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A Consultation Hub : "Residents and businesses in North Yorkshire are currently served by a two-tier system of local government."

"Q5 & Q11

Democracy needs to be kept local to keep people & business engaged, participate and interested in the decision making process.  A too large Unitary Authority would dis-enfranchise people from becoming involved  in 'local government' by creating a top down authority that would be less transparent and accountable to local needs & communities.  Communities need to have local representation that distinguishes and identifies with their neighborhoods and improves their quality of life by way of economic, social and environmental issues.   A Unitary Authority would ironically become divisive in setting goals and aspirations reducing social mobility for diversity and the younger generation.  Either of the Unitary Authority proposals would restrict, disengage  and disassociate itself politically from the real time, here and now, root issues of  health, housing , education, employment and a free market economy for business and enterprise growth.

A Unitary Authority that is strategically remote would be unsustainable in the long term.

Q6 & Q12

Local services are provided by local people who live and work in their geographic area.  This boots on the ground approach encourages pride and incentive in their local social & ecological environment.   Services under a Unitary Authority  'joint arrangement' would increase 'jobs worth's' hierarchy systems and reduce 'bottom up' incentive and intervention skills that are needed in a modern and fair society.  The services listed above whilst technology enhanced  require social & human dynamics & intervention in order for them to work both efficiently and effectively to have any impact at the heart of local communities.   The core services and skilled service providers  under a Unitary Authority would be much at risk by a system created that is flying under the banner of financial savings and financial boosts and benefits. This does not reflect the demographics, equality and diversity that North Yorkshire and its many rural and urban communities values.

Both of the Unitary proposals seek to cut costs at the expense of worthy service skilled employment.

Q7 & Q13

The police, fire and rescue, health services aka emergency services or Uniform dot Com would be become more integrated and open to abuse of privacy under data protection, civil rights and disclosure notices at a time when public perception and confidence in the identity of these vital services needs to be  improved.  Should they become further merged under one force or  given individual service identities I don't know.   Ask them.

Q8 & Q14

The District Councils already share services, skills and values where needed and a Unitary Authority would not improve local peoples access to vital services.

Transport, roads, buses, trams, rail, airports, shipping , ports and infrastructure needs to be backed by  a central government body that has the long term levity and financial means to meet  social and business needs and future economic growth.

Both of the proposals are fixated on the short term, based on a principle of  who gets what, when public confidence in the political arena is quite volatile.  

In my view a long term strategy needs to be more fully explored.

Q9 & 15

It is not about the geography it is about the people, communities, business and acceptance that the Unitary Authority proposals do not distinguish between the motivations of politics, people and enterprise.

The Goldilocks effect.   Too big, too small,  too hot, too cold.   It is very tempting to confuse Unitary Authority as a form of Devolution for North Yorkshire,  or Yorkshire or the North of England via The Northern Power house.

On a plus point should  Devolution of the North, in any geographical shape or form be tabled and a Mayoral representation be successful  then I see no need for local  MP's and nor a Houses of Parliament."


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The Outer Edge

"However this core stage is now also in orbit and is likely to make an uncontrolled reentry over the next days or week as growing interaction with the atmosphere drags it to Earth. If so, it will be one of the largest instances of uncontrolled reentry of a spacecraft and could potentially land on an inhabited area.

Most expendable rocket first stages do not reach orbital velocity and reenter the atmosphere and land in a pre-defined reentry zone. Some other larger, second stages perform deorbit burns to lower altitude to reduce time in orbit and lower chances of collisions with other spacecraft or to immediately reenter the atmosphere."

"Courtiers have been told to plan events for the eight senior members, unofficially dubbed the 'New Firm'."

"The Queen has often said they 'need to be seen to be believed' - this is coming from the very top."


May the Fourth be With you