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"“Does the restoration of sovereignty not extend to democratic oversight by elected members of this house?” He called it “false framing, used to hold this house to ransom” to suggest that opposition to it would mean accepting no deal. “Let’s be clear about what’s being asked for this house today: that’s for a blank cheque to be issued to this government to implement a deal that is devoid of democratic oversight,”"

"People felt they were being 
patronised and deemed too stupid to understand what they voted for in the referendum."


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'efficient dissemination'


"“I hate having to be the one who suggests we shall fight them on the beaches … I deeply regret having to indicate we may be required to fight them on the landing grounds … Nobody likes being the one whose job it is to announce we shall never surrender … 

Once you’ve noticed the tic you can’t stop hearing it.”

One palm tree does not a Benidorm make ...


I feel a desktop exercise coming on ...

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An 'Anglosphere'


"Wood wonders if elite, including even Conservative, opinion will shift in the coming decades as we discover it’s cold outside – that the Americans don’t give us much attention, that in reality there is no “Anglosphere” to replace the EU as our obvious home. We’d have lost our seat at the grownups’ table and, with it, our clear place in the world. Theoretical sovereignty might be a thin comfort blanket to a nation that feels diminished and “marooned”


Obviously not on the same page ;-)

Nobody ever won anything on twitter...

"“What is slightly ironic is that all young people now get a lot of environmental education, and they seem to be the worst,” he says. “My mother and father lived through the rationing period after the second world war, and that experience meant they never threw anything away.”"

Spose if I buy one share at a time just to be really annoying ...

Keep Busy.

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Surplus to Requirements

"BBC political editor Laura Kuenssberg says, at the time, the prime minister was reported to have had big concerns about the implications of another lockdown on the economy and non-Covid related health issues.

"This does take us back to that moment and back to the very serious claims made by some people who were involved in the decision making - including some ministers - that the hesitancy around the second lockdown did cost lives," she said.

The story was labelled "not true" by Defence Secretary Ben Wallace and when asked about the comments earlier on Monday, Mr Johnson denied having made them.

He added that the public wanted the government "to make sure that the lockdowns work, and they have," he said."

"This weird model of capitalism, in which houses appreciate in value but people don’t, may not have been consciously planned, but nor was it an accident. It is a consequence of an ideology of home ownership that has been essential to the Conservative party’s policy agenda since Thatcher came to power. But it has never been exploited so deliberately and divisively: this is the real innovation of Johnson’s “vote leave” government. The most extraordinary feature of Britain’s post-crash political era is that the Tories have steadily grown their share of the vote while offering very little that looks like growth or prosperity."

"She used to tell me that our sessions paid for her Tiffany earrings.”

"Mr Case is giving evidence at an MPs' committee and has said the inquiry is ongoing, however he added that "given the time that has now passed, I think it's probable the team will not successfully identify the source or sources".

A Cabinet Office source told the BBC that no-one had yet been exonerated in the investigation."


I so need to get my ears pierced... ;-)