EU: The Beach & Benched

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The Beach Party in Scarborough is just one of many being held across the UK on Bank Holiday Weekend, as part of Environmentalists for Europe’s campaign to put nature at the heart of the case to Remain in Europe.

Families and nature lovers are celebrating the contribution of Europe to the nation’s clean beaches by holding a beach party on Scarborough South Bay on 28th May. It is just one of 630 designated beaches we now enjoy in the UK because of European action against pollution. Bring a picnic to enjoy with family and friends, and show why you want to Remain for Nature.

Joining the many environmentalists who will be gathering on Scarborough's South Bay from 12 midday, Saturday 28th May is MEP Richard Corbett, invited to Scarborough for an Open Forum Discussion on the EU Referendum, which will be held at the Alexandra Park Bowls Club from 13.00 until 15.00.  Admission is free and all are welcome to discuss the contribution that the Europen Union makes to serve and protect our coastline and natural heritage.  Mucho gusto.


Tis a common sense.  The EU are contributing to coastal sea-fences, tho I doubt one of these would be on the local list :

"The beach gained its first ever honour in 2015 for cleanliness and water quality, but this time failed to meet the required "excellent" standards.  But Keep Britain Tidy said it was given the Seaside Award for meeting the mandatory levels for water quality.  In Yorkshire, Scarborough's North Bay, Whitby, Hornsea and Withernsea were also given Blue Flag status.  While in Lincolnshire, Mablethorpe, Skegness and Sutton-on-Sea are among 68 beaches in England to have secured the award this year.   Keep Britain Tidy said there were seven more Blue Flag beaches for 2016 compared to last year."

Yep, I've a few Q's for Richard, is Keep Britain Tidy a euphanism for Brexit? aka We're all right Jack. F***k you. (Numerically speaking for Euphamism)

The Doggerbank has always been of 'deep' interest, less of the shallow, more of the hallowed. Area 51? Ha ... those divers extending the McCain outfall pipe would find more than a Starr Carr ... if only they would extend slightly further, anyhoos. it is wot it is.... wot a waste.

My Q' remains : Is 'fracking', destined to the way of Windturbines?  ie.  'offshore'.    It would seem that those who wish to 'dump' on or in our North Sea do so, and have been for everlong.   Fishing quotas, lol,  could just be the tip of the 'ice-berg'.

As a wiseman once said; "There is a conflict of interest between the 'frackers' and the 'turbines' ... who do you think those turbines will be generating energy for?"

An enigma, I've 'quite' often pondered over.... UGC?  CBM? DYOW -  Most certainly.


Do not take our North Sea for granted.... 

Yep, smoking kills. Spirals up, falls down.  Pressure.  But so does erm, lead, heavy weights, concrete and soooo many  other things. (Cliffs n buses)

Widows in waiting.   Mebbe 'tis all about the gravity.

Newton's masses. 

Tickety  Tock.

Nice pic :- 0

Did ya s'pose they were building Area 51 for erm ... blue sky thinking?



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The Reasoned & Rational

"I am deeply saddened at the result, which will reverse forty years of outward-looking, progressive collaboration with our neighbouring countries in the European Union we have built together. This is a dark day for Britain, and one whose painful impact will be felt across the country and abroad.

It has been a difficult fight, and of course we must now respect the decision that has been taken, albeit by the narrowest of margins, and following one of the most dishonest campaigns in political history.

The challenge that faces us is to find a way forward in the light of this decision, which can limit the damage both at home, in a country that is clearly deeply divided, and in our relationship with friends and allies around the world."

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Picts On An Axis

"Mr Osborne said: "It isn't in my nature to do things by half-measure and I fought the referendum campaign with everything I've got. I believed in this cause and fought hard for it.

"So it is clear that while I completely accept the result, I am not the person to provide the unity my party needs."

The chancellor also said that Mr Cameron had "sensibly delayed" triggering Article 50 - the formal notification of an intention to leave the EU.

"Only the UK can do this, and we should not be rushed. It should only happen when we have a clear view of what our new relationship with our European allies should be, and this will need time and cool heads to determine."

Mr Osborne went to to say that reports of racism towards immigrants since the Brexit vote on Thursday were "unacceptable and appalling".

"We must be uncompromising in our response: this is not the British way. This is not who we are."


Back to the Binn... from Flamborough.

Twisted ... ;-?

Ah, so .... wot next?


Blow winds blow...

Chalk or cheese?

Respect the enemy.... said some Chinese whisperer.

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UK Bathing Water Ranks

"...In 1993, a European Court of Justice lawsuit forced the UK government and its newly privatised water industry to clean up infrastructure, and designate sufficient bathing water sites. However, the UK continued discharging raw sewage into the sea until 1998, longer than any other European country.

Barry Gardiner, Labour’s shadow spokesman on climate and trade, said: “People need to ask why UK beaches are the worst in Europe bar one. It was only an EU directive that forced the government to clean up its act this much. What do people honestly think will happen when the directive no longer applies?”