The Expandables

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Anyone got a Bic ?

"As well as being asked to bring their own pen or pencil to mark their ballots, those voting in a polling station this year will have to wear a mask.

Candidates are also being asked not to give voters a lift to polling stations in their cars - a common practice at election time."

"Fog can make navigation—in ships, planes, or cars—difficult and dangerous."

"Fog and mist differ by how far you can see through them. Fog is when you can see less than 1,000 meters away, and if you can see further than 1,000 metres, we call it mist."

Smog or Avoid...

Apparently they have fog on Mars.




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Half Term Exorcism

Dashcam Footage

"The On-Line Portal allows the public to report some offences via the North Yorkshire Police website rather than by having to call the control room.

North Yorkshire Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner, Julia Mulligan, says the online service is being expanded and says new functionality was added last week to enable the reporting of poor and dangerous driving...

Reports of poor driving can be submitted online here"

"Individual beings will bear the risks but often not benefit."

"This is a fairytale without a happy ending. It is the story of how our police, following a pathway paved with good intentions, became lost in a political Wonderland and betrayed their own commitment to neutrality. British policing was once renowned throughout the world for its political impartiality. Since their foundation by Sir Robert Peel, the police have striven “to seek and preserve public favor, not by pandering to public opinion, but by constantly demonstrating absolute impartial service to law”. Today, this principle is enshrined in The Police Attestation, whereby every officer (as well as Police and Crime Commissioners) swears to serve without fear or favour."

"Captain America may not yet be around the corner, but there is always the possibility of a surprise development."

Dunno why we need a PCC & some pepes can't let them just get on with their job...

Hi Ho.

"Notwithstanding the fact that for some people, hyperpigmentation is genetic, most of the causes of dark circles under eyes come from not sleeping enough, drinking too much booze, smoking, eating poorly, and not drinking enough water. All the usual culprits, then."

Sleep Tight.

One Eye on the Prize ;-)


Curiosity & the Cantankerous

"Currently moving at over 120,000km/h (75,000mph), it must fire its braking engines for 27 minutes to be sure of being captured by the planet's gravity.

Success would enable Hope to begin its mission to study Mars' climate.

"We're entering a very critical phase," said project director, Omran Sharaf. "It's a phase that basically defines whether we reach Mars, or not; and whether we'll be able to conduct our science, or not.

"If we go too slow, we crash on Mars; if we go too fast, we skip Mars," he told BBC News.

Hope is the first of three missions to arrive at the Red Planet this month. On Wednesday, the Chinese Tianwen-1 orbiter will also try to make it into orbit, while the Americans turn up on the 18th with another big rover."

"Conservative Mr Goodwill, a former fisheries Minister, told MPs: "Fishermen who land scallops into Scarborough and Whitby have been told by their wholesalers that there is no market for that fish, so they're currently tied up despite approaching peak season, which ends at the end of April."

"...everyone is agreed that it will either be the voice our nation desperately needs to counter a media full of social-justice loving wokesters, or a cess-pit of confirmation bias catering to the worst elements of society in the name of populism."


"Ofcom’s rules state it “does not mean an equal division of time has to be given to every view, or that every argument and every facet of every argument has to be represented.

“The approach to due impartiality may vary according to the nature of the subject, the type of programme and channel, the likely expectation of the audience as to content, and the extent to which the content and approach is signalled to the audience.”

Neil has described his expectation that GB News anchors will have a “bit of edge, a bit of attitude, personality”."

Hmmm ...


Exams, moi?

Keep Busy.

The First Amendment

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Economic Carnage

"With displays of cheating worthy of Dick Dastardly, Penelope Pitstop levels of kindliness and the kind of teamwork displayed by the crew in the ’60s cartoon series, the competition between a dozen creatures to decide their spot in the order of the 12-year cycle makes for a fascinating tale."


Click & Collect

If only my drive was not so long... ;-)



"whatever your view of commissioners, it’s worth taking an interest at the ballot box."

Blistering Barnacles

"What are your Views on North Yorkshire's Future?"

"Subject to Parliamentary approval, any new unitary council would be expected to be fully operational from April 2023 with transitional arrangements expected to be in place from 2022, including elections in May 2022 to the shadow or continuing councils."

"It's likely that Scarborough Borough Council will be abolished under the proposed changes."

So in Plain English, how many local civil jobs will be lost?

And, elected members aside, wot on Earth will we do for entertainment...

"This year's Budget speech will be delivered on Wednesday 3 March.  It usually starts at about 12:30 GMT and lasts around an hour.

Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer gives his response straight afterwards. Then MPs debate the Budget and the Finance Bill, which puts the chancellor's proposals into law."


City Hall Insignia

"North Yorkshire County Council ‘s leader has denied any wrongdoing and says the authority has stuck to the guidance.

The ministry has now confirmed it has written to all of the parties involved in local government reorganisation “reminding” them to abide by the regulations...

"Within the code there is a section on objectivity which states that

“local authorities should not use public funds to mount publicity campaigns whose primary purpose is to persuade the public to hold a particular view on a question of policy”.

The six district councils proposing the so-called East/West split sought clarification from the Government on whether the communications from North Yorkshire County Council in the first week of the consultation process breached this guidance.

These included a press release issued by the authority, a press conference organised with involvement of county council communications staff, social media posts and comments in a residents’ newsletter by county chief executive Richard Flinton."

"a “fraudulent device” to gain undue influence, as described by the 1983 Representation of the People Act."

""We deliver 80% of local government services to every postcode in the county, every town, every village, every street and often into your home - you don't get much more local than that," he said.

"And we employ more staff in each district than the district councils do - you also don't get much more local than that.""

"“I’m sure the people spending most of the money are not the poor – they’re the well-off. It’s your City traders and their cocaine habits. Where’s the love for them?”"

"How do you get past just universally giving people money?”

'The Old 'Bailey'  has been criticised for arguing "lots of drugs" would blow the money to people paid a universal basic income.'

"The sad reality is that the young people being lost to drugs are mostly poor and voiceless, so politicians pay little attention to them."

'Pills, Powder and Smoke.'... sounds like a plan.

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Eminently Sensible

"It depends how far back in time you want to go. This area has variously probably been part of Rheged, ancient Yorkshire and at one stage the great Celtic Kingdom of Northumbria stretching roughly from The Humber and The Mersey to The Firth of Forth.

No doubt the Eden Project North and Bay local government disorganisation proposal are linked but it will take more than a crime drama with moody scenic views and ethereal music to recover the fortunes of Morecambe and its polluted bay.

There is the hinterland of poverty, dereliction and long-term poor health in Heysham, Morecambe and parts of Lancaster which often accompanies the presence of nuclear infrastructure and which needs to be tackled if Morecambe is going to show signs of improvement."

"Rupert admits using the tunnels would provide a number of challenges."

"In line with the recent Government announcement, York Unleashed Comic-Con is set to take place this year on August 8 as planned."

Ah, So ... ;-0

No doubt the Gnomes will be having somin to say about that...

There is actually a cycle route without having to fork out to Sustrans £ 9.99  for a map ;-)

Oh Dear ...


Reopen, Recover and Rebuild ...

"“Shortly after the excavation work began, the digging team made the extraordinary discovery of what they initially thought to be a cave.

"I have been involved in other excavations where we have discovered old wells and cellars not shown on any plans, but nothing as exciting and impressive as this.""

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A Pound of Flash....

"The notice of election has been published today for the North Yorkshire Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner election.

If the election is contested, it will take place on Thursday 6 May.

Nomination papers can be obtained from the office of the Police Area Returning Officer, Selby District Council, Civic Centre, Doncaster Road, Selby, YO8 9FT or from

Nomination papers must be delivered to the Police Area Returning Officer at Selby District Council between 10am and 4pm, Monday to Friday. The deadline for submission of papers is 4pm, Thursday 8 April."

"The £5,000 deposit can be paid by legal tender, bank transfer, credit or debit card, private number plate or by means of a banker’s draft from a drawer which carries on business as a banker in the United Kingdom."

A Site of Special Scientific Interest ...

"As a result, Stevegate, Wallis Quarry, Old Mans Mouth and Birdwatchers car park will all be closed to the public during this time."