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Places can be over dependent on one industry.

"It’s fair to say that Yorkshire has seen its share of industries that have been shut down with nothing to replace them leaving big economic holes in local communities.

This is equally true at a global level. In our increasingly leisure inclined world there can be a perception that places are tourist destinations and not much else..."



""We continue to work closely with the electoral community and public health bodies to resolve challenges and ensure everyone will be able to cast their vote safely and securely - and in a way of their choosing.

"Measures are planned to support absent voting at short notice.

"Guidance will be published in good time ahead of the polls and this matter will be kept under review.""




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Shuffling Away

"Plans for a new athletics track and sporting facilities on Scarborough’s South Cliff are back on the agenda..."

"... in time they will be cutting out the middleman (politician ) completely which in my opinion bring it on .. politicians are in the same pot as estate agents and dodgy car salesman"


"In anticipation of the formal creation of the Hull and East Yorkshire Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) on 1 April 2021, the leaders of Hull City Council and East Riding of Yorkshire Council, together with the chair of the Hull and East Riding Business Engagement Board, have appointed James Newman OBE as its founding chair."


"Mr Fielding said the council is facing an £83m funding shortfall over the next three years but added it would be able to “buy time” by using cash reserves and government grants to balance the books for 2021/22."

"“The retention of the sporting use of the site will also ensure that visitors will continue to be able to appreciate the historic use of the listed former tennis pavilion and the enhanced facilities will mean that greater numbers of visitors will potentially be able to appreciate the heritage asset.”"


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The Long & The Short


"“What we are seeing looks very much like political decisions to charge people and to take them to court for very minor offences, and that is extraordinary. I can not think of a precedent [in the UK] where that has happened before on anything like this scale.”"


Hello Spaceboy ;-0




I'll do it later...

"“the importance of distinctive, disobedient imaginative action”, if we only care to try.""


Cat A Clystic

"...high transport costs and port congestion may mean larger toys such as swings, trampolines and climbing frames will be more expensive."

"The gift from chemicals giant Ineos will be used to fund antimicrobial research at the institution, which played a key role in the origin of antibiotics after its academics developed the use of penicillin in the 1940s.

Researchers will seek to develop new drugs for animals and humans, as well as promote more responsible use of the antibiotics we have, following a rise in antibiotic-resistant "superbugs"."


""We can't get space out of China, there's a container shortage.

"Hauliers are really stretched, rates keep climbing.""


"So-called "teething problems" with new export rules are causing "enormous strain on staff", according to one haulage company."

"The university is planning to have more than 50 postdoctoral research scientists working at the Ineos Oxford Institute for Antimicrobial Resistance over the next five years, alongside a number of PhD students."

Yee Ha ... '-)


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Virtual Visitors




"Links to the four Google Earth trails – which are ordinarily available as foldable paper maps during non-Covid times – can be found on the town’s tourism website Visit Otley (visitotley.co.uk) under a new section labelled 'Make A Digital Day Of It'."



Oh, OK;



Motion Defeated.

Well done Cllr & Madam Mayor

"Dodgy shoring isn't calculated it's just foolish. If a tunnel needs shoring then make and make it well. If doesn't then don't. It will create unnecessary uncertainty in the mind of the tunneller. Uncertainty will become fear. Once you're afraid you'll give up and come out prematurely. You may have to spend a week or two in the tunnel. Do you want to spend that time worried a piece of shoring could collapse at any minute or would you rather sit back feeling confident that the tunnel was made to the best of your abilities? At the end of the day you'll want to crawl out of the tunnel alive not be carried out in a bodybag."

Dr Strangelove, eh ;-)


Thou must not trade in Misery.

“You have to come to work with an extra burst of energy to ensure team morale is high.”





Pils, Powder & Smoke?

Only use the tip if necessary...


"previous proposals to embark on this privatisation had been put on hold and the Royal College of Emergency Medicine clearly stated that Emergency Departments should decide who is treated in Emergency Departments, not third party or private organisations."

"Prime Minister's Questions is more of a warm up act than the main attraction."


""As the lockdown measures are loosened, the Prime Minister warned that infection and hospitalisation rates will rise, and yet the Trust are distracting from the focus needed to get us all through this pandemic by outsourcing some services, including initial assessment and minor injury care to Vocare. This is irresponsible."


"Boris Johnson says the UK is "spending more than virtually any other country in the world on aid".

He argues that people in the country think he has got his priorities right."

"the government has given £280bn to support people across the whole of the UK during the Covid crisis. And the UK has contributed £540m to the international Covid vaccination effort."


""We need to keep those companies ticking over, with the grant schemes and the furlough scheme, so that when things do pick up, which they will.

The Prime Minister's outlined a timetable for how that may well happen.

They will be there to hire people and it's our duty to go out and use these pubs when we can."

"He will leave no option off the table. There will be unfettered access, he says."

"Thee will shortly hear “a budget for recovery”, the Speaker responded that “I think I already know most of it”."


OOh hes off :

"Whatever it takes .... in this extraordinary economic siuation"

A three point plan ... one of them being honesty.

I so need to furlough myself .. ;-)

Furlough extended to September

Self employed grants extended ...

People who have now filed a 2020 tax return will now be able to claim, he says... an extra £5bil taking the total to £25bil.

Restart grants and loans to the end of this year.

Business rates discounted for first three months and reduced to the end of the year.

Hospitality 5% VAT to end of September with an interim rate of 12.5% returning to standard rate next year.


Stampy Duty break extended to end of June.

To stand behind home buyers - a mortgage guarantee (give or take employment status) ...  generation rent into generation buy.


Scales... total Covid support package this year and last is £350bil.

He's going to borrow it all... fiscal freedom & fiscal resiliance.

How to fix it ...

Freeze personal tax threshold and all other thresholds.

In 2023 Corporation Tax to 25%  ... lower than the US, Italy & France & Mars.... 70% of small companies unaffected.  Only 10% of companies will pay the higher rate.... the larger and more profitable companies. 

Business certainty matters.... the UK banking sector will be given some protection.

Others have built up cash reserves ... a superdeduction of 130% for investment.  

Duties. On booze, fags & fuel all frozen.



Teeside and offshore wind gets a mention and a green economy.

UK wide schemes and help to grow via learn more, earn more &  make more (management mentoring)...

A scientific super state needs scientific superstars.... launching a future fund with visa reforms for highly skilled migrants.


Redrawing our economic geography and our economic map ...

Community ownership and more power at the hands of local people.

To encourage green innovations and freeports... an unprecedented economic boost. ... Humber & Teeside included.

Bigs it up for the Mayor of Teeside.

"Rishi Sunak says the Treasury has acted "for the whole of the UK""


Absolutely Zilch on the NHS, Social Care, Pensions & Benefits... and or Public Sector pay.


Enjoy your day.

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A Virtual Vacuum

"North Yorkshire County Council leader Councillor Carl Les said: “The problem that is most imminent for us is that we can’t get 72 members in the council chamber with social distancing, so we would have to find another venue for full meetings of the council, which would involve cost.”"


"Every badly applied eyebrow. Every audible background rustle or VHS camera wobble. Every actor who, regardless of age or character, seems to be about 55 years old. It all builds and builds into something that, however intentionally, ends up being pretty spooky to watch. You can almost smell it. I mean that as a positive."



"Subject to Parliamentary approval, it is expected that any new unitary council would be fully operational from April 2023 with transitional arrangements expected to be in place from 2022, including elections in May 2022 to the shadow or continuing councils.

To take part in the consultation visit www.gov.uk/government/consultations/proposals-for-locally-led-reorganisation-of-local-government-in-cumbria-north-yorkshire-and-somerset"


"Nobody had to make Khraniteli. They didn’t have the money or the means or the technology to do The Lord of the Rings justice. And yet, simply by force of spirit alone, it’s unforgettable. I’m never going to watch it again, because I’m not an animal, but I’m glad I watched it once."


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Mink the Pink

"This lunar month it will reach its closest point on 27 April at 4.24pm, when it will be 222,065 miles (357,379km) away."



""Of course, we're always happy to hear that there never was a threat, but we're also glad the procedures were in place and the crew would have been ready if the threat had been real," he said."




"Once you start getting into the magnetron, which produces the microwave energy, then it starts to get a little tricky. “Generally we say to stay away from microwaves, unless you know what you’re doing.”


About that Cake...



Write your own card.


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The Shackles Are Off

"The great half-term getaway began with predictable traffic chaos on Friday night as Britons finally got the chance to escape to the seaside.But some people living in the resorts are being forced to head in the opposite direction along the clogged-up roads, priced out of their homes by a coastal housing crisis that has been turbocharged"


"it was stacked up at the Fulham flat because the gang “didn’t know what to do with it."


Planet Pong ... ;-0



""And it's the best answer for conservation areas, because it offers a low-carbon solution for housing where it would be difficult or expensive to upgrade the fabric of the building itself.""




“Frequently considered a pest, moths are deeply unloved by most humans and grossly misunderstood and overlooked in favour of the more colourful daylight dwelling butterflies."



Flower Power.


This ones for Harry



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The House is Sold

"North Yorkshire County Council had already agreed to back the Tour with £100,000 and the council’s Executive has now agreed to make a further £100,000 available if needed to ensure it can go ahead.

The commitment means planning for the Tour de Yorkshire and a new Festival of Yorkshire organised by Welcome to Yorkshire can now move forwards.

The festival will focus on the food, drink, heritage and arts that make the county so distinctive. It is scheduled to take place in 2022 and is seen by the authority as a key opportunity to help the region’s economy recover from the pressures of the pandemic.

The race itself is also seen by councillors as pivotal in helping the region’s economy bounce back after the pandemic and it will have the distinction of being the country’s first non-ticketed mass participation.."


"The scheme is for anyone who owns a property, which has been empty for more than six months, and wants to carry out repairs or improvement works but does not have the money to do so. Priority will also be given to properties that have been empty for two years or longer.

There are currently around 200 empty private properties across the district that have been empty for more than two years. The borough council are keen to work with owners to bring them back into use so they can provide homes for Harrogate district residents."

"The council say creating a broader festival "provides an opportunity to gain wider exposure for Yorkshire’s attractions and bring growth to the visitor economy"."

"The council will help property owners decide what work is needed, what help you can get and what can be covered by the loan. They’ll also help applicants through the application process."


Pedal Dash....;


"The Empty Homes Loan isn’t like a normal loan. There is no set repayment term and there are no monthly repayments. All is that is required is that it is paid back within five years of the work being completed"


"Taxpayers across the region will pay up to £900,000 more to bankroll next year’s Tour de Yorkshire, it has been agreed, as one of the international race’s most loyal supporters announced it would reconsider whether further such events should receive backing from the public purse."