General 'Election' 2019

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"A UK Parliamentary General Election is to be held on Thursday 12th December 2019.A UK Parliamentary General Election is to be held on Thursday 12th December 2019. A UK Parliamentary General Election is to be held on Thursday 12th December 2019.

A briefing for candidates will be held, allowing all potential candidates to learn how the election process works and find out what they need to do to stand as a candidate in this election. The date of this briefing will be confirmed very soon.

Statement of Persons Nominated ...  Will be published by 5pm Thursday 14th November"

Coming Soon ...



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Free Parking

"The candidates who have been nominated to stand for the Scarborough and Whitby Constituency in the forthcoming General Election on Thursday 12 December are:

  • Lee Derrick – Yorkshire Party: Speaking up for Yorkshire
  • Hugo Fearnley – Labour Party
  • Robert Goodwill – The Conservative Party
  • Robert Lockwood – Liberal Democrats

The full details of those standing can be found via the ‘General elections’ link at "

"As for the chief architect, I have already explained that she should shut her mouth," General Georgelin snapped, prompting gasps from those at the meeting, AFP news agency reported.

He later said that all involved ought to "move ahead in wisdom so that we can serenely make the best choice for Notre Dame, for Paris, for the world".

A final decision on the spire would be settled on in 2021, she added."

Never, Mind...


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'Hello from Earth'

"The party would nationalise part of BT to deliver the policy and introduce a tax on tech giants to help pay for it.

Shadow chancellor John McDonnell told the BBC the "visionary" £20bn plan would "ensure that broadband reaches the whole of the country".

The Amused.

"But we've been broadcasting our existence since the 1930s, haven't we? Television transmissions from every city go into space every day, blanketing the whole sky as the Earth turns."

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A Process of Elimination

Still making me mind up ... ;-0

"The problem with revolutions is never how they begin, but how they end."

Oddly Enuff ...

Is Boris the new Blair?

Should Nicola Sturgeon be leader of the now Labour Party?

Is Chuka Umunna too 'liberal' for the Lib dems?

Vote not ...  '*o*e'...


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'Three Short Days to Go ...'

"Britain is about to make a choice that will define the next decade, so access to truthful journalism has never been more critical. We’ll sense-check the claims and interrogate the results – so our readers can make up their minds based on fact, not fiction."

The differential in this and the last election is the reticence of stating who they have, are or going to vote for.

It would be rude not to:

"The Yorkshire Party's Brexit policy is to leave the European Union but join the European Free Trade Association (FTA) with the bloc which promotes free trade and economic integration between member states.

Mr Whitwood said that while his party's 28 General Election candidates represent a mixture of Leave and Remain voters, it recognises and respects that 58 per cent of Yorkshire voters voted to Leave in the 2016 European Union referendum and that “we need to do it sensibly”.

He said by joining the FTA the Yorkshire Party would respect the vote of the referendum, help businesses continue trading and gain powers back from the European Union.

But he questioned the use of gaining powers from Brexit if they are then given straight to Westminster.

He said: “Would it really be dealing with the underlying issue of matters being addressed too far away from the people they are affecting?

“To people in Yorkshire is there that much difference between issues being decided on in Brussels and issues being decided on in London?”


Anyone for Mars?

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All Wrapped Up

"Voting by post is an easy and convenient way of voting ... If it is too late to send your vote back by post, you can hand it in on polling day in the Customer First Office, at Scarborough Town Hall on St. Nicholas Street in Scarborough,or by dropping it off at certain polling stations"

Darn it ...

"When the votes are counted after the polls close, all spoiled ballots have to be verified – meaning that all the candidates for a given area must look at it and agree that it should be counted as spoiled, rather than a vote for a given person.

If, therefore, you are really unhappy, you can leave your candidates a message on your ballot paper, which they by law will have to read."

"If you have a larger animal, such as a horse, you can bring it to the polling station but it must be tied up outside."

"Yes. You can vote if you are drunk or under the influence of drugs, unless you are disruptive."