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"London has been put on “very high” alert as cold and still weather, traffic, and a peak in the use of wood-burning stoves combined to send air pollution soaring in the capital and across swaths of the UK.

The forecast for Tuesday is that air pollution levels will remain unacceptably high in the capital with pollution levels expected to similarly persist in other areas across the country.

“Today the shameful state of London’s toxic air has meant that I am forced to trigger the first ‘very high’ air pollution alert under my new comprehensive alert system,” said the Mayor of London ..

"“This is the highest level of alert and everyone – from the most vulnerable to the physically fit – may need to take precautions to protect themselves from the filthy air.”





""Local authorities lost £18bn of government funding in real terms between 2010 and 15, with the poorest councils bearing the brunt of the cuts.

"From what we have seen of the government's industrial strategy so far, I am not convinced they are committed to the long-term investment needed to transform the northern economy."

Business Secretary Greg Clark said the plans were about "spreading opportunities right across the country".


But his opposite number at Labour, Clive Lewis, said the government's industrial strategy was "too little too late".

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"A project aims to plant three million trees - one for every man, woman and child - in Greater Manchester over the next 25 years.

Those behind City of Trees hopes the effort will not only green the region but improve our understanding of the benefits trees provide to society.

These include reducing stress, improve air quality and the amount of time shoppers spend in retail areas.

The project is also testing how trees can reduce flooding in built-up areas.

City of Trees director Tony Hothersall explained that the scheme had three main objectives.

"One is to plant three million trees, ie. a tree for every man woman and child, over the next 25 years," he said.

"Next, we are very much focused on bringing existing woodland into management because there is no point in planting new woodland if you can't manage what you've got already.

"Finally, we want to engage people a lot more in their natural environment; in planting trees; in managing areas; in understanding more about the benefits that trees and woodlands bring to our society."








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Woodland Trust : Fake News


"Raithwaite Plantation, just a couple of miles to the west of Whitby, is ancient woodland.

Within touching distance of the coast, it is full of ash, poplar, field maple, honeysuckle and bluebells. It’s also home to an array of important wildlife, such as linnets and bullfinches, both of which are most likely breeding on site

More than four hectares of ancient woodland threatened

For centuries this woodland, much in a steep sloping valley, has survived management and in parts planting by non-native conifers. What is being proposed now though trumps all previous intrusion.

Now developers want to place holiday lodges, a restaurant and other infrastructure next to and within this woodland. More than four hectares of irreplaceable ancient woodland are threatened.

This is devastating news. We need you to join us in urging Scarborough Borough Council planners to say no. We have until 8 February to contact the council with our concerns.

The developers must think again and come up with a more appropriate location."

Not true.

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"A planned 35 metre-high energy plant and incinerator poses an environmental threat to two Yorkshire beauty spots, campaigners have claimed.

Bradford councillors will next week rule on whether the proposed development on Airedale Road in Keighley, which has attracted strong local opposition, should be given the go-ahead, despite a previous application being refused in 2015.

"The two main elements of the Halton Group’s ‘clean energy’ scheme are a refuse derived fuel power plant, where pre-treated waste is burned to convert the material into energy, ash and gasses, and a waste plastics melting plant."

"But opponents say the 80 metre plume from the site’s incinerator will ruin the view from nearby Grade I-listed East Riddlesden Hall, and affect the air quality on Ilkley Moor, four miles away.

The National Trust, which owns East Riddlesden Hall, has also weighed in on the proposals, saying it is extremely concerned about the impact on its wedding business and the health of its staff.

A decision on the proposed facility, which Halton hopes will “generate energy, establshing a sustainable and pioneering process within the region”, will be made by Bradford council’s Regulatory and Appeals Committee on February 9."

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Wall & Fence 'Jumpin'





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"... The Monastery at Wass is a very exceptional case but was felt to be an opportunity to create a stunning new building for the future.”As you can see from our various photographs whether or not you wish to regard this new building as stunning is a matter of opinion. To me it looks more like a maximum security prison for the criminally insane and hardly in keeping with a National Park where even the use of Satellite dishes is treated with disdain...."

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