into The Valley

"The demolition of the old indoor swimming pool in Scarborough will clear the way for potential new developments in the wider North Bay area."

"Alongside the pool demolition, new hoardings featuring local artwork will also be placed around the former Atlantis waterpark site opposite the indoor pool, which had been earmarked to be a multiplex cinema before the scheme collapsed earlier this year when Scarborough Council decided not to renew its deal with the developer."

"For its second sortie, the drone will raise itself to 5m above the ground, move sideways by 2m, swivel and take some pictures, before reversing back to the take-off spot to land."


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Biting the Bull

"Taurus begins its cycle in the middle of spring, so if you're born between April 21 and May 21, then you're a Taurean"

"The mining process to generate new bitcoin involves solving complex mathematical equations, which requires large amounts of computing power.

New sets of transactions are added to bitcoin's blockchain (the ledger that records the cryptocurrency's transactions) every 10 minutes by miners from around the world.

In a tweet on Wednesday, Mr Dorsey said that "bitcoin incentivises renewable energy", to which Mr Musk replied "True"."

"These were really nice cherry trees, just about to blossom"

“They don’t even wait until you’re finished these days to see if there’s anything left, they just grab the shit out of your hands as if they’ve fucking paid for it."

“Maybe … one day there will be a robot that spontaneously generates speech.”

"Cllr Siddons told the Local Democracy Reporting Service the whole of the North Bay would be included in the discussions.

He said: “Following the return of the North Bay site to council management last month, we will be undertaking a consultative visioning exercise to determine how the site should evolve in the future.

“The first stage of this is to demolish the former indoor pool and tidy up the former Atlantis site ahead of the main summer season.

“When a masterplan for the area, including the former Kinderland and Marvels sites is completed, we will go back to the market later this year to progress that plan.”"


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She Sells Sea Shells

"Councillors say external investment will be required to deliver Scarborough's new development strategy.

The fifteen year strategic plan for Scarborough which has been backed by the borough council's cabinet this week should be used as a catalyst to bring investors in to the town.

That's the view of Councillor Liz Colling who says the plan is inspiring but the that the council cant deliver it on its own."



Never, Mind.

A Four Day Week.