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The Public Consultation for the Draft Local Plan 2015 - 2030 is outed:  http://scarborough.objective.co.uk/portal/planning/lp/dlp2014?pointId=25...

Of interest, IMO:

Section 6: Homes & Community - http://scarborough.objective.co.uk/portal/planning/lp/dlp2014?pointId=s1...

6.16 HC2 - Development of "Westwood Campus Site" and "Land off Lady Edith's Drive" both home to Yorkshire Coast College.

6.46 : Gypsy and Traveller Site Provision - Proposals for sites for Gypsies, Travellers and/or Travelling Showpeople will be permitted where there is demonstrable need, they are situated within suitable locations, are of a good design and layout and where:

The site is clearly demarcated with pitch boundaries using appropriate boundary treatment and landscaping sympathetic to, and in keeping with, the surrounding area;

The site allows satisfactory access to local schools and other facilities;

Site design takes account of the needs of residents, and provides an appropriate pitch layout that ensures security, safety and an acceptable level of amenity for residents. The site should also provide adequate facilities for parking, storage and play;

There is safe access for pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles, including for turning and parking, vehicles towing caravans, emergency services and servicing requirements, including waste collection;

All necessary utilities can be provided on the site including mains water, electricity supply, drainage, sanitation and provision for the screened storage and collection of refuse, including recyclable materials;

The proposal would avoid any unacceptable adverse or detrimental impact on the amenity, health or living conditions of neighbouring residents or any other neighbouring uses, including as a result of flood risk, excessive noise, dust, fumes, lighting, traffic generation or activity;

Section 7 - Economic Growth http://scarborough.objective.co.uk/portal/planning/lp/dlp2014?pointId=s1...

7.1: The Local Plan has an important role to play in facilitating growth and diversifying the Borough’s economy, not just in terms of enhancing the role and performance of our town centres but also in providing essential job opportunities across various employment sectors. It is essential that the strategy for delivering new homes is clearly connected to the fostering of economic success and employment growth.

7.2: There are approximately 39,200 people currently employed within the Borough, with 18.9% of these people (7400) employed within the tourism industry.  This figure is considerably higher than the national average (8.2%) and demonstrates the importance of tourism to the local economy; over 7 million visitors are attracted to the Borough each year, spending upwards of £442 million

7.3: The percentage of people employed within the manufacturing industry (11.1%) is higher than the national average (8.7%), whilst a lower percentage of people are employed within industries such as transport and communications, banking, finance and insurance when compared to the national average.  The decline of the rural economy over the past decade has seen a reduction in the number of people employed within traditional rural activities such as agriculture and forestry.

7.4: Rates of unemployment within the Borough have historically been close to the national average, however, since 2009 there has been a steady rise in the number of people without work.  The latest figures (covering the period up to 2010) show that unemployment in Scarborough Borough (9.1%) is higher than the national average (7.7%).

7.5:  It is estimated that the Borough’s workforce will increase by approximately 4350 people over the period of the Local Plan.  Therefore, during the plan period there will be a need to deliver approximately 240 new jobs a year simply to maintain present rates of employment

Also some other interested stats on earnings, economics, welfare etc etc. Usual stuff.

The Public Consultation is reported to 'open' on Friday (seems pretty open now btw) and to last 10 weeks.

How convenient !  


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No Idea ...


X'cept hand in hand with Osbo's new homes policy, local authorities will be wondering where they are getting the funding from to provide front line services.

Small Business Rate Relief at the expense of homes & housing development?

More obfustication : 'widen the gulf between North and South' http://www.theguardian.com/public-leaders-network/2016/mar/23/osbornes-b...

Should be 'widens the gulf between hand & mouth'  

Rateable values are set by rental values, set by pension pots companies ... so you could argue that the policy is to protect pensions (high rentals) over front line services. 

Proliferant empty high street shops should be knocked down and grassed over...

Unless of course its BHS. 

In short, fair rent = fair rates.