UTC & Sports Village - Into The Valley

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Peakes & Troffs? More likely is that SBC is on Skid Row: This 'development' at Weaponess Valley is a mix mash born from the belly of the towns failed Masterplans. 
Back in 2008 as part of 'Regeneration' : 'The authority yesterday revealed its masterplan for the future of the Mere and Oliver's Mount. The plans include provision for an ambitious new sports attraction – possibly a surf or ski dome or a water park as well as the creation of a "healthy living route" – with provision for running and cycling – and a visitor centre. Council chiefs hope to create a "green corridor" from the development at Middle Deepdale into the town, as well as commercial developments, including a possible extreme sports centre and hotel.'
Mr Brightside said at the time "Our aim from the outset has been to bring the Mere and Oliver's Mount into popular use and secure the future of one of Scarborough's finest but under-utilised assets. "This is the first step in what will inevitably be a medium to long-term project. The masterplan forms the platform from which the scheme can be progressed and funding and development partners can be engaged."  Other potential projects identified in the masterplan include provision for sports including angling, the creation of eco-lodges, which would be supported by renewable energy sources such as solar power and wind turbines, and a wildlife zone. The projects would be a mixture of council-led schemes and privately funded enterprises.  That Masterplan removed from the website is briefed here: http://www.begroup.uk.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/Scarborough-Borough... and has been lost.
In 2013 key decisions were taken regarding the "Scarborough Leisure Village" see:  Forward Plan.pdf
In 2014 Hull University jointly with members of SBC's Regeneration team held a public event, as reported on Q/node/171 and by the SN.
The Hull University's Master Plan was : http://www2.hull.ac.uk/administration/files/smrv1.pdf - mostly looking at the land assets with some very interesting maps etc page 25 "Sports Facility - to which SBC could provide funding".
The SN report a complete turnaround last week in that the UTC would now be appendixed to The Sports Village. http://www.thescarboroughnews.co.uk/news/local/new-university-and-utc-lo...
"Peter Wilkinson, Chairman of UTC Scarborough Trust said: “We are very excited to be part of such a state-of-the-art development. It makes complete sense for UTC Scarborough and the university campus to be built alongside each other, thereby giving students the opportunity of a seamless flow of first class education from the age of 14, right through to university leaving age"   Eitherway the SN is rather confused or misleading and a Cllrs declaration that the SN are throwing a Red Herring into the Towns Higher Education provision mix is certainly looking more plausible. 
The SN then concludes 'This is an essential development in guaranteeing Scarborough’s future success. Being on the same site as the leisure village will provide excellent facilities for students to take advantage of and we know this will be a huge selling point when we come to recruit students to the UTC.  ....  It is the second University campus announced in the last seven days after the Hull College Group announced it would open the University Campus Scarborough in Filey Road from September.'
Why is Scarborough Borough Council  (non-education authority) along with SN pushing forward obfuscating  plans to build a UTC aka Academy together with a Sports Village?   From a birds eye view it would seem purely about the economics and £10mil up for grabs. Sadly, A Non Cllr "the Council (cabinet) don't give a hoot about the York Potash Project - only the inward investment it brings in." - hard to believe given the Forward Plan included sale of Whitby Golf Club (land owned by SBC) for Mineral Rights.  Shark Town indeed.
Is Mr Brightside, Head of Regeneration & Planning, hedging his bets?  Hard to tell.  One noted 'comments' to the SN from Mick Haigh:
"A new 2,000 spectator Community Football Ground with:
Covered viewing for 500 standing spectators,
Covered seating for 250,
A bar and social/function room,
A full-size third generation floodlit main pitch
And associated changing facilities.
A four court sports hall with:
A 60 station fitness suite,
An aerobics studio,
Three squash courts with spectator provision,
Associated changing facilities,
And a café and vending area.
An 8-lane 25m swimming pool,
A learner pool,
Spectator seating for 250
And associated changing facilities.
Two Multi-Use Games Areas.
Associated highways, external works and landscaping.
Adequate parking.
(Phew!) I didn't expect enough space left for more than a Portacabin or two.
BUT now on top of this will go a University and a School."

S'pose its  a fit-up,  how do they hope to fit it all in?  Especially when the land sited is in a Valley that is wet and could be prone to flooding.  (Not that I'm a geologist or somin but try Google Earth...its a bit like the Water Park innit - how do they expect to build that on clay? Anyone got a spare geologist? :-) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VVkOLXWv3yY
Its 'Election Time' - could the Blues be so desperate for their Masterplans to be deemed 'successful' that they are having to rob Peter to pay Paul (defo).  Or is this a 'Smash n Grab' of the most hideous kind? (childrens education as hostages)
Well if the mini-mafia of Scarbados want to play at 'Smash n Grab' mebbe they should go back to skool ...   cos the big boys are in Town, here to stay and are gonna do it propa .. course it would be rude to call 'em gangsters,  so old fashioned ... mebbe 'The Saints' ...  cos this aint the same old same old .... things agonna change ... not that SBC's got any.
 Suspicion is that  SBC's Cabinet are lining  up for a landgrab - Hull Uni Campus and Yorkshire Coast College....
PS it should be noted that whilst York Potash support the UTC they are not 'behind' its conception or origination.  This is about Scarborough Amabassadors, the motley crew :-) : http://scarboroughbusinessambassadors.org/   



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Confused About the UTC?

Missed this; 


"People are being invited to find out more about Scarborough’s future University Technical College (UTC), as the project enters an official consultation period.

The college, which is set to open in September 2016, began a six-week consultation phase on Monday 12 January, following the Government’s decision to back the project last August.

The consultation gives parents, students, businesses and local community groups the opportunity to find out more information and ask the UTC’s representatives any questions."

presumably the public consultation is on going ...

Cheers Chem x

Ello mate you alright? Yeah I'm all right ... :-))



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Scarborough Comet on Coventry University


"Enrolment to some courses will begin in September 2015, with the full range of programmes designed to help develop modern skills and knowledge available when the new campus building opens in September 2016. The new campus will be taking applications, both directly and through UCAS, for the first intakes within the next few days."

Yep a nice clear cut read but still rather confused ... how can they offer courses when it hasn't been built?  

"Coventry University are initially investing more than £12m into their education and learning facilities, with ambitions to expand the capacity of the universe campus to cater for in excess of 5,000 students over time."   Is that made up from the £10 mil awarded to the 'Academy'?     What do they mean in excess of 5000 students over time?

Erm, another public consultation exercise beckons ...  if I can find it ... hmmmm

Anyhow the Comet has reached tera firma :-)

Ooops missed the boat ... (thankfully) http://www.scarboroughutc.org/consultation/

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Unusual Transactions Controversy


" ...still the landlord of the free school, in Bradford, in a controversial deal which sees his company paid nearly £6m over a 20-year lease... two critical Ofsted inspections which said the school required improvement and following the dismissal of the school’s founder and principal Sajid Raza last year.

*Mr Raza was charged earlier this month with three offences of fraud by abuse of position, three offences of false accounting, two offences of obtaining a money transfer by deception, and one offence of fraud by false representation. His solicitors issued a statement saying he was determined to clear his name The Crown Prosecution Service has also announced that the school’s former finance director Daud Khan faces two charges of fraud by abuse of position and three of false accounting and the school’s former head of department Shabana Hussain faces one charge of fraud by abuse of position and one offence of acquiring criminal property."


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Starfleet Academy - Musk

Hmmm.... http://www.theverge.com/2015/5/22/8646683/elon-musk-school-spacex-children

Locally, planning & development training complete, it should be noted that the PA for Scarborough's UTC/Academy is a seperate planning application to the PA for the Sports Village/Swim Pool, which is up for the Planning Committee to make a decision on next Thursday 28th...  lots of bedtime reading :-)

BTW the local UTC/Academy consultation stuff was being put up yesterday in the AWL ... so that PA is not in yet. (Just in case anyones slightly interested)

Oh and tonites viewing is Eurovision !!! Yippeee ..... multi-tasking ... if only ...  In-house training ;-)


PS. is non-political and no pre-determinations... lol -  so erm ... its a fiver on Turkey.    

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SNooze awakes from Coma

Headlines or flatlines :-)


SN's finest quip ;-) "The first sod in a “new educational future for Scarborough” has been turned as work has begun on Coventry University’s £14 million campus "

Oh and that other diddy thing, proaction


Tour de Yorks 2016 - Middlesborough & Scarborough .... that will be the coastal road then


And not to be left out in the cold : http://www.whitbygazette.co.uk/news/local/swing-bridge-closure-for-goth-...

Haha -  Sprung Springs - WgW & TDY on the same week-end ... could be a Swinging time, Beltane.


lol - apart from a new wave in cycling helmets could they book the young lady @ 2.24 at the starting line ... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y83CHNX2DbY

Ooops? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jqbpBxEu2IM







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UTC - Opens its Doors

"First students arrive at Scarborough's University Technical College

Jonathan Cowap

Presenter, BBC Radio York

I've been outside the new University Technical College as it opened its doors to students this morning.

A short time ago I was joined by a handful of the near 200 students who are beginning the next stage of their education.

Shortly after arriving they were involved in a team-building exercise.

"It's a great way to get to know the students," assistant principle Matt Osbourne told me."


Straws ....


"CCS uses a chemical process to strip CO2 emissions from the exhaust gases of industrial plant and power stations. The gas is then pushed through pipes before being pumped under pressure into rocks - to be stored (hopefully) for ever. The North Sea is ideal with its many depleted gas fields.

In a report to Business Secretary Greg Clark, the group claims CCS is now ready to be deployed at £85/MWh over a 15-year period – that’s significantly below the cost for nuclear power, and comparable to many renewable options.

The report says by 2050, CCS could be responsible for curbing as much as 40% of emissions, saving up to £5bn annually compared with alternative strategies...."


Oooh this could catch on ... ;-)  Kayakers excepted ... mebbe.



Ah, so  ... tis an alternative to  Peasholm



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UTC Opens Doors


"..."Almost 100 per cent of all UTC students are employed in industry,with 42 per cent of students graduating from university.

"The Scarboro UTC team and staff have excelled in their desire to open a Scarboro based UTC which is a paradigm shift in career-based education both locally and regionally...."

Any students that may appear to have been genetically modified to match the Principle will of course be excluded if their 'suit' is cut from better cloth.


Ah, so ....


lol ... yep, dolphins can swim.


Oh ffs ....



Ah, so ...

"There's a lot of optimism there and people have a spring in their step as they're going round the town. I'm really pleased this has come together."

Scarborough MP Robert Goodwill"

"The first of two new colleges has opened in Scarborough. About 200 students have walked through the doors of the town's University Technical College today before many more start at Coventry University's Scarborough campus next week"

Fair doos.


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Bah Humbugs ...

Karma ....


"The former Prime Minister David Cameron has been appointed Steward and Bailiff of the Manor of Northstead, which is in Scarborough.

It is a paid post, traditionally awarded to former MPs upon their resignation.

The Manor of Northstead once consisted of medieval manor house surrounded by farms and fields.

The estate has since been redeveloped, forming part of the Barrowcliff area of Scarborough.

The stewardship is a nominal role, with no official responsibility.

Last updated Mon 12 Sep 2016"


That's £115K per year could be better spent at Gallows Close.


Tho apparently the Manor was at Barrowcliff could have been on't Golf course...




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Medieval 'Karma'


"A Labour MP has been appointed an archaic title covering the modern day areas of Peasholm Park and Scarborough Open Air Theatre so he can officially step down from Parliament.

Labour MP Jamie Reed has today been appointed Steward of the Manor of Northstead meaning he can stand down after representing Copeland, in Cumbria, since 2005.

Under ancient laws you can't resign from the House of Commons, but these Crown appointments bar holders from sitting there.

Other famous people who've held the nominal post are Gerry Adams, Martin McGuinness and David Milliband. It has been held most recently by former Prime Minister David Cameron.

Jamie Reed's title means a by-election can now take place for his seat in Copeland in February.

The MP took the unusual step of taking a job outside the house after criticising Jeremy Corbyn's leadership.

The Manor of Northstead consisted of a medieval manor house surrounded by fields and farms in the parish of Scalby.

The estate originally bordered the northern side of the ancient boundary of the Borough of Scarborough, following the line of Peasholm Beck.

The estate passed into the ownership of the Crown during the reign of King Richard III (1483–1485). By 1600, the manor house had fallen into disrepair, being latterly occupied by Sir Richard Cholmeley's shepherd until it finally collapsed.

The land, but not the lordship of the manor, was bought from the Crown by the Scarborough Corporation in 1921.

The estate has now been redeveloped, forming part of the Barrowcliff area of Scarborough. The site of the manor house is believed to have been covered by the lake in Peasholm Park."



Kettles on ;-)

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Dragon Alert


"Former Chancellor George Osborne is to chair a new think tank aimed at taking forward his "Northern Powerhouse" plan.

As chancellor, Mr Osborne championed the idea of creating an economy in the north of England to rival those of London and the South East.

But there have been concerns that the project may go off the rails under PM Theresa May, who sacked Mr Osborne.

Mr Osborne said the PM had committed to the vision but told the Sun: "We can't just expect Whitehall to do it all."

"It has to be a team effort," he told the newspaper.

Mr Osborne, the MP for Tatton, in Cheshire, has returned to the backbenches following Mrs May's cabinet reshuffle, and said chairing the new body - the Northern Powerhouse partnership - would "now be a major focus of my political energies"..."



Oh. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-37380720

Darn it ...


Spot the difference? 

Erm, ... Gulf gulf. Red.


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Time Shifters



Ah, so ...


"6:03am 27th January 2017

Scarborough Borough Council need someone to look after the town's historic lighthouse.

They've advertised a vacancy for an attendant to take care of it, as well as carry out other duties around the harbour.

They say the job's changed radically from the traditional 'light house keeper', and it's now more about helping visitors.

Captain Chris Burrows, Deputy Harbour Master, said:

"Nowadays with technology, the lighthouse attendants don't particularly focus on the light itself, they're more of a figurehead for the visitors as they arrive in Scarborough, ensuring they get the best of the facilities available.

It's a nice job, you spend a lot of time out in the harbour, hopefully in the beautiful sunshine across the summer. Our lighthouse attendants are based in the very bottom of the lighthouse itself, it's a nice view from there out across the South Bay and the harbour."




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Q: Apples & Pears


;-) A : Horizontal Exorcise.



"It’s unclear why the market has failed to re-rate Sirius, although after recent declines it does look as if the company is one of London’s most undervalued and under-appreciated stocks.

Undervalued and under-appreciated

Trying to place an exact value on Sirius today is almost impossible. It will be years before the company’s mine is up and running, and the chances of the project falling behind, running over budget or not yielding the desired results are high. 

That being said, while there’s still a lot of risk in Sirius’ shares, the company’s potential upside, even if things don’t go to plan, could be massive. In various scenarios, the company’s shares could be worth multiples of their current value. 

Considering Sirius’ current market capitalisation is £770m, the potential uplift possible if the company hits its most optimistic could be as much as 30x. 

As I’ve written before, based on updated budget forecasts, Sirius’ management estimates the firm’s potash project now has a net present value of $15.2bn and an internal rate of return of 28% if everything goes to plan. Current estimates show the mine could generate annual earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortisation (EBITDA) ranging from$1bn to $3bn, based on variable volume and price outcomes.

Placing a value on growth 

Assuming shares in Sirius attract a valuation of 11 times EBITDA (peer average), based on current exchange rates, its market cap could exceed £26.4bn at $3bn EBITDA when the company starts producing. This forecast is clearly very optimistic, so let’s cut it back a bit. 

If Sirius hits the $1bn EBITDA watermark, a multiple of 11 times implies a market value of £8.8bn, that’s still 10x more than the company’s current market value. If we’re really pessimistic and assume Sirius completely misses the $1bn target and instead only manages to produce EBITDA of $500m per annum, even this low-ball target implies a market value of £4.4bn when the company gets its mine up and running.

Plenty of upside available 

So, even in the most pessimistic scenario Sirius looks undervalued at current levels. One thing to consider is that even if Sirius’ market value only doubles over the next five years, investors will still pocket a return of around 20% per annum, more than three times the market average annual return of 6%. 

To put it another way, considering all the risks and the potential upside available here, an investment in Sirius seems extremely likely to beat the market over the next five years."


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Poly Swag?


Kripes :



Ooh pre Cook'd.


Dis May ...


Anyone keeping Count?


Ooh ... http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-38768683

""Complete garbage," is how Eugene Gregoryanz from Edinburgh University described the research. "Like everybody else who works with hydrogen at high pressures, I am appalled by what is being published in Science."

Such resistance is natural. If what is being claimed pans out, it would represent one of the major physics breakthroughs of recent decades.

Metallic hydrogen was first predicted more than 80 years ago, and there has been a race to create it ever since. That is because of the stunning properties that are promised.

It has been suggested for example that metallic hydrogen might be metastable; that is - once made under extreme conditions it would maintain its state even when brought back up to ambient pressures and temperatures.

And if, as some think, it is also a zero-resistance superconductor, that could lead to a revolution in the transmission and storage of electricity."




Great ;-)




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Breathing Space






Ohm Ohm Ohm ...


Yawwwn ...

Ah, so ... visitors ;-)

"Millions of young people travel home for the Chinese New Year.

For many there's an element of comic dread about this as they face a once-a-year grilling about their love lives, academic results and job prospects.

The Shanghai Rainbow Chamber Singers provide a "survival guide".


pmsl ... I do hope she's not reading this on't train ;-)

Ohm Ohm Ohm

Fee Fi Fo 'Fun' innit ;-)


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The Other Boots


"6:01am 4th January 2017

2017 is set to be an exciting year for football in Scarborough, as the town's team return home after 10 years.

Scarborough Athletic have shared grounds with Bridlington Town ever since the previous club was wound up back in 2007.

But from this summer, they'll be moving into a brand new stadium at the new leisure village at Weaponness."



"A local football match took on significant meaning for supporters this weekend - as war-torn Aleppo saw its first live game in five years.

Local side Al-Ittihad beat their city rivals Hurriya 2-1 on Saturday.

There has been no professional football in Aleppo since it was divided between the army and rebel forces in 2011..."





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Dungeons & Dragons

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Sundae Best


"Scarborough can rightfully claim to be Britain’s first seaside resort. It was only after a local quack, Dr Wittie, began to prescribe the town’s spa and sea water as a cure for gout in the late 17th century that the affluent unwell started to wash up on our coasts.

The town combines the historic, scenic, majestic and elegant with the fun, gaudy and outright kiss-me-quick kitsch. The skyline of its South Bay is dominated by the Grand Hotel, once the largest hotel in Europe and built in the 1860s on the site of the guesthouse where Anne Brontë expired (her grave is in St Mary’s churchyard). Fashioned in yellow brick, this crenellated building with four domed towers looks not unlike a majestic sandcastle and is neatly complemented by the scenic ruins of an actual ancient castle on the peak of the South Bay opposite...."


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2:40pm 22nd June 2017

Scarborough TEC has officially completed the purchase of the old University of Hull campus on Filey Road.

The college, formerly known as Yorkshire Coast College, will move in there in September.

They'll be installing new kitchens and hair and beauty facilities, as well as giving the whole place a lick of paint, over the next few months.

Ann Hardy, the college principal, said:

"We feel that it's a fantastic environment, it's a beautiful building, we've got a state of the art learning centre. The facilities that we're putting into the building will give the students the opportunity to use training facilities that are the same standard as they would get in industry, so it's very much the same standard as they would be working with when they go into employment."



1. They were legally fishing

2. The victim (a writer for the BBC) was shaking with fear after being threatened with being cut open. 

3. The 'Castle Wrecking Crew' were baiting 'The Spliffers' 




One key witness who attended the victims, has called for a review of Harbour Security.


How Now ... about that one mile exclusion zone?


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"For this Exhibit of the Week we’ve chosen a painting from the English School which shows the interior of the underground aquarium that used to stand at the bottom of Valley Road.

May 1853 saw the opening of the ‘Marine Vivarium’ at the London Zoological Gardens in Regent’s Park. This was arguably the first public aquarium and allowed people to see marine wonders for the first time. The public were hungry for such amusements and the aquarium proved hugely popular and also hugely profitable. Over the next few decades, aquariums sprang up all over the world and could be found in Dublin, New York, Boston, Paris, Brussels, Berlin and Boulogne amongst other places.

In 1869 major redevelopments were occurring in Brighton and as part of the improvements the famed seaside architect and wonderfully named Eugenius Birch was approached to build an aquarium. Eugenius Birch is now mainly remembered for his pier building, but as we shall discover, he was much more than a one trick pony. Having visited the aquarium in Boulogne and taking inspiration from it, Birch had planned for the Brighton Aquarium to be a substantial building with majestic towers, but it was deemed this would spoil the sea view from the promenade. To get round this problem, Birch took the bold step of proposing a subterranean pleasure palace which would allow huge marine tanks (at the time, the largest in the world) as well as room for dining and decorative features such as cascades and an elegant fernery.

The Brighton project was completed in 1872 at a cost of £130,000 and was inaugurated by Prince Albert at Easter, although at this point there were no displays. It was formally opened by the mayor, Mr Cordy Burrows, on August 10, and was celebrated around the world.

Eugenius Birch was familiar with Scarborough having built the north bay pier which opened to much praise in 1869, and following the completion of the Brighton Aquarium he became the chief engineer of the Scarborough and Whitby Railway, on which work began in 1872, although it wouldn’t open until 1885. Seeing the success of the Brighton Aquarium a consortium of local and national businessmen formed the Scarborough Aquarium Company and shares were sold to raise capital.

Working to a design by Mr Birch, and under his personal superintendence, Messrs. Kirk and Parry of Sleaford commenced work in the summer of 1874. Kirk and Parry were also constructing the Scarborough and Whitby Railway, so were clearly experienced in such major civil engineering as this ambitious project. A description of the proposed work from the Manchester Courier dated 16th June 1874 gives an indication of the extent of the proposal:

“The site of the Aquarium is the Old Horse and Carriage Stand, so well known to all visitors of Scarbro’, and the intention is to excavate the whole of this space and the adjoining roads, which will give a site of wide area. Over the buildings a wide carriage-road will be formed, giving a handsome approach to the sands, which will be continued by a good roadway for some extent along the foreshore.”

As at Brighton, the underground structure allowed the construction of substantial buildings without compromising the sea views. There were very few hitches considering the scale of the job which not only involved the removal of huge amounts of rock and earth, water pipes and drains had to be diverted, and the Mill Beck had to be culverted and piped below the beach. The most dramatic event during the construction occurred in November 1875. One Saturday morning between five and six am a wall collapsed over an area of around 20 yards and many hundreds of tons of earth were displaced. The culprit was a fractured water pipe which had been leaking since the Friday night. Due to the early hour of the occurrence, no one was injured, but much of Scarborough was without water for most of the day. In February the following year an arch in the main corridor collapsed beneath a foreman named Mr Smith. Despite falling 20 feet and suffering some serious injuries, he survived. For such a major construction work to be completed without loss of life was impressive in Victorian times.

During the construction of the aquarium it was noted in the reports of the Scarborough Philosophical Society that the disruption had caused a reduction in the number of visitors to the Rotunda Museum, but they admitted that on completion the improved roadways and additional visitors to the area would undoubtedly increase the number of visits to the museum, which indeed proved correct.

Considering the project had taken three years to complete, the grand opening on the May 19, 1877, passed with little ceremony, and at two o’clock the turnstiles opened, and ex-mayor John Hart was the first to pay his shilling and pass in. During the afternoon over 1,000 people were admitted, and nearly twice as many assembled in the evening and were entertained by the Band of the Yorkshire Regiment of Artillery Militia. One of the displays that seems to have proved very popular was a tank allowing people to watch puffins and guillemots chasing fish.

The aquarium, though popular at first was never the success it should have been, and following a number of changes of use, it closed in 1966 and the site was demolished in 1968. During its existence it wasn’t without incident, from rogue elephants to trams crashing through the ceiling, and some readers may have fond memories of its final days as Gala Land.

There is much that can be said about the history of the Aquarium and Gala Land, and it may well be a subject we revisit in the future.

The painting of the Aquarium is part of the Scarborough Collections, the name given to all the museum objects and artwork acquired by the borough over the years, and now in the care of Scarborough Museums Trust. For further information, please contact Collections Manager (maternity cover) Simon Hedges on Simon.Hedges@smtrust.uk.com or 01723 384505."




The Hard & Soft Option.

Oh, 'ere we go ;-)


Have a quiet day.

Ironically, the 'Bros in Arms' were called Ropers.