'Hunky Dory'

"We need a much bigger museum...”

"The European booster put Webb on a near-perfect trajectory with just the right amount of velocity. This performance meant the telescope didn't have to use so much of its own fuel when making later course refinements."

“I don’t think I could’ve just played golf or grown roses.”


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'Rise & Shine'

"“The key investments have been and continue to be in underground mining and infrastructure technologies, including mining machinery, ventilation systems and wireless communications and tracking, as well as investment in the potashplus processing to further develop the innovative process of compacting a blend of potash and polyhalite.”

Last month the mine received approval to continue mining operations for another 25 years.

At the time ICL Boulby described the decision from the North York Moors National Park Authority as “a major step forward in securing the future of our business and our ability to continue providing jobs and investment for East Cleveland and the wider Tees Valley community for many years ahead”.

As part of the approval the company has pledged to undertake a programme to improve the visual aspects of the mine, including removing some building structures, spending almost £9m for landscape enhancements and contributing almost £5m towards tourism activities."


"Anglo American is pressing ahead with the construction of the Woodsmith mine and 23-mile underground conveyor and is planning to invest a further £530m into the project in 2022.

The massive project, which includes a major processing plant at Wilton, is set to deliver long-term investment and jobs to the area."


The Life of Pi ...

So erm, how much has been dropped into the Sirius project to date?

According to the Anglo website is was £928 mil in 2019 ...


Mind there was some bone of contention about the continuation of  a Local Liaison Forum.