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 "I believe that progress has been made by two flames that have always burned in the human heart; the flame of anger at injustice and the flame of hope that we can build a better world"

Tony Benn (03/04/25 to 14/03/14)  

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The Hard Stare

"An escaped lynx taunted zoo bosses by posing for a picture next to a trap - before refusing to take the bait and running off into bushes.

The Eurasian lynx, called Lilleth, was seen staring at the camera next to a cage, but became suspicious and disappeared into darkness.

Lilleth - who has been missing for more than a week - has evaded heat-seeking helicopters, zoo keepers armed with dart guns, and dozens of police officers on her trail.

"She said experts were using: “Old fashioned tracking skills and modern technology working together to catch Lillith safely.

“Fingers crossed we get closer than last night.

“The zoo will remain closed today while the hunt for Lillith continues as she evaded our traps last night, although we did get some excellent footage of her on camera.”

"Officers have set up dozens of bait traps in the area around the zoo, along with a funnel trap in a bid to flush her into it.

But as a last resort trained marksmen are on hand with dart guns to shoot and sedate the cat dubbed the Beast of Borth..."

"Dr O’Donoghue said It was “highly unlikely” a lynx would be responsible for killing eight sheep in “one clinical attack” on one day.

“Lilleth is a captive-raised animal that has never hunted, never seen a roe deer and finds herself in a completely unsuitable habitat. Her behaviour bears no relation to that of a wild lynx.”

Lilleth would be surviving on her fat reserve and by eating small mammals, such as rabbits, he said. “But this lynx needs to be caught and placed in a suitable enclosure where she can enjoy as natural a life as possible.”

Much more plausible scenarios are either a dog attack, or that the sheep had died from some other cause, which is “extremely common in the UK”, said Dr O’Donoghue.

“Official figures on sheep mortality from the National Animal Disease Information Service (Nadis) claim between two and six million sheep die every year from malnutrition, disease and exposure. Sadly, the sight of a trailer full of dead sheep in winter is a not uncommon site.”


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