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The importance of Money ... most accept, like it or not, we live in a Capitalist culture based on supply meets demand, to trade or not to trade. Banks do it, consumers do it, we all do it ....  earn, spend, borrow.  Vulgarities aside, from the Chancellor of the Exchequer to the homeless man on the street, we all get by doing what we can, in these 'austere' times, to live within our means or to dip, peddle, tinker, potter.   Borrowing seems straight forward  it is The Art of Lending that is a bit of a mystery.

Headlining in the Northern Echo :

"A RESPECTED figure in the Chinese community in the North-East is starting a 38-month prison sentence for running a profitable illegal money lending scheme. Wai Lun Cheung, 47, is said to have made “significant sums” from his activities dealing with a network of borrowers in the Chinese community across the country."   The Pot. ... "The POT scheme was set up as Chinese business people had found it difficult acquiring loans and Cheung was trusted to run it, but when he branched into making loans it came as, “something of a shock” to him that it was a strict liability offence if not regulated."  Given the cirumstances it seems rather harsh, especially given the 'needs must' culture of current lending practices.... Wonga etc etc. 

Anyhoos the NE continue to pursue the ungottly gains of Sean Price "In 2013, Police and Crime Commissioner Barry Coppinger launched a legal bid to recover almost £464,000 unlawfully paid to disgraced former Chief Constable Sean Price." Followed by "However, in December 2014 Mr Coppinger agreed to settle out-of-court, with Mr Price agreeing to pay back just £23,000."   - An absolute disgrace that has cost £4mil to investigate.  Now give or take a few quid  that seems like a laundering of the lending kind, though 'running a profitable illegal money lending scheme' might be pushing it but erm wot else could you call it?  Though one could argue Price never expected to have to pay it back ... must have gone on a spree or had holes in his pockets.  And with the unprecedented attack on ... you know who ... you kinda wonder - wots that all about?  

Meanwhile the Save the Futurist - Plan.  A fine plan, except whilst comprehensive and creative drawing on academia, nostalgia and the Arts expects the cash strapped Borough Council to stump up the £4.3mil ... with no evident plans of ever paying it back? Are they taking the Art of  Michael to a new level or perhaps they have a balaclava and sorn off in the wings?  Holesome. 

As a good example ...  wholesome, of bread, wheat n chaff -  The York Potash Project .... they have a new website : - lots of new stuff but I particularly liked this:

"Our values - Our values are central to the way we think and behave and are all of equal importance. Our objectives may evolve through each phase of the project, but our values will always remain at the heart of what we do...

OWNERSHIP: It's our Company and our money"

Yep, I guess thats a cracker ...

Finally, the RNLI on cracks appearing along the pier ...  should the public feel the need to stop asking questions, and poking their nose into others business ...  as they order an estimated £350,000 of Copper to adorn the roof on the new lightboat house,   along with their 200m geothermal equipment to keep the place warm, dig dig ...

Must be some law about doing what you want with your own money ... unless you're a China man. 1 in 5.

Is expecting some Banks of China to open up on a local highstreet ...

Letters ...pensive:  I wonder what Xi Kingpin would say bout non Banks of China in the North East ...

Coins. Usually two sided. (no warmth n depth)

Now about that subsidy we've all be paying on our energy bills to support the renewable energy industry.


Ah yes, Yorkshire Coast Radio's MP Diaries 'Bob' is to be a UK envoy to Iraq to try and sell em some 'planes', spose that Russian will come in useful ...


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ISA's Are Bollox

"ISAs are total bollocks according to the world’s wealthiest one per cent.

Papers leaked from Panama law firm Mossack Fonseca reveal anyone sticking twenty grand into a perfectly legal onshore ISA is a total mug.

The documents show the best way to retire at fifty five is by opening an illegal offshore account using the name Donald Duck.

Experts say the trend in offshore money laundering began in the late eighties following the high-profile investigations into Ken Dodd’s lumpy mattress.

Offshore Bank Manager Simon Williams said, “Sadly, poor people still think money laundering means hiding it in a washing machine.”

Williams claims his bank offers a range of attractive rates to big name drug dealers, Conservative MPs and Raheem Sterling.

“Our Elite Secret Saver account allows you ready access to your money in the event that you need to topple a regime somewhere.

“We’ve got branches in the Isle of Man, the Seychelles and Honduras so why not come in for a chat?”

He added, “Unfortunately the name Donald Duck has already been taken but Snow White and Goofy are still up for grabs.”

Bandanas.... second hand annuities.  Hmmmm ...

"the problem for a buyer of your annuity is that payments will cease on your death, not theirs..."

Now spin that around ... bats beware...

Penguin Pensions ...@TM.




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St Ives - Referendum on Second Homes

"If it's empty, and there are people needing housing, that just doesn't make sense," she says.

There are several votes taking place in Britain on 5 May - for regional parliaments, assemblies and councils. It is fair to say the second home referendum in St Ives may not dominate the national news that day.

But housing issues are continuing to climb the political agenda. So if this town in the far south-west of England does stop developers supplying the second home market, there is a chance that other local authorities will pursue similar measures of their own."

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Panamania ...

Panamania threatens closure to the great carnals so  UK/USA haben secretely consult with TTIP also Cross Wales to test bore under de Jakkatan:

"...evidence of how quickly life returned to the impact zone. Marine organisms should have re-established themselves in this sterile area on the scale of thousands of years.

Deeper cores are likely to make contact with the tsunami deposits that sloshed back and forth in the immediate aftermath of the impact.

The true peak ring rocks are at a depth of about 800m and below."

"We've taken the view that we will open the hole to 500m and then set a casing and start coring. And we'll core continuously then down to the target depth which is 1,500m," the operations manager on the project added."

"We've developed a drilling strategy that gives us multiple chances of getting to 1,500m, but at any stage you could get stuck for various reasons," explained Agent Smith."

As politcal elites and super rich deny hiding billions off shore an alternative safe deposit box has been found off the North Sea IUK by Whitby ....

Should the Chicxulub finally prove that life began in a crate then the Easter date may also haben fix.  Afterall Whitby is closer to Germany .... Dalby Offshore have been notified as have The Creyke 

"We're 30km off-shore, which allows us to re-supply easily. We've also timed the project so that we're pre the hurricane season. Hence starting now and trying to finish before June."

The science team has members from the US, Mexico, Japan, Australia, Canada, and China, as well as the UK and five other European countries."


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Northern Echo of the Barron Land

The Northern Echo's,  Editor Peter Barron retires after 17 years:

"Local newspapers have a vital role to play in society and my parting wish is that they are given the time and support for quality, campaigning journalism that makes a difference to people’s lives.

The future of local journalism cannot just be built on “click-bait” – stories which attract the biggest number of hits online. There will be those who call me a dinosaur but if I see another “stomach-churning compilation of the best spot-squeezing videos” on a ‘news’ website, I may well take a hammer to my computer. Exploding spots may get lots of hits, and that may attract digital advertising revenue, but it isn’t news."

Ding dong .... ?

Will the Northern Echo's new editor continue the excellent coverage that Peter Barron reigned over ...  there's now't like a good read ... outstanding  coverage on local issues that Johnston Press don't even hold a torch to.

Anyhoos ... was he pushed? Interestingly the Beeb (who have replaced videos's with words) report as follows:

Wot you don't open the links? :

Hmmm ...


"Peter Barron, 51, said he was "immensely proud" and "humbled" to be appointed MBE for services to journalism and the community.

Mr Barron has worked as a journalist for 35 years and edited the newspaper since 2001.

During his tenure, the paper has successfully campaigned to change legislation and build hospices...."

"...Last year, the Echo was praised in the House of Commons for its efforts to bring train building back to the region..."

Oooh:  "Thank you so much for your support over the past 17 years and I look forward to being part of The Northern Echo for years to come – albeit as the paper’s former editor."


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Tics n Tacks ... Nailed

"Chancellor George Osborne and Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn have become the latest senior British politicians to publish details of their tax returns..."

Divs ... "Divide n Rule" As a matter of Thumbelina, details of your tax return are between you and HMRC, not the spouse, the mouse nor anyone generally, banks etc, unless you decide to hand that info over, is of public interest or criminal activity.

As it stands under UK Law: (Legislation)

Un point Farage ... afterall it was only when the recession hit and the neighbours asked why have they got what we avn't got that that UKIP exploded ... imho.

Mind, mebbe tis cheaper to pay the fines ...

La HMRC   ;-0

Tis called Self Assessment for a reason ...

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Scunthorpe & Pandora's Box

Says, Miss Piggy ...

How would Cambo know wots in Ms Fox's box?

"An HMRC spokesperson said: “Before joining the civil service in 2004, Edward Troup had a successful career in the private sector, during the course of which he dealt with many companies. He can confirm that he never had any dealings with Mossack Fonseca, was unaware of the company until recently, and that none of the individuals or organisations named so far were clients that he advised. Edward Troup’s role in HMRC has never involved responsibility for operational activities or direct dealings with companies on their tax affairs. In any event, the governance in place at HMRC means that any commissioners who have a potential conflict of interest would exclude themselves from any investigation or settlement involving a taxpayer with which they had had dealings in their previous careers.”