'All Is Fair...'

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"The assumption behind this proverb is that the end justifies the means."

"The 300-page bill was introduced to parliament on Monday. If allowed to become law, it will hand the police and the home secretary sweeping new powers to crack down on any protest that risks causing even the smallest disruption, effectively any protest that is a protest."

"All's fair in love—an' war—an' politics"

"The bill is enormous, and extends well beyond an assault on our rights to free expression and assembly. It takes aim at nomadic Gypsy and Traveller ways of life, paving the way for more police enforcement against “unauthorised encampments”. It will introduce a Prevent-style duty for knife crime, making it easier for public agencies to institute their own versions of the Met’s rights-infringing gangs matrix. It will give police yet another power to stop and search people."



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"Organisations in the town are planning a day of activities and entertainment for Saturday, in accordance with the government's roadmap for lifting restrictions."


"The town council is very pleased to be able to support this event to celebrate being able to socialise again. "


"That makes them particularly dangerous because they spend the majority of their orbit close to the sun, whose overwhelming glare obscures them to telescopes on Earth – rather like a second world war fighter ace approaching"

"Was it Wednesday or Sunday? I couldn’t really tell: every day of the week felt identical because there was nothing to distinguish them."

Artisanal Cheeses...




"In love and war no time should be lost"



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A Daily Influx

"The campaign themes include: 

Escape - where visitors will be invited to lose themselves and truly relax. Experiences will include spa retreats, long, peaceful walking routes and tranquil accommodation options.

Explore - the Yorkshire coast has always been home to daring individuals who have exploration in their blood. With an extraordinary history to share audiences can explore the stories of adventures across the world that started in Yorkshire, as well taking in the stunning scenery on offer across the destination.

Indulge - this theme is all about indulging in passions and if that includes some of the best culinary experiences available, then so be it!

Dream - sleep is important, but with inspirational experiences on offer up and down the coast, you can escape into another world or even create your own just like great literary heroes of the past such as Bram Stoker and Lewis Carrol who created masterpieces whilst staying at the Yorkshire coast."

"The parallel insulation scheme administered by local authorities is running much more smoothly but ministers still need to create a new programme to nudge able-to-pay home owners into improving their insulation for the UK to hit its climate change targets.

There is no sign yet what that new programme might look like, or when it might happen."

"Hunter gatherer communities tend to share resources fairly equally. In farming communities, by contrast, deep inequalities can develop."



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The Iron Lady

"Is it any wonder that London bridges are falling down? For hundreds of years, they have worked tirelessly to carry the load of one of the world's busiest cities."




"At the moment we are just sitting, waiting and nothing is happening."



Cosmic Connections...


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A Gemological Institute

"Scarborough Borough Council is to spend £2.6m developing business cases for projects set to benefit from cash from the town fund.  £37m of Government funding has been made available for Projects in Scarborough and Whitby but it's dependent on strong business cases being drawn up for each of the individual projects covered by the scheme."



""We can essentially create the same outcome as nature has created, but at a very, very different price.""


""So whichever direction you want a laser to go, usually it goes somewhere else," Mr Rimmer explains.""





"Once you can write things inside diamonds, "you can write electrical circuits; it takes you into science instrumentation and ultimately quantum computing," says Mr Rimmer.

Maintaining trust in the authenticity and provenance of diamonds is essential to keep an increasingly sceptical public buying."



May the Fifth be With You..