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The most exciting thing to happen in Skardiborgibados this week?

Jablers Day.

"The village next door has more amenities..."


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A Nutcracker Suite

" The regular weekly and daily market is now held in the market hall, opened in 1853, in St. Helen's Square, between Dumple Street and Cross Street. Cross Street was called Cargate until the erection in 1670 of a market cross (removed in 1802), in St. Helen's Square.  An apple market was held in King Street until 1880 a cattle market once held in Queen Street is now held near Wrea Lane; there was a meat market in St. Helen's Square and afterwards in the old shambles where the new ones stand. There was a cloth market at the south end of Queen Street, blanket sales in Newborough Street, a pig market, now removed to the abattoirs, in St. Thomas Street; an open corn market is still held. The corn cross stood in 1631 at the junction of St. Thomas Street with Newborough.  Part of an old market cross called the Butter Cross is still to be seen between Cook's Row and West Sandgate. The 'Rede Cross' faced it.  The day on which the fair began was the latest date for the payment of gabelage, and this must be the reason why it was called Jablers Day. The fair attracted foreign merchants, especially Flemings. Booths and tents were pitched in Merchants' Row, and the fair opened with a procession of the governing body."

“I’m looking for the sign,” said the civil servant..."

Paranoid, Moi?

".... to some, the M25 is regarded as a “Hadrian’s Wall” to defend the civilised Londoners from the barbaric Northerners."

Keep Smiling.

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A Ballot Box

"Later this year, you will be able to vote in elections that will help to shape the way council services in the borough and the rest of North Yorkshire are run in a new era of local government.

The vote on Thursday 5 May will elect 90 councillors who will represent 89 divisions across the county for the final year of North Yorkshire County Council and then the first four years of a new North Yorkshire Council, which will be created on 1 April 2023.

The new council will replace us, the county council and the six other district and borough councils in North Yorkshire to deliver all local services to you. Newly elected councillors will shape what public services will look like ahead of North Yorkshire Council's first day.

The new division boundaries can be viewed on interactive maps, alongside our current borough wards.

Prospective election candidates and their agents are invited to a countywide online live event on Thursday 17 February, 5pm to 6pm. Prospective candidates do not need to book a place at the event."

Ah, So...

I can stand in two places at once?

Grrr ...

Purely for pragmatic purposes.

Clear as Mud.