Romans !!!

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A new thread ? Stranded? All roads lead to Rome .... always took the train mesen, Thunder Mountain all the way...  ;-)

Bums!! the Man in Seat 61;-) Vladivostok ?

Meanwhile a Blue Banana? Amazing ;-))  :

Swiss holidays by rail ...  ahhh gee whizz

HS2? Wot a waste of public money ;-/

Macedonia ... How long before Turkey officially ascends to the EU?  Has it already? Access denied?

Fond Farewells

"EVEN THE best need a rest and so one of Britain’s most iconic and fastest locomotives is being readied for a final trip through the region’s countryside.

Rail enthusiasts will have the chance to bid farewell to the 60007 Sir Nigel Gresley steam engine when it travels between Pickering and Grosmont on the North Yorkshire Moors Railway (NYMR) during the weekend of September 19-20 ...

But it is not goodbye, with the locomotive being taken out of service so that it can be given an overhaul which includes a detailed boiler inspection and repair. The work is expected to take up to three years...

Sir Nigel Gresley is one of just six A4 “Pacific” type locomotives remaining in the world. Four are based in the UK, the other two are in North America. The rest were scrapped during the Beeching era.

Distinguished by its striking blue paintwork, Sir Nigel was built in 1937.

She was the 100th engine of the Pacific type to be built by the London and North Eastern Railway and was named after her designer, the LNER’s chief mechanical engineer.

Sir Nigel is also a record breaker. It is credited with holding the post-war speed steam record after reaching 112 miles per hour with a full train of passengers on May 23, 1959."


I guess tis not a good time to be a travel agent ...

Back to the crypt. Zzzzzz



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Smog or Avoid, Sustrans

Sustrans, not Soltans ;-)

"Sustrans’ report, released on Wednesday, conceded that similar projects have proved “a sapping test of resolve” and could be described as “a steeplechase through a minefield” due to unforeseen problems cropping up – but it was also optimistic about the Rhondda Tunnel’s prospects."

“There are so many things to do going forward – we have to get planning permission, we have to conduct bat and frog surveys, to name a few.

“We are not pretending that there isn’t a long, long way to go. But today’s news is good news for us.”

Yep, indeedy 5 years from now a Tour De Yorkshire along the MTS ... wot could be better ... ?

Ouchie. Ghauls, Ghouls, Gals ... Oooh the Asterix:

Gauls ffs. Gauls. A box of Gauls has arrived ;-)


Forget the tinsel, bah humbugs


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The Rise of the Machines

"One of the world's most iconic railway locomotives, the Flying Scotsman, is to take its first public test run under steam after a decade off the tracks." 70 ft long and weighing 96 tonnes ...

Further open days are being held at the heritage line over the next two weekends ahead of a mainline test from Manchester to Carlisle over the Ribblehead viaduct on 23 January."

The engine, which was retired from service in 1963, has been restored for York's National Railway Museum (NRM) in a shed in Bury, Greater Manchester... Andrew McLean, NRM head curator, said: "From the dead it becomes something living and breathing again."

The first test run will see the engine move out of its shed and travel a short distance down the track to the heritage line's Bolton Street station.

It marks the end of a £4.2m complex restoration project, which was begun in 2006 by specialist engineers at Riley and Son Ltd, based in Bury."

Crossroads .. Crossrails completion of an all girls team:

Finally, La femme de la creme ..

Don't spose 'they' will be naming the boring machines just yet,  'Carmen' or 'Corbyn' or 'George'  ... tis a girls name George

Myrtle ?


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Dear George - Draft

Nicked off LSE Gabriel Oak - Cheers '-)

"Dear George,

May we all at Sirius wish you and everyone at the Treasury a Happy New Year!

Cutting straight to the chase: we may be in a small spot of conditions are conspiring against us and raising 75% of the 4.X BLN required to make the mine a reality is facing some headwind. Owing to the current Global Markets our initial plan has not come through even though the DFS is positive but the current markets are not.

The resource, as your office knows, is a sensational asset and should yield a good political message concerning Conservative support/delivery for the Powerhouse of the North while simultaneously delivering significant annual Tax revenues into the Treasury coffers for decades to come.

Our issue is simple: please could you underwrite our debt raise and take the unusual steps of publicising this fact before we do an equity placing? We fear that if this does not happen then the base SXX share price may become unsustainably low in terms of disproportionate equity raise and dilution taking into account Business Loan to Value.

We are concerned about the valuation of the company tracing under a point past no return. If possible this needs to happen sooner rather than later as II's and PI's are discernibly twitchy at the moment...with your fast tracked help this project becomes a reality. Without it: the ensuing RNS silence alone (or any broadcast explaining the predicament) may be enough to kill this project off.

Our expectation by IUK releasing this news ahead of an equity placing is that it will radically transform the valuation of the business and send a concrete message to the wider equity and capital markets at a time when there is a lot of fear around in the commodity sector.

Realistically, we expect the share price to double after such an announcement and then settle back to around 25P. There will be strong institutional support with your backing but we are concerned if it is not forthcoming then the market - with its short attention span - may view the project as unsustainable and we fall into an impossible scenario of needing a chicken or an egg - but having neither.

If we fail then there is nothing to lose on your part as you won't have laid out a penny but you will have delivered on your political message,

We look forward to hearing from you as soon as the bureaucracy allows(!?)



Cheers: A smile a day ;-) Oh shucks thats the other site ...

PS, Merkyls - hard economics ; time to hatch the  boosters not battens.

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"Sirius will build a plant with initial capacity to mine and process 6.5 million tonnes of potassium-rich polyhalite each year, but this could increase to 20 million tonnes in two extra phases. A delayed Definitive Feasibility Study (DFS) should be published this month.

Focus has now turned to how Sirius will fund the mammoth project. With some estimates at around $3 billion (£2 billion), the reality of this project's long timeline caused the share price to tail off at the end of 2015.

But Sirius shouldn't find it too hard to find financial backers. The project is already interesting a number of debt providers and the UK government could issue treasury guarantees for some of the debt through Infrastructure UK.

With a life of over 100 years, WH Ireland reckons the plant will be highly cash generative when it's up and running. This will be exactly what long-term investors like pension funds are looking for."

Exactly. A home to roost?

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Basil's Salvation

Reasons to be Cheerful Part IV ;-)
"NORCIA, Italy — The Rev. Cassian Folsom was preparing to celebrate morning Mass one recent Sunday when suddenly the earth started trembling. “Stones and roof tiles started raining down on our heads,” he recalled. “It was a terrifying experience.”
When the dust settled, he and the other monks — almost all of them transplanted from the United States — found their beloved Basilica of St. Benedict, built centuries ago in Norcia in the central Italian mountains to mark its namesake’s birthplace, in ruins....
"Led by Father Folsom, who is the prior emeritus, the monks now number 15. They learned beer-making from experienced Trappist brewmasters in Belgium, and began to make Nursia in 2012. The beer’s name was chosen “specifically to help the townspeople, rather than naming it after St. Benedict,” Father Nivakoff said.
“We wanted people to identify the beer with the town,” and to help support it, he added.
Brother Augustine Wilmeth, who was born in South Carolina and serves as the brewmaster, said Nursia was “the only monastic beer in the world that is made exclusively by the monks.”
Other monastic brewing operations, he explained, have grown into million-dollar enterprises with many workers. In Norcia, the monks do everything themselves, producing around 10,000 bottles each month...
"The monks, in the tradition of St. Benedict, who believed they should live and support themselves by the work of their hands, intend to keep the brewery small. That way, Brother Wilmeth said, “it will stay in our control and really serve monastic life, not overwhelm and consume us.”...
"Benedict founded several monastic communities, including one at Monte Cassino, where he died in 543. His Rule of St. Benedict, a series of teachings for monks, formed the basic precepts for thousands of monasteries in Europe."
Not for prophets.
Erm,  meanwhile
Another political bandwagon ...   
Fracking at the Futurist ... hmmmm.
Yup,  Save the Futurist say the Ministery of  anti-fracking futuristas foregoing the facts.
I cheif of Mingland hereby declare the Futurist as a Monkdom.  To the UK's first Moanastery of mindful Significance  to anti-frackers word wide I hereby reserve any abor original first native rights to erect a fracking rig on the Futurist site.  All further rumbling and grumbling will impose a fine ... to infinity and beyond. 
signed  Floggit, Flaggit & Frackit. 

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Natural Born Killers
"... “If Europe does not take care of its own security, nobody else will do it for us,” said Jean-Claude Juncker, the president of the European Commission, the executive arm of the European Union. “A strong, competitive and innovative defense industrial base is what will give us strategic autonomy.”
Total military spending by European Union governments was about €200 billion last year, but the union does not currently have a budget for military research or procurement. The plan foresees a pilot phase of €90 million, or $95 million, up to 2020 — and €500 million, or $528 million, a year after that — for research into technologies like drones and for cybersecurity tools.
A second plank of the plan foresees spending 10 times that amount to help governments develop and buy hardware. But rather than drawing on the shared European Union budget, member states would make individual contributions, and some of the money might come from project-related bonds.
Obama administration officials welcomed the increased spending. “It is no secret that we’ve been asking them to do this for years,” said one senior administration official, speaking on the condition of anonymity to discuss alliance relations. But the official also said it was imperative that Mr. Trump reassured allies that his administration’s commitment to collective defense of NATO allies would be solid.
During his presidential campaign, Mr. Trump questioned whether the United States would automatically defend NATO allies if they were attacked, and said American support would depend on the willingness of those countries to pay their fair share for military protection. But since then, a number of Republican lawmakers and foreign policy experts — including those in close contact with Mr. Trump since he won the election — have insisted that the American commitment to NATO will remain strong.
European Union leaders will discuss the proposal at a summit meeting in December. The member governments still must approve it, and that could be a lengthy process given concerns about sovereignty."
'The hell I won't !!!' (John Wayne style)
Best not mention Eurovision...
Besides there is more impertant stuff to do ... like erm naming the three TBM's ....
Poetic licence.

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Mayhem to Malham

"...The spokesman said: "The lambs’ owners and CRO members concluded that the ewe had given birth on a grassy ledge above the fissure and that any newborn lamb had either fallen straight down it and died or had been taken, on the surface, by a predator."

Oh. Thats not quite conclusive...
Odd Bods.
Is that a triffid? ;-)


Must be a Yorkshire thing ...