Wind Up Wind Up

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"The facility, which will build 75m-long (246ft) rotor blades designed for 6MW turbines, is expected to be operational by autumn next year.

Production on the first batch of turbines for an offshore wind farm off the Norfolk coast is scheduled to start early 2017" fascinating ... multi purpose

Where the f*ck is Norfolk ... does it have a coast and does it freeze over ...?

"People will soon see steel rising from the ground and be able to observe our progress as this state-of-the-art facility takes shape."

Oh, are wind turbines made from steel then?


Still not buying into the Windfarms should be offshore not onshore brigade ... 'it spoils the view' Eh? dumbdiddy dooo.


Ah - wind turbines for dummies:

Oh: 'Steel is infinitely recyclable. It also has a limited environmental impact. Recovery of the material at the end of its useful life also helps to recover upfront cost, due to the value of steel scrap. If parts are not given an extended life or reused elsewhere,  they return to the steelmaking process'




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Pugwash @ Siemans

"for suppliers of equipment and services to the conventional power industry based on coal and gas, the pain is really starting to mount. Orders and profit margins are falling, triggering restructuring and job cuts.

“The way in which Germany’s energy transition is being handled has made it impossible for us ever to sell our fossil-fuel-related production and solutions in Germany,” Joe Kaeser, Siemens chief executive, said in May."


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North Sea Open for Business

"The biggest North Sea gasfield discovered in the past decade is to be developed, after energy authorities gave approval for a £3bn investment that could produce enough gas to meet 5% of the UK’s needs ...

The project has been made more attractive to the investors by new tax allowances to offset the higher capital costs for this type of energy extraction, and to encourage further exploration nearby ...

The Tyneside-based OGN was excluded from the shortlist to help develop an oilfield licensed to US firm Chevron, GN, and criticised policies that saw foreign firms win UK tax breaks without having to use local suppliers. The Oil and Gas Authority has said its role is to get “best value” for the licences."

This 'best value' term keeps emerging ... must be in the latest local authority handbook ...


Oops submarines & sembmarines am almost as confused as Ozzy ... now Culzean is about halfway tween Scotland & Norway 'Central North Sea' = Scotland, but where the heck is Lowestoft?

"Dopeless technology is a dry multi-functional coating applied at Tenaris mills in a fully automatic process that makes thread and running compounds obsolete." Ooh do they use that in 'fracking'? tis not that deep 90m ... big fish in a small pond hmmm 




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O & G to Reap, What They So - C2O

"Environmentalists should keep cool heads over fracking, says Friends of the Earth's former climate campaigner.

Bryony Worthington - now Labour shadow energy minister - says fracking will create less CO2 than compressing gas in Qatar and shipping it to Britain.

But she insists shale gas should only be developed if its emissions are captured and stored underground."

"We are going to be using gas for a long time because of the huge role it plays for heating homes and for industry.

"The important thing is to minimize the carbon emissions from gas. That means if we can get our own fracked gas, it's better to use that than importing gas that's been compressed at great energy cost somewhere else."

"Her former colleague, Friends of the Earth's director Craig Bennett, replied: "Fracking won't help us tackle climate change. Even people in the industry agree that shale gas wouldn't make any big difference to our energy sector until the mid-to-late 2020s, which is exactly when the UK needs to start getting out of gas, wherever it comes from." FFS don't you  give a sh*t where it comes from ? !!!

"The Labour peer is urging the government to consider whether firms bringing fossil fuels into the UK should be obliged to take responsibility for capturing the resulting CO2 emissions and burying them.

This would re-frame the CO2 issue by treating CO2 as a waste product like any other, to be disposed of by the firm that used the fossil fuel."

"She said: "The UK has great potential to lead Europe on the development of CCS. But we need to consider how best to fund and incentivise it.

"The idea of requiring oil and gas extractors and importers to play their part is certainly worthy of exploration, especially done in a way that helps harness market forces to find the least cost solutions."

"Craig Bennett said: "Betting everything on carbon capture and storage is highly risky. There has been a billion-quid taxpayer subsidy on the table for CCS for a decade and yet it's still not happening. It's increasingly looking like a pipe dream."

Hmmm ... how convenient? On the table?  Pipes!






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Siemens Stall Offshore

"Production at the new multi-million pound plant at Alexandra Dock is due to start later this year with 1,000 new jobs expected to be created there over the next few years.

Initially, blades manufactured at the site and fully-assembled turbines are expected to supply new offshore wind farms in the North Sea..."

"... Some of Siemens' first customers for products from the Hull site are also being backed by EU funding.

Mr Maier said the government needed to urgently start negotiations with the wind power sector before formally notifying Brussels of a decision to leave the EU.

"We definitely can't wait until Article 50 has been triggered," he said.

"People will be holding off on major investment decisions and this is why we need to get together as soon as possible and see that a plan is put in place."

A spokesman for Dong Energy, which is developing the huge Hornsea offshore wind zone off the East Coast, said: "We will await clarity over the implications of the vote to leave the European Union.

"However, we don't believe that UK energy policy is dependent on EU membership."


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Storming Normans

Musk Masks It :

"... Other machinery was being moved in block-by-block, though the company was not prepared to give up many secrets.

On entering one room on the factory's second floor, our guide told us he was not allowed to tell us "what this is or what it does".

Giga Watts :

" RenewableUK’s deputy chief executive Maf Smith said the performance underlines the UK’s status as leader in the fast-expanding sector. “Offshore wind has been a real success story for the UK, and these latest figures are further evidence of this - investment in UK infrastructure projects so far this year are worth over £8.5bn across their lifetime,” he said in a statement.
“We know there’s more to come as well - the UK will invest over £20bn in wind energy in the next five years. Throughout the country offshore wind is creating jobs and revitalising coastal areas...

However, the report also revealed installations fell by 78 per cent compared to the same period last year, with 511MW installed across only two countries: Germany and the Netherlands..."


"..But is there a risk this relentless optimism tips over into a panglossian underplaying of the challenges faced by a renewables industry, especially when so many of the onshore wind and marine energy companies in RenewableUK's member base face an extremely uncertain future?"

Ah, so ... 'panglossian underplaying' :

tut tut :

"Hear hear, the sooner we can rid ourselves of all coal plants the sooner we can have regular unscheduled power cuts."


Blow wind blow ...

Acoustic Waves.

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The 'Giant' Screw

'Greener then Fracking'

"Among the controversies surrounding the process is the environmental cost of transporting and using the huge amounts of water necessary. But just up the road from Kirby Misperton, one small company in Malton is quietly proving that there are alternative, greener methods of creating substantial amounts of energy from water.

MannPower Consulting Ltd is pioneering the use in this country of the Archimedes screw. It’s a simple, modern application of an ancient technology, attributed, as the name suggests, to the Greek physicist, mathematician and all-round scientific innovator Archimedes. Early screws were simply spiral constructions inside a tube, spun by hand or wind power to lift low-lying water to higher ground."

Pedestals ...

"Civil engineering company and renewables specialist Jones Bros has successfully completed a major wind farm project on north Yorkshire’s coastline."

"The wind farm features powerful 3.3MW Vestas V112 turbines, with a total capacity of 29.7MW and was the first ever order placed in the UK market for the V112."

Knit one, pearl one ...

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Dong Dong : Vikings

"Everything it has built to date receives subsidies through the Renewables Obligation (RO) scheme; analysis of Ofgem data suggests Dong’s share of the subsidies last year, on top of the wholesale electricity price, could easily have topped £250m.

And that’s just the start.

Dong is currently constructing four more offshore wind farms. There is the Burbo Bank Extension (258MW), where the world’s largest turbine, an 8MW beast taller than the Gherkin, was installed last week. Then there is Race Bank (570MW), the Walney Extension (659MW) and Hornsea One, which, at 1.2GW, should seize the crown of the biggest in the world when completed in 2020....

"Of the 10GW of turbines the Government expects to be spinning in UK waters by the end of this decade, Dong Energy is due to be involved in almost exactly half.

The company says its new investment will total £6bn, on top of £6bn spent in the UK to date....

Dong agreed a contract for a wind farm in the Netherlands in July, that will be up and running around the same time as Hornsea One, with a subsidy contract at just €72.70/MWh. While Dong stresses this is not comparable with its £140/MWh at Hornsea for a number of reasons – not least as it excludes €20-30/MWh in transmission costs – it is clearly still substantially cheaper...

"Whatever battles lie ahead over the supply chain, the new Government has already reaffirmed plans to continue the UK’s drive for offshore wind. More subsidies are due to be awarded this parliament, subject to cost-reduction targets that Dong says it is confident it can meet.

And that means Dong’s conquest of the North Sea is not over yet. Last month it got planning consent for Hornsea Two, which at 1.8GW is the biggest to have got permission anywhere in the world. Musk says he “fully expects” Dong to secure subsidies for the construction of at least part the project in the next auction, due early next year.

Plans for Hornsea Three, at up to 2.4GW, are already being drawn up; there is talk that a Four and Five could follow..."

Ah, so .... Brexit Britons, is the island creating its very own portcullis?

Breath in ... Breath out .... Ohm Ohm Ohm ...

Without explanation. Fish.

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Bayer & Monsanto

Fish don't do Monsanto...

tis the Gruff

"... farmers and environmentalists warned the deal could lead to a reduction in seed variety, an increase in genetically modified crops and higher seed costs and therefore crop and food prices...

The proposed takeover is likely to face intense regulatory scrutiny in the US and Europe, particularly as it quickly follows two other mega-deals in the agriculture industry and would leave control of almost two-thirds of the world’s seeds and pesticides in the hands of three firms.

"...their concern about GM crops “drives me a little bit nuts” and said they should be more worried about how to feed a fast-growing global population while using less water as global temperatures rise. “You think about two billion new citizens, you think about a warming planet. You think about water. These are appropriate conversations, (CNN)”

"Bayer has agreed to pay Monsanto $2bn if the tie-up falls apart because of competition concerns."

Erm, is that some kinda avoidence or evasion?

Hughey ... top totty.

Oh, OK: -)


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Hunkley Gets UK Approval

tis rather foggy ....

"Greg Clark, the secretary of state for business, energy and industrial strategy, said: “Having thoroughly reviewed the proposal for Hinkley Point C, we will introduce a series of measures to enhance security and will ensure Hinkley cannot change hands without the government’s agreement. Consequently, we have decided to proceed with the first new nuclear power station for a generation.

“Britain needs to upgrade its supplies of energy, and we have always been clear that nuclear is an important part of ensuring our future low-carbon energy security.”

The government is keeping a guaranteed price of £92.50 to EDF for every megawatt hour of electricity generated, despite concerns that is far higher than the market rate."

Good news for Whales?

Ivor ...

Hmmm ...

Every cloud has one.

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Echo & Able

"Author, fracking opponent and Green Party member, Alan Tootill, looks at how oil and gas companies have abandoned the idea of social licence for fracking and explores how campaigners against the industry could this use to their advantage..."


"Able will provide the installation bases and associated services for Hornsea, which will be the biggest wind farm of its kind when it is complete.

Able's port received the first delivery of 174, 900-ton monopiles – the part of the turbine which goes under the sea bed to keep it stable –and 174, 350-ton transition pieces, which connect the foundation to the main base.

Components are coming from Germany, Denmark and more locally OSB and Wilton Engineering, both based on the River Tees..."

"Hornsea Project One's programme director, added: “Able Seaton Port has a wealth of facilities and experience that we believe will add real value in delivering logistical support to the world’s largest wind farm.”

The first 12 huge monopiles were delivered to Able Seaton on the cargo vessel Svenja and deliveries will continue over the coming months...

The Seaton port currently carries out ship decommissioning, upgrading of oil rigs and is a cargo port for specific engineering projects. It has the world's largest dry dock at 25 acres.

Collections have already started. Hornsea's project one wind farm is expected to be completed by 2020.

It is located 120 km offshore the coast of Humber, and will have 174 turbines covering an area of 407 square kilometres, capable of powering more than one million UK homes. It is owned and operated by Denmark-based Orsted."


"First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has said wave and tidal energy has taken "major steps forward" despite a £10m prize for innovation never being awarded.

The Saltire Prize was launched by Alex Salmond in 2008 to push marine energy towards commercial success.

A decade later, two major competitors have gone bust and none has managed to fulfil the prize's criteria.

The first minister said the path to commercialisation was longer and more difficult than initially anticipated..."

Hmmm ... ;-)

"Fundamentally the fracking companies have been unbelievably inept, their PR has been shockingly incompetent and their shills and astroturf groups have been a deep deep embarrassment.

They’ve taken what in essence was a perfectly successful American oil & gas playbook and given it a true slant of British incompetence.

5 years ago they could have given me a free Vauxhall Vectra and a season ticket at West Ham and I’d have had the whole joint fracked by now."