EU Hustings - Part II

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At the EU Hustings talk continued about how small firms can easily access finance, Yorkshire Forward used to be able to secure funding from Europe.  (NB  now the HCA).

Q - What about Regeneration Aid?

Lib Dem - there is a policy of funding for repairs, the net contribition is quite low.

Green - The EU can help with building infrastrucure, rural broadband means that business can be spread out. 

And all of the 'panel' joined in to say that increasing broad band speeds would assist small businesses and access to the internet would increase growth.  Now I'd heard this political rhetoric about 'Internet' for all before. And at this conjecture I was wondering just how 'aware' this panel was.  From an internet capacity engineer, if my memory serves me well, despite which internet provider you choose to use they all use BT lines.  And, a common misconception is that the internet is bounced off satellites.  Not quite, it is all  connected by cables under the sea.  

Further the three main access into the UK are at Liverpool, Cardiff, Hull and London Docklands at 'secret' locations.  You can only imagine what a high tech terrorist could do on a bad day. Well no actually,  these are highly secure facilities, that can be recognised only by their magnetic outputs from immense power electrical usage.   A little knowledge is a dangerous thing.  

Anyhow back to my point at the EU Hustlings, after mentioning the political 'Rural Broadband' for all, is a  nonsense, ie its all down to BT anyway. I wanted to know what each of the 'panel' 's own view on Internet Regulations were;  after some sort of statement I made about how business were open to abuse, copyright infringement, stealing of other business ideas, etc etc.  My Q was: - Whilst you are all keen on increasing BroadBand for all do you not think it is time that the Internet be Regulated to protect Business?    

Lib Dem - yes definitely, it is a global problem and as part of the EU we can bring in Regulations for the internet,  I doubt we could do this as a single state outside of the EU.

Ryan (Tory) - Regulations are about censorship, the Govt is already concerend about pornography etc .  

Q - Can we stick to protecting business by Internet Regulation, that is a seperate issue.

Green - yes counterfeiting is a big problem, we need good regulations

Lab - I run my own business that is constantly undermined form internet firms that claim they can sell my products at a cheaper cost.  Mainly from the far east, but these products have not been tested and do not hold British or European Standards.  The Internet needs to be regulated on two levels, one at EU level and also on a global level.

Anyhow, I think you get the point,  politics, economics, environment and technology. Timing is everything.  By way of explaination:

Hypocrisy is wonderful to observe, but do we let the lunatics take over the assylum?

Still we are all travelling through the universe at a speed of ahem (thats the other issue I have with the internet), knowledge is shallow and memories fade,   : the speed of light is no problem, it is just defining the universe (as we know it)