'Knocking Shops'

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'Fed up with always being in the slow queue? '

"Perhaps Benjamin Franklin said it best, in 1748: "Remember that time is money." 

Whether it is lining up to pay for your groceries, making a bank transaction, or waiting for a table at a trendy restaurant, time costs money. As businesses become aware of the direct and indirect costs of waiting, they are looking at innovative ways to reduce these expenses by "designing out" queues...

'People are not ships'  ... Unfortunately, unlike ships, people enter queues randomly, which creates a problem in providing optimal service. Companies cannot control this type of customer demand. For example, people don't consistently arrive at the supermarket checkout area in five-minute increments, with exactly six items."



"Corporate broking — where small teams of highly-connected individuals with close ties to the top brass in UK Plc vie to offer intelligence and strategic advice — is often done for free. Firms compete to act as a ‘trusted adviser’ for companies in the hope of being the bank of choice when they pull the trigger on a deal."


"“Welcome to Yorkshire are very supportive and Sir Gary Verity (the CEO of Welcome to Yorkshire) has been kind enough to write a letter of support, which is on the planning portal.” ...“It’s a hidden secret. It’s a beautiful site. The plan is to develop it out as soon as we get planning consent so we can assemble all the development funding. “The holiday homes will be effectively self catering. A lot of self catering people will obviously use local businesses. It’s got great potential.” A Welcome to Yorkshire spokesman said: ‘We are always happy to support our members in their ventures to create exciting new developments that will attract even more visitors to Yorkshire as well as creating more local jobs.”   The application is due to be discussed by Scarborough Borough Council’s planning and development committee on June 7. Officers are recommending that permission be granted for the scheme, subject to the consideration of comments raised during consultation which included concerns about ecology and landscaping."


"Plans for a new Premier Inn hotel in Scarborough have been submitted. It's set to be situated on a vacant plot of land within The Sands development, where the Alpamare Waterpark currently sits. The  report states the hotel would sit between the Generous George pub and the waterpark itself.."



“We’re seeing more pitches coming from companies which have not put their brokerships up [for rival bids] for a number of years,” said Kunal Gandhi, head of corporate broking at Barclays...“It’s viewed historically by some of investment banks as something of a cost centre despite its relationship value,”

Inn or Out?

K : B&B/Resident:  The North Bay is a distinct area with a family feel.  The PA obejctions include S106 & the alterations to car parking.

CM:  PI are resubmitting their application.  This will be a full new application  

R1: Consider the height of the police station

R2:  If forced to reduce height will leave a bigger foot print (will not reduce bedroom sizes)

CM: In-hoc with Benchmark who have so far failed to deliver the Cinema

K  : There is a question of validity.  Benchmark is in default of S106 re Waterpark

R3:  What about the PI  80+ bed extension at Huntriss Row.  The facade looks like it is going to fall down.

R2: How can SBC allow another PI when they don't have a good record?

K : Do Benchmark need to complete what they are doing before adding further development?

R3:  Is PI to abandon the town centre development?

CM:  It will be next to fall down.

R1:  It looks like it will fall down.. (The Old Conservative Club)

K:   Research Scarborough Water Parks Ltd & their leasing arrangements with Benchmark ... do they have enough money?

R4 : Councillors & Officers are supposed to be caretakers of our land.  This is our land.

R5:  Will they discount tickets to the OAT & Water Park?  (to out compete local business)

CM: This is nothing to do with the OAT.

R6: The current parking arrangements are for a visitors - a few hours. Not for a 120 bed hotel who will leave thier cars there during their stay reducing visitor car parking spaces.

R4 : The car park is 80% full off peak season - without the hotel.

R5:  There is outline planning permission for a hotel. Nothing against hotels but PI's usual busines is commercial, not holiday visitors.

R6:  What justification for another hotel?  The Lysander/Manor Heath/Breece (many local hotels) have closed.  Don't believe there are enough visitors in winter.

R7:  Will there be an off season price war?  Would local B&B's winter 'contractors' go to PI forcing more to close.

R6:  Is part of the local plan to develop at detriment to local business?

R6:  Will more B&B's convert to HMO's?

CM: Agree - too many local B&B's have turned into HMO's.  Formerly family run businesses.

CM: How many present were owner operators? 

K :  Not just about business but local residents.  (40:60) (operators: residents).  Whitbread did not offer their presence known.

R1: A resident. The North Bay has its own environment & charm. This has been chipped away little by little.  As a rate payer is very angry that SBC have allowed this.

CM :  Democratically elected.  ...  SBC will do what they want. 

R2 : SHA Committee were once told that 'SBC' only 5/6 B&B's were needed.  Big hotels were easier to manage ergo three Britannia, one Travelodge & two Premier Inns. 

K:  Scarborough is a place for everybody.

R7: Scarborough is a tradiitonal  sea side destination.  A variety of accommodation is needed.  Not all visitors want corporate hotels.  Family focus is on entertainments & facilities.  The corporate & family visitor hospitality need to start talking together. 

R7:  Is there a plan for tourism?  It is going down hill.  Too many day visitors... the environment is going down.

R8 : Consider Blackpool and how many B&Bs' have closed.   What tourists need are facilities.  The council does not listen ...  ie Cinemas.  The Council should be ashamed.

R9 : Business here have fought tooth & nail to avoid another Blackpool ie Stag &  Hens.  Many local small business here are family investments.  

R10: Dual the A64?  Is it easier to get in & out.

K:  SBC must follow planning policy under the NPF.  TOU1 should respect locality. There is also a need to reduce seasonality and offer tourism all year around.

K:  TOU2 Planning is concerned with material facts.   Assetts make an attractive tourism area.  Peasholm Park, OAT.

K:  TOU3  Is it the role of SBC to close B&B's/hotels if demand meets?  Accommodation stock? Retrospectively Is SBC suggesting that there is ample accommodation if closing local business?

R4:  There is an aura of no confidence in SBC.  Why are some councillors here not saying anything?

CM: We are here to listen. Predetermination.  When the Council debate takes place we can raise residents issues.  Councillors need to listen and be lobbied.

R5: Anyone here representing Tourism? 

CM : AJ :

R5:  Would you be willing to speak at planning on our behalf?

R8: A member of the 'Corrupt Bastards Party' ... allows Tourism Office to close, public toilets to close, my 86 year old mum is afraid to go out...

R4:  Yes, issues that visitors come back and tell us about.

K :  About PI? 

R8:  What would it take for you to change your mind?

CM: AJ : If I may, (without being bigotted) I will represent residents.

R9:  Moved to the North Bay because it is different to the South Bay.  Parking of over 100 cars will choke up Peasholm Gap.  The North Bay will be spoilt.

K:  The North Bay is quieter and more relaxing. 

R10  This impacts on people much further away (Flixton) few operators accept one night stays.  They may lose that trade to PI.

K:  Local operators use local produce, local window cleaners, local tradesmen.  PI will not use local traders all money will stay within PI.

CM:  The PA can not be turned down on commerical reasons.

R9:  There are two sides to Scarborough that is quite unique.  A quiet side & a noisy side. 

R11: More traffic will mean more polution.

K:  Reducing carbon emissions.

CM:  The biggest issue is parking.  More damaged verges as visitors park in local residential streets.  Town centres have more access to public transport.

K:  With 80+ rooms in town centre PI would be closer to South Cliff and conference area. 

R12 - Objections to licensing?  A letter from PI for shorted drinking times outside premises, ie 10.00 o'clock.

R12:  Will PI visitors visit much of the Town - the beach - the South Bay?  Discover Scarborough ... or will it be a roadside one stop travel stop.

K:  The third to sixth floor offers views over residential properties. Lack of residents privacy.  

R14:  There is already a problem with lights, car lights, car park lights.  Signage lights.

CM:  The metal signage that has just appeared has no planning permission   

R15:  This used to be a lovely residential area.  In the last five years we have got Alpamare, The Tunny Club etc.  Benchmark have not liaaised with us at all.  What next? Six storeys is far too high.

R8:  SBC has a past precedent for ignoring residents ie Tesco... the Futurist..

R16:  Whitby is a better place for a Premier Inn.

R17: Moved to Scarborough North Bay for a quiet life. We need more family attractions not a cinema or PI.  (google Sundowners (Northampton)

R+:  Kinderland !! They closed Kinderland for Benchmark and have not provided anything. The S106 requested a childrens play area.  

R18: They have just knocked down 3 lovely residential homes for a Care Home ... how that passed planning ...

CM:  Scarborough needs to move forward. New attractions not a new hotel with familty invested business being ruined. 

Periphery & Primary

K:  The design submitted of PI is a box.  A bog standard box that could be dropped in anywhere.  It is not in keeping with the local area.

CM:  Mebbe we are getting an airport?

R2:  Local environment ... the Pavillion at the Cricket Club

K:  Unacceptable impact - this is not Benidorm.  Material facts: noise, light, polution & protecting the existing habitat.

R8:  The North Bay is a haven for wildlife.  Not an area for chopping down trees and an ongoing building site.

Culmulative Impact Assessment.

K:  Benchmark are in Breach of S106 - a childrens play area - within two years of Alpamare opening.

R9:  No forward planning.  No confidence in Benchmark - they don't keep promises. the Cinema is not finished. Get rid of Benchmark.  Is there a stipulation put in place 'no further developments' until promises kept.

R8:  Benchmark breaches of planning ie £69K to bus provision.  Repayments for loan? 

CM:  Not in default.

K:  Are Able Capital investments  insolvent?

CM:  If you list some concrete questions SBC officers would be able to answer them.

R16: No money into Scarborough Town ... all going out of the area

K:  Does the PA meet current criteria.  Scale?  What are the grounds to oppose new development.  Is there sustainable economic growth? 

CM:  Presentations & petitions should be written individually.  Local people need to get involved. 

R2:  Residents v the Council?  Councillors should represent residents.

"Given their potential to bring in career-making transactions, long-standing corporate broking relationships can be hard to dislodge. But after a lull in recent years, a number of factors are spurring more broking clients to move,.."


""For a sector associated with staid British traditions, there’s a renewed sense of American-style sharp-elbowed competition among investment banks’ corporate broking teams. Larger investment banks are circling smaller rivals as the shake-up from the second Markets in Financial Instruments Directive, introduced in January, upends the broking world..."

"Mick de Brenni visited the Kirra Beach Tourist Park on Monday and met with permanent residents who have been told by council they will be phased out of their homes over 10 years to make way for tourists. "All the residents I met were elderly pensioners, and they're desperately worried about where they're going to live in the future," Mr de Brenni told AAP. "Many don't have much family around at all, and there are limited options for them to move - they just deserve some security over where they're going to live."  He said the residents were experiencing "crippling anxiety" with many having invested hundreds of thousands into their homes. He also questioned council's motives behind the decision, suggesting they could be making way for a future development. "The question I think that council needs to answer, is this about making the park more profitable, or is there some other motivation?," Mr de Brenni said.  "Is this about developing this land into something completely different - do they have plans for a shopping centre, or something else?" A Gold Coast City Council spokesperson rejected these claims and said the decision is about tourism growth for the Gold Coast. "This is not true. The park will be returned to a true Tourist Park as its name suggests," the spokesperson told AAP.

"This will also allow the site in the long term to be made potentially available for the benefit of other community uses."


"But similarly to British people who become awkward when talking about money, some banks claim their broking relationships are not simply tools to be leveraged in order to generate huge deals."


"In a queuing context, two important variables are at play, "speed of queue" and "your time".

Hey Ho..



"I could have been President of The United States."







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Organic Curiosity



"“To me it is amazing that we can show we have organic matter preserved for more than 3bn years in these rocks,” said Kirsten Siebach, a planetary geologist who was not involved in the work at Rice University in Houston, Texas. “This is very promising for the preservation of potential ancient life on the planet.”

"“These molecules could have been part of life, but they could also have been food for life,” Siebach added. “To know that the water really was full of organic molecules really opens up the different ways that life could have existed on Mars.”...

"The discovery of organics in rocks mere centimetres beneath the Martian surface has raised hopes of finding richer deposits of the compounds deeper down...

"Before the rover touched down in August 2012, missions to the red planet had already spotted methane in the atmosphere which spiked from time to time as plumes of the gas apparently rose from the planet. The discovery fuelled speculation that the gas might be the expulsions of Martian microbes eking out an existence deep underground. More mundane explanations included chemical reactions between water and Martian rocks.

"“These subsurface reservoirs could be from ancient methane that was trapped underground, or from methane that is forming today. Either way it could be produced by chemistry or by microbial activity. We certainly cannot rule out a biological source at this stage,” said Webster.

Taking the measurements was no easy task. A year on Mars lasts two Earth years, so to spot a seasonal pattern in the methane levels, the scientists had to take readings for four Earth years. “That’s why it has taken us so long,” said Webster. “Talk about having patience.”

Ah, so ...




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Exit Stage Left?

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Strawberry Fields


Amazing ...



Small World.

"Members of the public were asked by English Heritage to monitor moths in their homes to help the charity look after its collection of historic wool carpets, tapestries and period clothing.

Thousands of traps were handed out at English Heritage sites for the survey which collected data from 42 counties.

It discovered the reported catch of the common clothes moth was significantly higher in London and the South East, where an average of 23 moths were found per trap - more than anywhere else in England.

Higher and older pre-1950s properties were found to have more moths because they have more voids, fireplaces and attics than newer homes.

Flats or apartments are also more susceptible as they have shared walls.

Tips for preventing clothes moth infestations include checking for moths in the creases, folds and behind labels of clothing, keeping items in vacuum bags, and taking out items from the wardrobe and giving them a good shake at least once a month to disturb the moths."

Crawls back into cave


A Very Hungry Caterpillar  ..








"Under both Canadian and British copyright law, artists have moral rights in their work. When you buy a painting from a living artist you don’t buy the right to reproduce it on greeting cards. At this show, the gift shop stuffed with Banksy merch as well as promotional material featuring Banksy’s famed image of a girl with a balloon and the cartoonish face of a rat all seem to violate that principle. Furthermore, in Canada, an artist’s exhibition rights are also enshrined in law – work cannot be exhibited without the artist’s permission. The standard practice in Canadian museums, and in many international ones, is to pay artists fees for shows.

Of course, Banksy, who routinely lifts historic and pop-culture imagery himself, has never asked anyone’s permission to stencil his political cartoons on walls and buildings in Britain and around the world. You could argue he has forgone traditional artistic rights in his practice and when asked about the gift shop specifically, a Live Nation representative replied the work was in the public domain. There’s no question the internet is rife with unauthorized Banksy T-shirts and fridge magnets, but if the organizers want to create a legitimate retrospective of the artist’s work, they might consider setting a higher ethical standard than that of the online hawkers."


Ah, so ...




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Alternative Site Assessment


"On Monday, we told you the developers hoped to have the hotel open by next summer. Planning application was submitted for the site in April and a decision is due next month. 

The proposal would see the 106 bedroom accommodation located between the Alpamare Water Park and the Tunny Catch Pub. 

Plans have been amended from the original idea, which had the Premier Inn actually being a story higher, but it's had to be reduced..."


""Many resorts around the country would give their eye teeth to have new hotels built in those resorts.

We've seen a history of guest houses and hotels closing, I think we've turned a tide there.

I think most foresighted hoteliers and restaurateurs relish their competition.

They will, I think, compare very well.

Whilst it might be that younger people who may have stayed at Premier Inn's before, will go and stay there.

We've got many families, older people and people who have traditionally come to Scarborough, who will stick with the guest houses.

So I think it's a good thing it's going to happen.

The existing Premier Inn has got the best occupancy levels of any Premier Inn, I'm told, in the country.

I think the existing hoteliers and and guest house owners have nothing to fear from this, because Scarborough is moving in the right direction."


"Earlier this week, we told you how developers Benchmark Leisure was changing its plans. The original idea was for a seven screen cinema, but it's now planned to be five or screens with more residential apartments.

Benchmark Leisure also says it wants the complex open by the end of summer 2019. With a number of high street franchise restaurants getting into financial difficulty recently, the developers have now chosen centre the project around local chains. 

It's not the first time the proposed opening date for the development has been moved. It was originally set to be ready by Easter 2018 and then at the end of the last year, we told you how a new date had been set for Easter 2019. 

Some works were carried out on the complex, on the former Atlantis site in January 2017, but there has not seemingly been any work on the area since..."

Benchmark have until December 2020 to deliver.

So why not put the Premier Inn over the proposed Cinema? 


Oh well..




OH OK;  the cinema site was temporarily M*A*P  (military adventure park)  ... much fun if you were five... and could have been expanded but the Council weren't that bovverred.

The Sands flats design was sposed to represent a cruise liner ... if only Premier Inn had a design dept.



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'Fawlty Turrets'


Ah, so ...


"the Atyla and HMS Pickles - will sail into Whitby’s historic harbour and stay for the duration of the festival providing a vivid reminder of what 18th century life at sea was like when Whitby was one of the world’s greatest maritime centres.

Seven of the Atyla’s crew are students from Caedmon College, Eskdale School and Whitby Fishing School who boarded the Spanish hand-built, wooden hulled tall ship, in Canary Wharf to help sail her to Whitby."






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A Stone's Throw

"Croatians in the south of the country are steaming over a tunnel that has cost taxpayers 280m kuna (£33m; $44m) and "leads to nowhere".

According to the TV station RTL Croatia, construction has halted on a 1,471-metre tunnel through a mountain range near the town of Omis, which was meant to connect with an existing bypass and solve the town's severe traffic problems.

The tunnel was supposed to link to the Omis Bridge and was hailed as part of an "important infrastructure project" in providing a faster connection for residents between the town and the main coastal road. It was also hoped that the route would alleviate the "major traffic jams" that the town suffers from during its main tourist season.

Construction began six years ago, but RTL says that "everything stopped" and the money is now being spent elsewhere. This has led to widespread public mockery..."

"This is all fun for them, maybe they think Batman lives there," while Ante adds: "This junction is the worst in Omis, but there is no money - nothing can be done."



Shaft 6?

Hmmm ...


Ah, so ...




Plumbs... tis defo Infrastructure.

Mind...  until it is kitted out tis just a hole in the ground.

Ergo,  should the HMG pay for the tunnel and rent it back?

I recall a figure/ fee of £48mil  interest to underwrite under the UKGS.

Anyone re-done the sums?

Ask a busy person...


I'll be back.

The following works are to be carried out as part of Phase 2:
• Site installation for Sprayed Concrete Lining (SCL) facilities;
• Excavation of ramp;
• Temporary stockpiling of extractive materials from the ramp excavations;
• Construction of precast segment manufacturing facility;
• Construction of precast segment storage area and installation of portal cranes;
• Construction of the concrete batching plant and aggregate bins for precast segment manufacture;
• Construction of the sedimentation treatment plant for the concrete batching plant waste water;
• Use of attenuation ponds for surface water drainage;
• Electrical installations from 11 kV supply point; and
• Site installation for Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) facilities and TBM set up."

Mind the gaps ...


2@8%*10 add 48 >208

1.4@8%*10 >112

How convenient.