'Cosmic Rose'

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"US space agency (Nasa) scientists say the objects are leftovers from the formation of the planets.  As such, these trojans, as they're known, hold important clues about the early evolution of the Solar System."


Rolls-Royce has said it could create 6,000 UK jobs within five years if the government backs its SMR plans. It has also reportedly held discussions with customers overseas, including companies such as Amazon that operate energy-hungry datacentres.





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The Cold Front

"The most obvious impacts of rising sea levels are coastal erosion and flooding of low-lying land. But communities are affected long before their islands become submerged. Saltwater seeps into groundwater, making it unfit for household use and leaving communities dependent on rainwater for drinking, and meaning communities cannot grow crops."



"I take my science in the same way I enjoy music. If I don't like the tune, I don't listen to it. "


Ironic Games

"Barring a complete collapse in the talks, there are likely to be a range of tangible outcomes.

It's expected that more countries will announce they are moving away from using coal for energy. A growing number of nations will probably sign up to curb methane emissions."


"... the council’s emissions account for less than four per cent of York’s total and getting the whole city to adapt to net zero will prove a much greater – and more costly – challenge.

Council officers are about to embark on the next round of public engagement about the city’s climate change strategy, before its final publication in early 2022."



Oh, OK:

"Consumers can also be reluctant to recycle their personal electronic equipment. In the UK, a 2019 study by the Royal Society of Chemistry found that as many as 40 million unused gadgets are languishing in our homes. That puts pressure on the supply of many valuable and rare elements."


Wot, no Bunny Boilers?


A Light Curve

"Nearly 5,000 "exoplanets" - worlds orbiting stars beyond our Sun - have been found so far, but all of these have been located within the Milky Way galaxy.

The possible planet signal discovered by Nasa's Chandra X-Ray Telescope is in the Messier 51 galaxy.

This is located some 28 million light-years away from the Milky Way."



"The anonymous Twitter account of a citizen holed below the poverty line, furiously raging to their 85 followers about their MP slashing their benefits, is rather different in nature and scale."


"The hiker told authorities he had lost his way around nightfall and “bounced around on to different trails trying to locate the proper trailhead”


"For the narrative to work, you need people there who literally have no idea what's going on. And it's pretty easy to play the truth of that, when you don't have a clue what's going on yourself!"


Ssshhh ...


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'Absolutely Stunning'

There is no Nexus...

"But the rules are opaque and sometimes arbitrarily enforced — or mistakenly enforced"

"On Oct. 24, in a scathing letter to the chairwomen of the committee, he announced that he was resigning over the university’s decision to approve a design he likened to “a social and psychological experiment.”

"“We have real concerns about platforms that are arbitrarily acting as regulators by default,” said Mr. Procter."

"“I’m not a bit surprised that someone looked at it and said, ‘What the hell is going on here?’” he said on Friday. “What’s going on here is that it’s going to work better than any other practical alternative.”"

"He then tried using YouTube’s online chat bot, speaking with a woman named “Rose,” who said, “I know this is important,” before the conversation crashed.”"


“Young people do not always smell good,” he wrote. “Fresh air is UNBELIEVABLY important"


"There were “devastating” failures in the management of the project, the report concluded, including corner-cutting and cover-ups by officials desperate to keep massive overspends and design problems hidden from councillors, and a lack of overall “grip and oversight”."

Luxury Communism... ;-0


Poetic, Moi?

In fiction and mythology, a doppelgänger is often portrayed as a ghostly or paranormal  phenomenon.

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The Fourth Generation...

Local Government Reorganistion & The Rule Breakers:

"Charter Trustees comprise of Councillors in the Wards which cover the unparished area, or in some cases, the area of the entire Borough being abolished. "


"Best practice guidance includes, for example, not having ‘island’ or ‘donut’ parishes or parish wards which are wholly surrounded by one other parish or parish ward; and using identifiable markers for boundaries (such as rivers, railways, roads and the edges of properties)."






The Great Resignation.

far too much wishful thinking ;-0


I feel a defferal coming on ..




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'Banter & Bagpipes''

"The creation of the Rolls-Royce Small Modular Reactor (SMR) business was announced following a £195m cash injection from private firms and a £210m grant from the government.

It is hoped the new company could create up to 40,000 jobs by 2050."



"The group said it had been affected by supply chain bottlenecks... increases in energy, logistics and commodities in addition to the impact of widely reported port congestion and road freight limitations."

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'A Free Port Experiment'

"He told councillors emails he’d received from town centre firms “didn’t make for happy reading” – and revealed how upset some shop owners had been at a recent BID meeting. 

Mr Maxwell said: “I had two businesses come along and one of them was in tears. “Three times in the space of a week she had to pull someone out of her hairdresser’s because they were clearly on Spice. “She had customers in the store and they were terrified. 

“That’s three times in a week. “She rang enforcement, she rang police, and she didn’t get an answer. 

“Her query to me was – if they had sat and done that in a council officer’s office, would that have been allowed to happen a second or third time?"



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Bright & Early

"To have dreamed in 2020 of having a whole 24 hours alone in a house would have been pointless and absurd, a waste of imagination. Wish fulfilment should always double up as positive visualisation, which is to say, the wished-for thing must have at least a sliver of a chance of coming true, otherwise you’re asking the universe to ignore you."

"The real truth is that lockdown is throwing transport investment into turmoil. While car use is surging back to pre-pandemic normal, rail use, and especially rail commuting, is down by 30-35%  with no one able to predict how it might recover. Investment in trains is still locked into decades-old predictions of hypermobility, bedevilled by arguments over costs, subsidies, emissions and pollution levels."

"The reality – that he might get on a train, for an intensive schedule of ping-pong, personal disclosure and everyone using the word “mission”, didn’t really hit me until the day before, and then I spent so much time smirking about his plans that I didn’t make any of my own."

"As for new lines, it appears that the £100bn cost of the original HS2 has not only killed its own completion, but also the equally wasteful new Manchester-Leeds HS3. A courageous Shapps would have killed the whole of HS2 and doubled his spend on other lines in the north of England. As it is, the overwhelming bulk of his investment in new railways now appears to be going south of Crewe. Where is the politics in this?"

"I got as far as singing along to Enya and eating raw onion, then my mind went blank."


"The velocities at which this material moves means it could easily puncture the walls of the station's modules."


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Unproven Necessities

"Rolls-Royce hopes their reactors will not just supply the National Grid. It thinks other customers like data centres, and firms producing hydrogen and synthetic aviation fuel, will be interested too.It is also hoping to sell its reactors abroad, with their smaller size an advantage.  "SMRs are different in that financing will be simpler - putting together financing for £2bn is obviously a lot simpler than 10 times that," adds Mr Blake."

"As many as 16 SMRs might be built dotted around the UK, with the first planned to come online in 10 years' time: eight sites have been identified."



"Contempt lights a fire inside us – when we hold on to that fire, refusing to extinguish it, knowing what we could burn down if we chose to – that can make us feel like a decider again, instead of someone who gets buffeted around and has to say “thank you”."


""It will be held at the site, and eventually transferred to Sellafield, or a geological disposal facility deep underground," he explains."


"Reprising his role of Neo in Lana Wachowski's The Matrix Resurrections. The film is set to be released on Christmas Eve"

Mebbe I should pop back for that Box Set ... ;-0

"Etch your loathing onto a stone and leave it somewhere beautiful. Externalise the record, then walk away."



"You just need to be sure it’s peripheral to your view."

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A Free Port Experiment II

"Teesside will have to wait until spring or summer next year to find out the fate of plans to store nuclear waste at Port Clarence...

It’s been more than a year since a consultation on the push for a permit received a mammoth 2,329 responses.  Only 13 of the total were in support of the application.

""I’m calling on the Environment Agency to get its act together and explain why local people are being left in limbo over this proposal.

“Nevertheless, I remain unconvinced that the proposal is in the best interests of my constituents, many of whom are personally opposed to it. "Teesside is again being targeted as a dumping ground, not only for waste from the immediate area but from further afield and potentially abroad too."

"It’s not the first time nuclear material coming to the region has raised concern. There was uproar in 2011 when it was revealed the firm had transported tonnes of sand from Christmas Island - the site of hydrogen bomb tests in the 1950s - to landfill on Teesside."

"Augean says its environmental safety case to the EA had "a wide range of risk assessments" to show its proposals will not result in "harm to people in the local area or the environment"."







The Ironic ...