The Cure

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"It's not the science we don't trust, it's the scientists"

"The most obvious is the hardest to digest: The world’s decision makers have given us a staggering demonstration of their collective inability to grasp what it would actually mean to govern the deeply globalized and interconnected world they have created. There is only one limited realm in which something like a concerted response has been managed: money and finance. But governments’ and central banks’ success in holding the world’s financial system together is contributing in the long run to inequality and social polarization. If 2020 was a trial run, we should be worried."

"Before 2020 there were conversations in the halls of the I.M.F. about whether a nationalist president and the flat-earthers in Congress would permit the Federal Reserve and the Treasury to play a leading role in a global financial crisis."

“anything we can actually do, we can afford.”

"Now if you hear someone arguing that we cannot afford to bring billions of people out of poverty or we cannot afford to transition the energy system away from fossil fuels, we know how to respond: Either you are invoking technological obstacles, in which case we need a suitably scaled, Warp Speed-style program to overcome them, or it is simply a matter of priorities. There are other things you would rather do."

"“Ignorance is a progressive thinker's enemy; acceptance, awareness, accountability and action are the tools of the informed; of people who want change and do all they can to achieve it.”"



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Andromeda II

"clouds may have had a happier influence on Earth"


"LIKE many constructions, it started small. But now thousands of children with autism are making friends and learning social skills by playing a version of online building game Minecraft."

Your mind is my warehouse...

"In politics it is helpful to be able to keep your options open, and he could wait until Wednesday afternoon before taking the final call."

Oh OK.

"It has nothing to do with the exorbitant price of its cappuccinos"


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'Emptying the Dish Washer'

"The prime minister says it will raise £12bn a year which will be used to tackle the health backlog caused by the Covid pandemic and boost social care."

"... the government was asking “poorer workers to bail out millionaire property owners”. It condemned the plan as “a kick in the teeth for all the young working people of this country who have already been hard done by the pandemic."

“To prevent such a disaster, anyone launching something into orbit these days has to have a plan to either send it into a graveyard orbit, or send it back down to burn up in Earth’s atmosphere,” Nasa says."

"It will appear as a separate line on workers’ payslips."

"That could be the case even with a controlled descent, but that “by the time it comes screaming in through the atmosphere all the volatile fuels have gone”. And what survives to settle in the space cemetery will be safe materials such as stainless steel, titanium alloys and ceramics."

"And she paints a peaceful ending to that hectic journey from outer space to the deep blue sea."

Sssshh ...

Thou must not limp..

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The Bubbles

"The application to Lancaster City Council is the latest milestone for the £125m project on Morecambe Bay's seafront after years of development.

If approved, Eden Project North is predicted to attract around one million visitors a year and directly employ more than 400 people. A decision on planning permission is due before the end of this year."

"The device is thought to be inert."

“When reports surfaced over the summer that ministers planned to mothball the eastern leg I was absolutely shocked."

"Well at least that means no buildings will need to be demolished!"

I've just found me tank top ... ;-0

"Information about the voyage is being kept secret so as not to attract the attention of pirates."

The Pedantic.

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The Northern Line

"Rarely can so much bonhomie have been generated by a Monday morning trip on the Northern line. As the £1.1bn London Underground extension opened for the first time, the transport secretary, Grant Shapps, and London mayor, Sadiq Khan, rode west together to Battersea Power Station – and talked up the teamwork for a project that has finally come in under budget and on time."

A manufactured flurry ...

"Battersea Power Station Pier (“Battersea Pier”) is located on the south bank of the River Thames, in front of Battersea Power Station's famous façade, the best views of London's most iconic chimneys are from the river and there is plenty for visitors to discover in the local area."

And the highest residential building development in Skardiborghi is ?

"It was being done at such frequency across so many developments that it distorted the market across the whole area. “It gave the impression that there was not only a lot of activity,” said Propcision’s director, Michelle Ricci-Zak, “but that the average price in that area was going up – when actually we proved it was going down.”



A new industrial estate.