Coastival 2017

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Postcards from Staithes ....

"We are pleased to announce the dates, an exciting theme and a fresh new look for the next Coastival arts festival in Scarborough.

Coastival 2017 will be held from 18th to 19th February and will have the theme Coastival – The Unexpected.

You can expect to see artwork, music and performances in unusual locations as we look to break with people’s expectations of a traditional arts festival.

Four brand new commissions will take centre stage at the festival, each of which will bring something new, unusual and exciting to the two-day mini festival. More details on these below.

For 2017 we very much want Coastival to look beyond the obvious and to bring people art, music and performance that will challenge stereotypes and turn people’s expectations of an arts festival upside down.

Coastival has always been about bringing the new and exciting to Scarborough and ‘Coastival – The Unexpected’ is a natural progression from there.

There will still be the usual eclectic mix of music, performance and fine art, but we’ll be mixing it up in terms of venue and style and theme. It’s really exciting and we can’t wait to see how it all comes together in February."

The Unexpected.





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Staithes Dish Rift

Blimey, Staithes has an Athetlic Club ....

"More than 70 people at the historic fishing village of Staithes have sent letters opposing the erection of a 12.5 metre high mast with antennas and dishes planned by Shared Access, in the grounds of Staithes Athletic Club.

But the North York Moors National Park’s planning committee is being recommended to give the green light to the scheme at its meeting, on Thursday.

Protestors claim the mast will spoil views of Staithes and will be only metres away from the village primary school and homes. One protestor said: “It will have a detrimental visual impact when approaching Staithes on the Cleveland Way.”

Cllr John Nock who represents the village on Scarborough council has said that other sites should be explored. He added that the site was unregistered with the Land Registry and the ownership has not been identified: “The mast will be out of keeping and will detract from the amenities for both residents and visitors. The application has caused a deep and bitter rift between residents and the club.”"

The permanent population of the village has dwindled due to more than half of the houses being second homes owned by outsiders....

In 1745-46, Staithes's most famous resident,  James Cook ....  worked in Staithes as a grocer's apprentice where he first gained his passion for the sea. He moved to nearby Whitby where he joined the Royal Navy.  William Sanderson's shop, where Cook worked, was destroyed by the sea, but parts were recovered and incorporated into "Captain Cook's Cottage". This has been the residency of a local Staithes family for several generations....

Ah, so ... population estimate 815...


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Rose Gardens...

"Tornado, the newest steam locomotive in Britain, will pull 12 Northern services on the Settle-Carlisle line over three consecutive days.

It is part of celebrations to mark the upcoming re-opening of the line after landslides closed a long stretch.

The line takes in the Yorkshire Dales and passes over the Ribblehead viaduct before entering Cumbria's Eden Valley.

"The steam-hauled, eight-carriage trains will run two return journeys a day between Appleby and Skipton from Tuesday to Thursday (14-16 February).

Northern said tickets were now "all but sold out" across the three days, with no guarantee passengers would be able to board the train without a reservation.

The line closed between the Cumbrian town of Appleby and Carlisle in February 2016 after a 500,000 tonne landslip at Eden Brow caused by heavy rain."



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NYMNPA & Obfustication

Ah, so : -))

"Change of use of land to form 1 no. grass runway and construction of pilot/restroom building (revised scheme following dismissal at appeal of NYM/2015/0781/FL) at South Moor Farm, Langdale End, Dalby Forest Drive, Ebberston."

Hmmmm .... Page 13

'there is no known plublished research on the effects of Aircraft on Nightjar... "


"The third Inspector accepted the previous two Inspectors view that, in the absence of any new information relating to tranquility the proposal would not have a detrimental impact on tranquility...."

Oh its not quite a BMEWS is it?

Hey, a new Wing Commander ;-)

What to do if you have a low flying complaint?

Turn 'it' up.

Two feet.

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Staithes Rescue

"1:34pm 22nd February 2017

Volunteer lifeboat crew from Whitby and Staithes RNLI were both at sea for nearly three hours on Tuesday night as they sped to help a yacht in trouble.

The alarm was raised at 7.30pm after the10m yacht reported engine problems near Boulby Cliffs  between Staithes and Skinningrove....

"Another vessel the DVS Curtis Marshall also assisted with the initial search for the yacht. The diving team had been working on repairs to the underwater pipe for Boulby potash mine. The crew spotted the yacht on their passage back to Hartlepool and updated the RNLI with its location...."

Oh.... described as a TARDIS?