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"To consider the following motion:

‘In recognition of the discontent amongst members in regard to the Leader’s many departures from the vision he set forth upon his assumption of the Leadership, this Council has NO CONFIDENCE in the Leader.’  Proposer: Councillor Bill Chatt .. Seconder: Councillor Heather Phillips"

"The move could see the Conservatives or the independents take control of the council.   The motion will be debated and voted upon at a special meeting of the full council tomorrow at 2.30pm. A simple majority is needed to decide the motion. 

Convention dictates that a leader who loses a no-confidence motion should resign. Should Cllr Siddons lose the vote and step down, a ballot to replace him will be held before Monday’s full council meeting, with those wishing to be on the ballot having to submit their names by Sunday evening.

Since the local elections seven months ago the 13-strong Labour Group has been running the 46-member council with the support of the 10 Independent Group councillors and two Green Party councillors. 

The no-confidence motion was proposed by Cllr Bill Chatt, a cabinet member under the previous Conservative regime and now the leader of the three-strong Cluster of Independent Members (CIM) group. The motion was also signed by two Conservative councillors and Independent Group leader Cllr Sam Cross. Independent Cllr John Casey was the final signatory.

Cllr Chatt told the Local Democracy Reporting Service last month that there had been no communication from the leader and it had lead to councillors losing confidence in the direction of the council.  He also pointed to December’s general election result saying “the people of Scarborough clearly said they preferred the Conservatives over Labour”.

Labour leader Cllr Siddons has previously called the motion an “unnecessary distraction” and also said Cllr Cross’ wish to be deputy leader in a new cabinet structure led to the breakdown of the relationship between Labour and the Independent Group. Cllr Cross has denied the deputy leadership issue was a factor in him supporting the no-confidence motion.

Should Cllr Siddons step down, potential frontrunners mentioned to the Local Democracy Reporting Service to succeed him include Cllr Chatt, Cllr Cross, former council leader Conservative Derek Bastiman, Independent Group member Andrew Backhouse and current deputy leader and Labour councillor Liz Colling."

"Ultimately, the council’s new approach towards public engagement is about ending the “salami-slicing” that has been going on “for the past nine years” and “refocusing on what’s really important to the people here”."

"Currently, meetings of the full council, cabinet and planning committee are streamed on the authority’s website via the Public-i system.

The council’s contract with Public-i is coming to an end and new ways of streaming the meetings have been examined...Cllr Randerson will be asked to approve the payments to buy the new equipment and to not renew the contract"

"Scarborough Council’s leader, Cllr Steve Siddons, has revealed that “new options” for the (futurist) site, whose permanent use has yet to be identified, will go before councillors in the new year:

“We will work with Flamingo Land, if Flamingo Land are happy to work with us and at this stage they are, and in the new year, either January or February, we will bring a paper to Full Council that sets out some new options for that site.”

“Since we moved in there have been problems with the sewers...  last summer the main sewer collapsed.  “Yorkshire Water said they would fix it but instead have just been putting pipes down to clear the water and sewerage every day.”

" Members were advised that one nomination for the position of Leader of the Council had been received: Councillor Steve Siddons.  Councillor Siddons then addressed the Council in support of his nomination, outlining his vision and plans for the Borough.  The appointment of Leader was then put to the vote using voting slips with the following result arising from the first preference votes cast:

Councillor Siddons – 33 : Reopen nominations – 13

Councillor Siddons was therefore declared Leader of the Council for the ensuing four years.  The outgoing Leader Councillor Bastiman then offered his congratulations to Councillor Siddons."

Fact is ... no one else had the courage of his/her  convictions to stand forward.

"Building a Better Borough initiative announced earlier this month, Leader of Scarborough Borough Council, Steve Siddons, has announced his Decent Homes for Affordable Rent project. He says early in the new year he will launch details of the Council’s negotiations with three partners, which will come to Full Council for approval..."


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The Motion is Lost


Key takeaways:

SS: "not put here to be controlled by unelected and manipulative people."

"change & progress  - Argos, Town Centre, review of the Futurist site, review of Benchmark - the Borough is on the cusp of life changing investment."

MDM: "A motion of no confidence is very serious. It implies incompetence, incapable and corruption ... The public humiliation of one person to remove from office is not acceptable.  It would be foolish to make the decision without knowing what the consequences are... for the first time the public have a sensible dialogue and feel positive about the Borough Council."

Asked who wrote the motion? Unanswered.

K: "A supercillious grin on 'a' face"

S: "the last 8 years just not good enough"

AB: "must not forget why so many (20) new coucillors. Need stability.. a ship crewed by likeminded individuals.. a need to compromise."

JJ: "Residents wanted change.  Some members gifted their positions away."

LC: "Economic prosperity, new social housing, wider pulic engagement, £62mil of inward investment. On big decisions all Councillors will get to have their say."

Cllr Bastiman never said a word.

"He (Steve Siddons) said: “I want to thank the most sensible members of council who saw no sense in disrupting the progress we’ve made. I’ll just be getting on with the job we have started.

“There is a full council meeting on Monday when reports will be presented about real issues and real opportunities for this borough.”

Flower Power.

Anyone for Roulette?

A Shoe in...