Boy George to Tax Charities?

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The Big Freeze: ~(Nicked)

"The Charity Commission is to have its funding frozen at the current level of £20.3m until 2020, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, announced in the spending review this afternoon.

In a statement, the commission said the freeze could translate into a real-terms cut if inflation rises ­– a cut which the National Council of Voluntary Organisations said could be as high as 8.5 per cent.

However, the regulator’s capital budget has been increased by 10 per cent to £1m a year for the next two years and will rise again to £1.2m over the following two years.

William Shawcross, chair of the Charity Commission, said: "This settlement – a freeze, not a cut – is recognition of the importance of the commission’s work.

"The recent high-profile charity crises and the damage these have done to trust in charities shows the importance of an effective charity regulator.

"The freeze will put more pressure on our staff. But we will continue to concentrate on increasing public trust and confidence in charities through being a strong and effective regulator.

"We have already focused our expenditure on the highest-risk work: fraud, safeguarding and counter-terrorism."

He added that, despite new systems leading to productivity gains, there was little more the commission could do to reduce its costs without its regulatory work being affected.

"I am therefore committed to seeking a more sustainable funding base for the commission to ensure we can still protect individual charities from abuse and uphold public trust and confidence in the charitable sector," he said. "I will continue my discussions with charities to explore how this might be achieved."

One funding mechanism which Shawcross has previously supported is the option for charities to be charged for regulation.

The local infrastructure body Navca said: "We are pleased that there is no further reduction, as effective regulation is vital for maintaining public trust.

"We are disappointed, though, that William Shawcross has responded by implying he will continue to push for charging.This should be seen for what it is – a charity tax. We will vigorously oppose it."



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Gvt. Defeated - Two Down ..

"Peers voted to allow asylum seekers the right to work if their claims have not been processed within six months.

They also voted to allow overseas domestic workers to change employers without risking immediate deportation..."

"Lord Alton of Liverpool, who proposed it, said it would end the "enforced workhouse destitution" currently experienced by asylum seekers.

"They are frustrated at being forced to remain idle and survive on benefits," he said.

"How many of us could exist on just over £5 a day while an asylum application was being considered? This is way below the poverty line. Where is the justice and fairness in that?..."

"The second defeat will give domestic workers the right to change their employer once in the UK and to remain in the country for up to two years after doing so.

At present, changing employers is not allowed, but those in favour of the amendment argued that rule often traps individuals in an abusive workplace, as they fear they will be ordered out of the country if they try to leave.

"The scandal of abuse and exploitation has gone on for too long, sometimes in the most affluent parts of London," crossbencher Lord Hylton said..."

Excellent news, a precedent for the UK's 'invisibles' ...