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As the work on the new life boat house continues .... vibrations and tremors have been felt along Foreshore Road  during todays test piling .... 


a  little whine & a moan 

Erm "have you done a survey are you insured if the buildings accross the road collapse .... "

"Yep we've done a seismic survey and of course we are insured." 

"Oh thats alright then,  why don't you cross the road next time you thump that into the ground and feel the buildings shake."

So he did.  "Where is the seismic survey?"   "Its a seismographic data recorder that records the vibrations - these either go up and down or sideways in waves.   We don't have it yet - this is a test piling.   The pilings, twenty of them are for the slipway.   Not here on the beach but behind the concrete foundations."   "I thought the slipway was made from wood?"  "The 20 pilings will be for the slipway, these are made of steel, painted and then concrete plinths on top.   "Wot not wood then?"  "No.  Concrete plinths for the slip way - its going to be about 30m long.   We start those tomorrow."     

"The Council did not request a Section 61 to direct working times nor restriction of noise or vibrations when planning permission was granted."

So the size of the base is quite big.   "How high will the building be in relation to that crane?"   "It will be as high as the old one, mebbe the same height as those buildings (West Pier), I don't have the dimensions on me."   "So in relation to that white crane?"  "Mebbe as high, thats a 27m bostrum, specially for piling.   (about 60ft) ."  "How many cranes can you fit on one small space,   are you going to take up any more of the beach?"  "Erm, no, when we have finished the piling that crane will go and we will be getting a loading crane,  we don't need to extend further onto the beach than this. The new loading crane will stay until the building is finished." So we won't see the Lighthouse. 

"When you start piling tomorrow you are welcome to come accross the road and 'feel' the thumping and vibrations ... perhaps you could record it?"  "Oh don't worry there is nothing to be concerned about, this always happens during construction and piling, if the building seems to be shaking  thats ok, nothing to be afraid of.   Its more something you feel than see..   It may seem unusual but it happens all the time."   "Oh Ok.... about the materials I hear your substituting the stone with some plastic panels?"  "Yes, Trespa,   I've got a sample it is very hard wearing." "Oh it looks a bit thin and flimsy... stone would have been better and bricks."  "Its only for the slipway end and around the public entrance, on the side." "Oh, what other buildings have you used it on?"  "Lizzard, Cornwall, Padstow, Anglesay, St Davids ..." "Yes but they are all down South, are they as open to the natural elements as this site?"   "Yes, some are a lot more so ... this site is quite sheltered in comparison. The Trespa,  it comes in big sheets and we fix it using an alum rail system, onto blockwork, its actually made out of wood .."

"So why didn't they use stone?"  "Its far too expensive to work with, its about the cost."

Oh. http://www.thescarboroughnews.co.uk/news/local/rnli-denies-changes-to-st...   

Already confirmed : Page 139. : http://democracy.scarborough.gov.uk/documents/g7105/Public%20reports%20p...

"Oh, no worries. Thanks for your help, how long is the new structure supposed to last? " "It has a lifecylce design of 50 years." "Oh, is that all?"  "A usual residential building lifecycle design is for 25 years so it is a very long time." "Oh Ok I doubt we will be here then, have a nice day. Do pop over when you start piling :-)))"

Eeek, best get a new kettle ;-)  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WYX0sjP6Za8

The wood for the trees , beech hmp



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