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Guidelines and restrictions on decision making and publicity during the pre-election period:

"As you will be aware, local borough and parish elections are due to take place on Thursday 2 May so I thought it would be useful to remind you about the guidelines and restrictions on publicity during the pre-election period, known as purdah, which will start on Wednesday 13 March.

From the start of purdah, the council must comply with restrictions outlined in Section 2 of the Local Government Act 1986. In addition a Code of Recommended Practice on Local Authority Publicity published in 2011 makes clear that particular care should be taken in periods of heightened sensitivity, such as in the run up to an election. The Act defines publicity as “any communication, in whatever form, addressed to the public at large or to a section of the public.”

Generally, the Act says that we should “not publish any material which, in whole, or in part, appears to be designed to affect public support for a political party.” The Code of Practice recommends that authorities should generally not issue any publicity which seeks to influence voters and that publicity relating to individuals involved directly in the election should not be published unless expressly authorised by statute.

For publicity in relation to decision making within the council, the position remains that it is ‘business as usual’, unless there are very good reasons why this should not be the case. In the vast majority of cases, the pre-election period will have no impact on normal council business, including the approval of planning decisions.

What this means:

       The primary restriction is on proactive publicity by the council, which particularly relates to candidates and other politicians involved directly in the election

      The council can still issue media releases on factual matters provided that these do not identify individual councillors or groups of councillors

      The position of Borough Mayor is different and civic material can be issued, provided that it is not of a political nature.

      Councillors are still free to respond to enquiries received from the media in a personal capacity

      Individual councillors can issue their own statements, write letters to the local newspaper(s) for publication, contact the media directly or say what they like in a personal capacity, but must not use council resources to do so

It is still possible for the council to issue statements on behalf of a councillor holding a key political or civic position provided that it relates to important events that are outside of the council’s control and can be shown to justify a member response e.g. an emergency situation. These occasions are likely to be rare and the exception, rather than the rule."

Information is also available at www.local.gov.uk/our-support/purdah




Erm, Why is local Purrrrrdaaaah set on the 13th & not the 26th?  Or for that matter the Equinox ...

"Boundary changes ... Candidates standing for election, including current councillors seeking re-election, are not entitled to obtain a copy of the Register of Electors until the Notice of Election is published ...  the earlier the Notice of Election is issued and Purdah starts, the sooner candidates can get a copy of the Register of Electors...   The date is the same/very similar to neighbouring authorities and where possible we align ourselves with other authorities so that there are not too many dates flying around ..."


One for the Monologue ;-)







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The Leader of The Pack

"Cllr Derek Bastiman, Leader of Scarborough Borough Council has written a letter to Rishi Sunak, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State at the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) to highlight the ever-increasing burden on coastal authorities in tackling and mitigating the growing impact of coastal erosion on communities and infrastructure.

Cllr Bastiman highlights the current lack of legislation requiring utility companies to contribute to coastal defence projects, even though their infrastructure often benefits from the protection given by such works. Local authorities, along with agencies such as the Environment Agency and EU partners, already invest £100’s of millions annually in maintenance and construction schemes to safeguard communities against the impact of coastal erosion.

The letter to the MHCLG Minister is countersigned by eight other local authorities with responsibility for coastal areas, all of which support the idea of utility companies making financial contributions to coastal erosion resilience projects where their assets are set to benefit. These are: Cllr Stephen Parnaby OBE, Leader of East Riding of Yorkshire Council; Cllr Carl Les, Leader of North Yorkshire County Council; Ben Houchen, Mayor of the Tees Valley; Cllr Sarah Bütikofer, Leader of North Norfolk District Council; Sheila Oxtoby, Chief Executive of Great Yarmouth Borough Council; Cllr Peter Jackson, Leader of Northumberland County Council; Cllr Robert Waltham MBE, Leader of North Lincolnshire Council and Cllr Sue Jeffrey, Leader of Redcar & Cleveland Borough Council.

The letter also suggests commissioning a ‘National Coastal Erosion Resilience Review’ to kick start discussions on the challenges being faced, which would include utility companies as major stakeholders and beneficiaries.

A pdf copy of the letter can be downloaded below..."


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The Dogs Diner

"A community project aimed at regenerating an ancient woodland is being criticised for its “invasive” approach.

Raincliffe Woods, just outside the urban edge of Scarborough, is a 222-hectare area of woodland mostly made up of conifer trees.

After decades of little forestry management, owner of the land, Scarborough Borough Council, issued a licence to Raincliffe Wood Community Enterprise (RWCE) in 2015 to extract timber.

This, RWCE directors say, is part of a thinning operation which is necessary to transform the wood into a community asset and safeguard its future for generations to come.

However, some members of the public have expressed concern over the extent and impact of this felling process.

Local resident Jayne Strutt, who often uses the woodland, said: “This is a beautiful wood, it’s in the hearts of many local people and it’s getting dismantled. It would benefit from a bit of TLC, I accept that, but not on this scale.

“This is a public woodland, not a commercial forest.

“Since this organisation came in we’ve seen no benefits at all, I actually think it would have been better if they’d left it alone.”

She added: “There seems to be no logic in the way they are selecting these trees and are they going to replant them? What are the aims of this group?

“There’s a lot of secrecy in this organisation, most of their meetings are private and nobody seems to know what they’re doing.”

According to RWCE, the thinning exercise is just the first stage of a regeneration programme which allows more sunlight to reach the ground as well as more growing space for the remaining trees.

Robert Peacock, one of the directors at RWCE, said: “Our aim is to have a healthy woodland that everyone can benefit from.

“Most trees were replanted in the 1950s and really, to have a healthy wood we need a mixture of specimen trees, intermediate trees that are 30-40 years old and young trees.

“Waiting until all trees die back at the same time will not give us a healthy woodland or a diverse flora and fauna so we believe this thinning programme is the right thing to do.

“Unfortunately we can’t please everybody all the time but those we meet in the woodland and get a chance to talk to about our work always come across as very supportive and understanding, especially about the short term disruption that thinning operations create.”

Mr Peacock also clarified that any profit made by the sale of timber is reinvested back into the woodland and that trees will be replanted in two to three years’ time.

On Saturday 16 March RWCE will be holding a clear-up event to tidy up the woodland floor. After the success of last week’s event, the group is calling once again for volunteers to clear the wood and brash from 10am to 4pm. They will meet at the Saw Mill car park.

Those who attend the event will also have the chance to take away some logs for their own use."


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The Big Sulk more like...

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The Wooden Tops

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The Wasp Factory

"Scarborough has a “golden opportunity” to transform itself into the country’s best performing coastal town centre by 2025 if it can secure government funding, according to borough councillor David Jeffels.

Scarborough Borough Council wants to bring the high street into the 21st Century with ideas including creating a “smart” town with wifi and 4G coverage, making use of empty units for pop-up shops, becoming a true university town and staging year-round cultural events to bring people back into Scarborough.

In order to fund the ambitious plans the authority is to bid for a share of £675million recently announced by the Government as part of its Future High Streets Fund.

Other plans include improving the nighttime economy, increasing residential living in the town centre by 25% and establishing a small business start-up and expansion grants scheme.

Improving the environment in the town centre is also a top priority for the scheme.

Scarborough Council’s cabinet today approved the plans to start the bidding process for funding.

Cllr David Jeffels (Con) chaired the task group which compiled the report and told the cabinet it was an exciting time.

He said:    “There has been a great deal of work put into this strategy.

I see this as a golden opportunity for Scarborough to plan its future for the next 30/40 years."

The council is also proposing to create a “Town Centre Team” which will lead on delivering the action plan supported by a new town centre delivery manager who would coordinate action.

More than 150 attended two consultation events when the action plan was being created.

The final strategy and action plan will be submitted to the Full Council in May 2019.

From there, the town centre masterplan is expected to take a year to create."


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Transformational includes forward planning ... apparently.

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Any Old Port In A Storm

"Given the parlous state of the council’s finances, why has a £30,000 steel replica of a coble fishing boat been commissioned?

Surely, the best tribute to the brave men who have for generations risked their wellbeing in all weathers is to see the present day fishermen carrying on the tradition.

The money could be better utilised in the town."


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“It was like the joke on set because I could do really crazy things stunt-wise, but the cat was a big obstacle for me,” said Larson. “It’s weird how you can train and get your body to do insane things, but allergies are kind of a hard stop. That’s where your body’s like, ‘That’s it.’”


Watering my Tarantulas ...


“I question whether it’s reasonable for private enterprise to put up nice buildings and then be told, when the original use for that building has fallen away, ‘Well, now you can’t get rid of them and do something else.."



Furry Socks


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The Thin Blue Line

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A Virtual Permit

"Let’s crack on, give Flamingo Land their chance to set the wheels in motion, encourage further investment, pressurise Benchmark to fulfil their promises quickly or find someone that will..."


"...   It is alright planning for the Futurist development, the new cinema, new restaurants on North Bay etc, but we all know these are just talk and there is very little chance of all, if any, coming to fruition.

Instead we will be left with eyesores to blot the landscape.

How long is the old indoor swimming pool going to stand boarded up?

How long will the Futurist stay empty?

How long before we see the horrible boarding around the outdoor pool site removed, revealing a new development?

And how long before we see the zoo and marine land regenerated with something new?

Not in most people’s lifetime if we carry on the way we are doing."






"... it's amazing to see marvel actually went way deep into Haitian lore and history"


Last but not Leased ...


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Citizen Smith

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One of Each

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Stale Mate

Same Old Same Old ...

"Labour's Steve Siddons has been elected as the leader of Scarborough Borough Council following a full council meeting today.

No one party has overall control of the council following last week's local elections.

The Conservatives remain the biggest party in the council with 16 Councillors, Labour have 13 seats.

Mr Siddons was the only nominee for the position of leader of the council at today's meeting. He won a leadership vote 33-13.

Mr Siddons takes over from the Conservative's Derek Bastiman who was not nominated for the position.

Speaking to the council before the vote Mr Siddons said he wants to reduce the size of the cabinet and involve more Councillors in decision making."


tis like the Haigh convention, innit






So the Lib Dems won then !!