Self Drive Camping

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"As campsites within game reserves and national parks are usually not fenced, it is important for campers to take necessary precautionary measures to ensure their safety, and to abide by the information provided by wildlife officers.

The following basic camping rules should be strictly heeded:

  • Only camp in designated campsites.
  • Always sleep in your tent, roof tent or vehicle. Make sure your tent zips up well.
  • Don’t sleep with legs or arms protruding from the tent.
  • Use rubbish receptacles at the campsites; if there are none, carry away all rubbish until you get to the next town.
  • Cigarette butts should be well extinguished and placed in a rubbish bag, not thrown on the ground.
  • Make sure the campfire is well extinguished at the end of the evening, or after use, and cover it with sand.
  • Don’t sleep on bridges or animal paths, particularly those of elephants and hippos.
  • Bury all faecal matter and burn all toilet paper.
  • Don’t bathe or drink from still bodies of water; there is the danger of bilharzia.
  • In the Okavango, don’t swim in lagoons or streams; there is the danger of crocodiles and/or hippos.
  • Children must be constantly supervised. Never leave them alone in the campsite. Never allow children to nap on the ground or in the open.
  • Don’t stray far from the campsite, or walk in the bush, unless with a qualified guide.

Driving is on the left side of the road. The national speed limit on tarred roads is 120 km/h and 60 km/h in towns and villages. Watch out for wildlife and domestic animals on the roads. In the National parks always stay on the established tracks in order to avoid the ugly scars left by off-road driving. Stay below the 40km/h speed limit for the safety of wildlife and yourselves.

The general rule of thumb for camping in Botswana is – take only memories,leave only footprints."

Oh Dear ...

Apparently it's triangular.

"A report to a meeting of the park authority next week states although there are “some uncertainties in both proposals that warrant further exploration with the proponents”, officers’ overall view was that both proposals could be supported on the basis that they unlock the opportunity of a devolution deal for York and North Yorkshire.

When asked to detail its uncertainties, the park authority said they related to working practices."

Best not mention Sunderland.

That Digger Hotel looks quite nice...

"The two parks have a lot in common, such as tourism and seeking to enhance the landscapes, and I’m sure the two working together in a unitary county would be to our advantage.”

Big Ears.

Bats n Swans, eh? Wots not to like...

"If I were to put “British”, though, it would feel like the end of an era."


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Slide and Move

"As the night wore on, riot police forcibly dispersed another large sit-down protest outside Bridewell police station, half a mile away. Ten people were arrested and footage circulating online appeared to show a journalist and protesters being hit by truncheons and shields."

"I now need weeks of physiotherapy.”

"He said Egypt was grateful to the US, China and the United Arab Emirates for offers of help."

“The hardest part was deciding who would best get them reaching for the smelling salts."

Ah, So ...

How Inconvenient.



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Hasta La Vista

"“It knocked pictures off our walls … I’m all up for silliness and whatnot, but that was extreme.”


"The six-tonne asteroid punched into Earth’s atmosphere at 37,000mph in June 2018 and broke apart above the central Kalahari game reserve, creating a fireball nearly as bright as the sun. Immediate searches of the presumed landing site found a small meteorite, which was named Motopi Pan..."

Oh, OK: - )


"Our portfolio of world-class competitive operations, development projects and undeveloped resources, provides many of the metals and minerals that enable a cleaner, greener, more sustainable world and that meet the fast growing consumer-driven demands of developed and maturing economies. With our people at the heart of our business, we use innovative practices and the latest technologies to mine, process, move and market our products to our customers - and to discover new resources - safely and sustainably.

As a responsible producer of diamonds (through De Beers), copper, platinum group metals, the steelmaking ingredients of iron ore and metallurgical coal, and nickel - with crop nutrients in development and thermal coal operations planned for divestment - we are committed to being carbon neutral across our operations by 2040."

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Artificial Intelligence

"To Ikeda, this is “opera” with light and sound. “There’s the intro, the welcome piece, then the crescendo [and] climax. It’s a long journey.”"

"The more he submerges himself in this material, the more, he says, he finds himself screaming “wow, wow, wow” in sheer amazement.

“The great thing about being an artist is that I can think about these things all day,” he says. And then he signs off: “It’s a total privilege. It’s totally useless.”

Oh Dear...

"Brontë buffs all around the world are now coming together and preparing to give voice to their concerns.

She described them as the “geriatric luddite gang” and said: “This is serious. We will fight like crazy. It might go to a legal challenge. We luddites will not be fighting this time with hatchets and guns but with our voices, letters and emails.”

She rejected the council’s opinion that turning the site over to commercial use was “ground-breaking” and countered that the National Trust has been operating such a system for years.

Instead she called on the authority to exercise more thought."

“There is no Chinese mathematics and French mathematics,” he says. “Mathematics is just one.”

How very dare she... Luddite, Moi?

Binary Digits.